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Site Updates (Pre-Patch) - October 10, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Oct 10th, 2005 01:46 pm EDT
A huge slew of updates here, to get ready for the patch changes. We will be putting in our regular compilation of info for the patch late this evening, which will be updated regularly to include all the items, quests, and other changes from it.
  • The basic information for Missions has been added to the site, with links throughout items and key items that are used in them. We're working on getting all the walkthroughs put in for these, so bear with us as they are filled in.
  • A full Gardening database has been added! The gardening recipes can now be seen throughout the item database; this will be expanded in the future to include searching and gardening recipe lists.
  • A number of the guides (Furniture, NM, Links, etc.) were updated.
  • The drops in many BCNMs and ENMs were updated and corrected.
  • Many key items were added to the database, and linked to their respective quests and missions.

Items Added: Monarch Linn Patrol Permit, Particularly Poignant Petal, Mannequin Joint Diagrams, Ballista Instaport, Ballista Instawarp, Letter to the Win. Conflict Cmd., Letter to the Bas. Conflict Cmd., Diary of Mukunda, Hydra Corps Battle Standard, Hydra Corps Insignia, Hydra Corps Tactical Map, Hydra Corps Lantern, Hydra Corps Eyeglass, Hydra Corps Command Scepter, Dark Mana Orb, Figure of Titan, Figure of Garuda, Figure of Leviathan, Ancient Verse of Uggalepih, Ancient Verse of Altepa, Ancient Verse of Ro'Maeve, Moondrop, Letter From Zonpa-Zippa, Indigested Meat, Indigested Ore, Indigested Stalagmite, Old Trick Box, Seance Staff, Faded Yomotsu Hirasaka, Yomotsu Feather, Washu's Tasty Wurst, Trick Box, Shard of Envy, Charred Helm, Handful of Crystal Scales, Carbuncle's Tear, Shiny Earring, Daze-Breaker Charm, Completion Certificate, Annals of Truth, Map to the Annals of Truth, Ranchuriome's Legacy, Challenge to the Royal Knights, Altepa Polishing Stone, Sea Serpent Statue, Sealed Iron Box, Dragon Curse Remedy, Thesis on Alchemy, Tonberry Key, Drops of Amnio, Piece of a Broken Key, Crystal Dowser, Ancient San d'Orian Tablet, Glove of Perpetual Twilight, Manustery Ring, Aurastery Ring, Orastery Ring, Rhinostery Ring, Optistery Ring, Magic-Drained Star Seeker, Star Seeker, Invisible Man Sticker, Piece of Paper, Ancient San d'Orian Book, Dreamrose, Empty Barrel, Sealed Dagger, Strangely Shaped Coral, Nonberry's Knife, Book of the Gods, Blank Book of the Gods, Holy One's Invitation, Balga Champion Certificate, Southwestern Star Charm, Royal Knights' Davoi Report, Koh's Letter, Letter From the Darksteel Forge, Ordelle Whetstone, Aquaflora, Triangular Frigicite, Square Frigicite, Round Frigicite, Strange Sheet of Paper, Knight's Boots, Tamer's Whistle, Final Fantasy Part II, Ripped Final Fantasy Painting, Firebloom Tree Wood, Yasin's Sword, Sword Grip Material, Chieftainness' Twinstone Earring, Holy One's Oath, Old Boots, Old Pocket Watch, Orcish Dried Food, Portal Charm, Perchond's Envelope, Bomb Incense, Second Signed Forged Envelope, First Signed Forged Envelope, Second Forged Envelope, First Forged Envelope, Gang Whereabouts Note, Signed Envelope, Tenshodo Envelope, Letter From the Tenshodo, Seal of Banishing, Gantineux's Letter, Letter From Virnage, Bucket of Divine Paint, Shantotto's Ex-Spell, Shantotto's New Spell, Testimonial, Mythril Hearts, Goldsmithing Order, Neutralizer, Curilla's Bottle, Carmelo's Song Sheet, Suspicious Envelope, Small Teacup, Brugaire Goods, Star Crested Summons, Orcish Hut Key, Code of Beastmasters, Cough Syrup, Thyme Moss, Scripture of Wind, Scripture of Water, Amaura's Formula, Cold Medicine, Knight's Soul, Book of the West, Book of the East, Book of Tasks, Stalactite Dew, Corrupted Dirt, Key to the Oztroja Mines, Old Ring, Gulemont's Document, Steaming Sheep Invitation, A Song of Love, Cathedral Donation, Sharp Gray Stone, Tenshodo Application Form, Receipt for the Prince, New Model Hat, Unfinished Letter, Wonder Magic Set, Southeastern Star Charm, Moon Crystal, Monastic Caverns Key, Tattered Mission Orders, Painting of a Windmill, North Block Code, South Block Code, East Block Code, Lost Document, Ferry Ticket, Ranpi-Monpi's Special Stew, Small Bag, Weapons Receipt, Weapons Order, Gardenia Pass, Trader's Sack, Etched Ring, Mhauran Couscous, Land Crab Bisque, Aragoneu Pizza, Donation Envelope, Lapis Monocle, Shadow Fragment, Message to Jeuno (Windurst), Message to Jeuno (Bastok), Message to Jeuno (San d'Oria), Lapis Coral, Hideout Key, Charm of Light, Rescue Training Certificate, Sixth Glowing Mana Orb, Fifth Glowing Mana Orb, Fourth Glowing Mana Orb, Third Glowing Mana Orb, Second Glowing Mana Orb, First Glowing Mana Orb, Two of Swords, Super Soup Pot, Sixth Dark Mana Orb, Fifth Dark Mana Orb, Fourth Dark Mana Orb, Third Dark Mana Orb, Second Dark Mana Orb, First Dark Mana Orb, Temple Knights' Davoi Report, Windurst Woods Scoop, Port Windurst Scoop, Windurst Walls Scoop, Windurst Waters Scoop, Creature Counter Magic Doll, Holy Candle, Starway Stairway Bauble, Dark Key, Dull Sword, Shield Offering, Sword Offering, Letter to the Ambassador, Kindred Report, Cracked Mana Orb, Note From Ipupu, Note From Hariga-Origa, Old Toolbox, Letter to Aldo, Clock Tower Oil, Drink Offering, Food Offering, Magicite: Orastone, Magicite: Aurastone, Magicite: Optistone, Kindred Crest, C. L. Report

Items Updated: Tamas Ring, Rajas Ring, Sattva Ring, Pixie Earring, Enkelados's Bracelets, Assassin's Armlets, Mythril Sand, Mine Gravel, Scroll of Thunder IV, Boyahda Moss, Eastern Gem, Scroll of Knight's Minne IV, Demon Horn, Warp Cudgel, Jaeger Ring, Ahriman Lens, Demon Skull, Yasha Jinpachi +1, Aegis, Dusky Staff, De Saintre's Axe, Scroll of Absorb-STR, Scroll of Refresh, Shell Shield, Fetich Head, Uggalepih Whistle, Tonberry Rattle, Mythril Leggings, My First Magic Kit, White Jar, Beverage Barrel, Scimitar Cactus, Elshimo Palm, Saltwater Aquarium, Freshwater Aquarium, Rune Arrow, Light Cluster, Persikos, Dark Ore, Gold Leaf, Shell Bug, Water Cluster, Wind Cluster, Ice Ore, Kitron, Fire Ore, Adaman Ore, Darksteel Nugget, Platinum Nugget, Bird Egg, Gold Beastcoin, Malboro Vine, Steel Nugget, Mythril Nugget, Iron Nugget, Brass Nugget, Raise II Rod, Sacred Wand, Sacred Lance, Sacred Degen, Bartholomew's Knife, Buccaneer's Knife, Curtana, Raise Rod, Melt Katana, Melt Claws, Melt Baselard, Melt Kukri, Melt Knife, Melt Dagger, Reviler's Helm, Numinous Shield, Dominus Shield, Tactical Ring, Sanation Ring, Janizary Earring, Pacifist Ring, Getsul Ring, Assassin's Ring, Stoneskin Torque, Blink Band, Gold Nugget, Tree Saplings, Bretzel, Ginger Cookie, Cinna-cookie, Acorn Cookie, Silver Ore, Mythril Ore, Gold Ore, Translucent Rock, Rolanberry, Purple Rock, Reishi Mushroom, Blue Rock, Sleepshroom, Sobbing Fungus, Carnation, Amaryllis, Green Rock, Black Rock, White Rock, Wild Onion, Fire Crystal, Rain Lily, Lilac, Yellow Rock, Woozyshroom, Deathball, Scream Fungus, Light Crystal, Dark Crystal, Water Crystal, Saruta Cotton, Blau Dolch, Serpent Rumors, Mooching, Zeruhn Report, Letter to the Consuls (San d'Oria), Letter to the Consuls (Bastok), Letter to the Consuls (Windurst), Blue Acidity Tester, Red Acidity Tester, Diary of Mokunda, Letter From Werei, 1 Byne Bill, Wind Crystal, Earth Crystal, Lightning Crystal, Little Worm, Ice Crystal, Tarutaru Rice, Marguerite, Puffball, Red Rock, Steamed Catfish, Seer's Tunic +1, Timepiece, Rafflesia Nectar, Byakko's Axe, Senior Gold Musketeer's Rod, Letter to the San. Conflict Cmd., Letter to the Win. Conflict Cmd., Letter to the Bas. Conflict Cmd., Kikoku, Thunder Gorget, Snow Gorget, Shadow Gorget, Light Gorget, Dahlia, Large Trick Box, Trick Box, Washu's Tasty Wurst, Yomotsu Feather, Assault Earring, Plastron +1, Plastron, Annals of Truth, Old Piece Of Wood, Magic-Drained Star Seeker, Star Seeker, Ancient Tablet Fragment, Rhinostery Certificate, Joker Card, Darksteel Formula, Guiding Bell, Mertaire's Bracelet, The Big One, Selbina Milk, Giant Sheep Meat, La Theine Cabbage, Semolina, Dried Marjoram, Sweet William, Rock Salt, Fish Scales, Chamomile, Sage, Frost Turnip, Lufaise Fly, Misareaux Parsley, Ground Wasabi, Apple Mint, Windurstian Tea Leaves, Saruta Orange, Rarab Tail, Lauan Log, San d'Orian Grape, San d'Orian Carrot, Chestnut, San d'Orian Flour, Magic Pot Shard, Crying Mustard, Blue Peas, Arrowwood Log, Movalpolos Water, Coral Fungus, Danceshroom, Kopparnickel Ore, Copper Ore, Holy Water, Bay Leaves, Watermelon, Cactuar Needle, Thundermelon, Yagudo Cherry, Mhaura Garlic, Dhalmel Meat, Casablanca, Buburimu Grape, Maple Log, Faerie Apple, Beaugreens, Rattan Lumber, Pamamas, Cinnamon, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, Ogre Pumpkin, Mithran Tomato, Kukuru Bean, Kazham Pineapple, Kazham Peppers, Black Pepper, Wijnruit, Olive Oil, Olive Flower, Gysahl Greens, Ginger, Derfland Pear, Yagudo Feather, Sunflower Seeds, Roasted Corn, Millioncorn, Horo Flour, Eggplant, Popoto, Rye Flour, Sulfur, Mique's Paintbrush, Ripped Final Fantasy Painting, Cat Burglar's Note, Crawler Blood, Fei'Yin Magic Tome, Testimonial, Scroll of Treasure, Tami's Note, Monastic Caverns Key, Ranpi-Monpi's Special Stew, Wulong Shoes +1, Dash Sash, Red Sash, Goldfish Bowl, Bird Feather, Selene's Bow, Message to Jeuno (San d'Oria), Ducal Guard's Lantern, Windurst Walls Scoop, Windurst Waters Scoop, C. L. Report, Blackened Muddy Siredon, Uggalepih Pendant, Sleeping Potion

Items Drops Added: Fire Spirit Pact, Kshama Ring No. 2, Demon Skull, Magnolia Lumber, Quus, Copper Ore, Scroll of Flash, Buffalo Horn, Cluster Core, Venom Potion, Bat Fang, Tonberry Coat, Manji Shuriken, Ahriman Lens, Samurai's Testimony, Dried Mugwort, Demon Horn, Ahriman Tears, Cactus Arm, Fiend Blood, Pamtam Kelp, Scroll of Warding Round, Danceshroom, Woozyshroom, Sleepshroom, Gigas Necklace, Silver Beastcoin, Prelate Key, Scroll of Blizzaga III, Vile Elixir +1, Philosopher's Stone, Orichalcum Ingot, Scroll of Tonko: Ni, Black Mitts, Garnet, Dahlia, Bastore Sardine, Rosewood Log, Rhinostery Certificate, Kite Shield, Vegetable Seeds, Grain Seeds, Beastman Blood, Pso'Xja Chest Key, Silver Ingot, Tonberry Board, Scroll of Valor Minuet IV, Mythril Sallet, Scroll of Thunder III, White Slacks, Kopparnickel Ore, Dragon Talon, Ordelle Chest Key, Mythril Beastcoin, Fomor Codex, Platinum Ore, Oxblood, Reraiser, Darksteel Ore, Mahogany Log, Ram Horn, Raxa, Malboro Fiber, Sipar, Tree Cuttings, Corse Bracelet, Behemoth Hide, Map of Norg, Airship Pass, Windurstian Flag, San d'Orian Flag, Bastokan Flag, Water Spirit Pact, Emperor Hairpin, Siren's Hair, Beetle Blood, Dragon Blood, Dragon Meat, Damascus Ingot, Destroyers, Damascene Cloth, Ebony Log, Moonstone, Platinum Beastcoin, Undead Skin, Gold Ingot, Sniper's Mantle, Storm Gorget, Intellect Torque, Raptor Skin, Petrified Log, Adaman Ingot, Iron Ore, Heavy Mantle, Templar's Mantle, Sly Gauntlets, Benign Necklace, Boyahda Moss, Mahogany Lumber, Scroll of Quake, Esoteric Mantle, Rush Gloves, Spiked Finger Gauntlets, Ivory Mitts, Rival Ribbon, Super Ribbon, Shock Mask, Balin's Sword, Taillefer's Dagger, Galateia, Cassia Lumber, Kejusu Satin, Kshama Ring No. 9, Kshama Ring No. 5, Kshama Ring No. 4, Buboso, Cloud Evoker, King Truffle, Killer Targe, Wolf Hide, Revival Tree Root, Scroll of Dispel, Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni, Scroll of Erase, Scroll of Absorb-VIT, Scroll of Absorb-INT, Scroll of Phalanx, Killer Mantle, Beater's Aspis, Rabbit Hide

NPCs Added: Switchstix, Quemaricond, Ruillont, Rojaireaut, Narvecaint, Laurisse, Tayula, Yaucevouchat, Vicorpasse, Augevinne, Deaufrain, Equesobillot, Galaihaurat, Buffalostalker Dodzbraz, Lasthenes, Gavergo, Uu Zhoumo, Tillecoe

NPCs Updated: Mariadok, Charging Chocobo, Styi Palneh, Griselda, Valeriano (Bastok), Ness Rugetomal, Scavnix, Gaudylox, Quemaricond, Uu Zhoumo, Mourices, Forine, Catalia, Vicorpasse, Kuu Mohzolhi, Arnau, Senvaleget, Ferocious Artisan, Eliot, Maturiri, Suzel, Zebada, Bin Stejihna, Phamelise, Rosswald, Lebondur, Millechuca, Aulavia, Zoreen, Palguevion, Tibelda, Alizabe, Deguerendars, Emaliveulaux, Baehu-Faehu, Milva, Somn-Paemn, Jourille, Corua, Faustin, Millerovieunet, Eugballion, Takiyah, Posso Ruhbini, Machielle, Mille, Prestapiq, Vendavoq, Bagnobrok, Otete, Attarena, Galdeo, Nhobi Zalkia, Patolle, Vattian, Ahyeekih, Fiva, Yafafa, Sheia Pohrichamaha, Vichuel, Rodellieux, Sattsuh Ahkanpari, Bonmaurieut, Dhen Tevryukoh, Fomina, Nimia, Zoby Quhyo, Taraihi-Perunhi, Pourette, Belka, Maqu Molpih, Antonian, Oggodett, Nya Labiccio, Evelyn, Apairemant, Mulaujeant, Jakaka, Ambrotien, Endracion, Grilau, Argus, Cleades, Rashid, Puo Rhen, Panna-Donna, Tih Pikeh, Malduc, Tillecoe

Mobs Updated: Shen, Hakutaku, Unut, Treasure Chest, Mysticmaker Profblix, Maharaja, Shikigami Weapon, Cold Gigas, Despot, Phasma, Mountain Worm, Mahisha, Orctrap, Overgrown Ivy, Kirata, Meteormauler Zhagtegg, Fraelissa, Fradubio, Demonic Tiphia, Black Wolf, Maighdean Uaine, Ziphius, Alsha, Crimson-toothed Pawberry, Yallery Brown, Sacrificial Goblet, Beryl-footed Molberry, Trompe L'Oeil, Tros, Polevik, Nihniknoovi, Magic Sludge, Chocoboleech, Maltha, Carnero, Noble Mold, Rose Garden, Tavnazian Ram, Sozu Bliberry, Goblin Wolfman, Goblin Freelance, Tonberry's Elemental, Carmine-tailed Janberry, Jagidbod of the Clan Reaper, Vouivre, Blubber Eyes, Den Scorpion, Dosetsu Tree, Imdugud, Ullikummi, Zhuu Buxu the Silent, Buffalo, Shii, Ding Bats, Father Frost, Defoliate Leshy, Kurrea, Elel, Meww the Turtlerider, Hercules Beetle, Mycophile, Nimbus Hippogryph, Abraxas, Lumber Jack, Antican Praefectus, Sagittarius X-XIII, King Vinegarroon, Celeste-eyed Tozberry, Zo'Khu Blackcloud, Leech King, Argus, Manes, Dune Widow, Padfoot, Mimas, Pallas, Alkyoneus, Nue, Celphie, Kreutzet, Bugbear Matman, Falcatus Aranei, Ancient Bomb, Bloodsucker, Black Coney, White Coney, Polar Hare, Variable Hare, Sabotender Bailarina, Valkurm Emperor, Haty, Bendigeit Vran, Ash Dragon, Upyri, Colorful Leshy, Leshachikha, Seiryu, Gration, Golden-Tongued Culberry, Eba, Ungur, Porphyrion, Searcher, Ambusher Antlion, Indich, Caithleann, Sewer Syrup, Lobais, Luaith, Balor, Nenaunir's Wife, Nenaunir

Quests Updated: To Bee or not to Bee?, Faded Promises, Return to the Depths, A Question of Faith, Fallen Comrades, Out of the Depths, Secret of the Damp Scroll, Under the Sea, The Basics, Expertise, His Name is Valgeir, The Lost Cardian, The Kind Cardian, Making Headlines, A Crisis in the Making, A Candlelight Vigil, Candle-making, Crest of Davoi, Mysteries of Beadeaux II, Mysteries of Beadeaux I, A Clock Most Delicate, Deal With Tenshodo, It's Raining Mannequins, Searching For the Right Words, Fear Of Flying, Mithran Delicacies, Eco-Warrior (Windurst), Eco-Warrior (Bastok), Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria), True Will, Riding on the Clouds, I'll Take the Big Box, Yomi Okuri, 20 In Pirate Years, A Thief In Norg!?, The Sacred Katana, Class Reunion, Carbuncle Debacle, Escort for Hire (Windurst), Escort for Hire (San d'Oria), Escort For Hire (Bastok), The Weight of Your Limits, Shoot First, Ask Questions Later, Inheritance, The Walls of Your Mind, Methods Create Madness, Souls in Shadow, Old Wounds, From Saplings Grow, Orastery Woes, Blood and Glory, Axe the Competition, Cloak and Dagger, The Potential Within, Bugi Soden, The Moonlit Path, Trial by Wind, Trial by Water, Trial by Lightning, Trial by Ice, Trial by Fire, Trial by Earth, Chasing Quotas, Knight Stalker, A Craftsman's Work, The Sahagin's Stash, It's Not Your Vault, The Holy Crest, Nothing Matters, The Promise, Toraimarai Turmoil, Stop Your Whining, Ayame and Kaede, You Call That a Knife?, Soul Searching, Unbridled Passion, Dark Legacy, Sharpening the Sword, Scattered into Shadow, Painful Memory, The Requiem, Atop the Highest Mountains, Under Oath, An Explorer's Footsteps, A Boy's Dream, A New Dawn, A Question of Taste, The Firebloom Tree, The Doorman, Enveloped in Darkness, The Crimson Trial, Sin Hunting, The First Meeting, As Thick as Thieves, The Tenshodo Showdown, Hitting the Marquisate, The Root of the Problem, Healing the Land, Acting In Good Faith, Altana's Sorrow, Curses, Foiled A-Golem!?, The Competition, The Rivalry, Distant Loyalties, Trouble at the Sluice, The General's Secret, Drachenfall, Love and Ice, Blackmail, Unexpected Treasure, A Job for the Consortium, To Cure a Cough, Gates to Paradise, The Medicine Woman, A Knight's Test, A Squire's Test II, The Curse Collector, Beadeaux Smog, Onion Rings, The Dismayed Customer, The Usual, Chasing Tales, Rock Racketeer, Tenshodo Membership, Rosel the Armorer, Hat in Hand, Cid's Secret, Child's Play, The Wonder Magic Set, Past Perfect, The Signpost Marks the Spot, In a Stew, Overnight Delivery, Out of One's Shell, Teak Me to the Stars, Chips, Divine Might, A Generous General?, An Affable Adamantking?, An Understanding Overlord?, A Moral Manifest?, Petals for Parelbriaux, A Purchase of Arms, The Rescue, Hoist the Jelly, Roger, Cook's Pride, Early Bird Catches the Bookworm, Glyph Hanger, The Eleventh's Hour, A Discerning Eye (Kazham), Brygid, The Stylist

Zones Updated: Monarch Linn, Ronfaure East, King Ranperre's Tomb, Delkfutt's Upper Tower, Delkfutt's Middle Tower, Delkfutt's Lower Tower, Ordelle's Caves, La Theine Plateau, San d'Oria South, Riverne - Site #B01, Riverne - Site #A01, Windurst Walls, Xarcabard, Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle, Attohwa Chasm, Uleguerand Range, Manaclipper, Bibiki Bay, Ronfaure West, Buburimu Peninsula, Fei'Yin, Beaucedine Glacier, Temple of Uggalepih, Sea Serpent Grotto, Beadeaux, Zeruhn Mines, Giddeus

Spells Updated: Banish II, Lunar Cry, Crescent Fang, Moonlit Charge, Thunderspark, Shock Strike, Mountain Buster, Megalith Throw, Rock Buster

Recipes Added: Unicorn Harness

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Scale Cuisses, Bolt Belt, Self Bow, Reraise Hairpin, Blessed Briault, Iron Finger Gauntlets, Iron Visor, Metal Knuckles, Partisan, Darksteel Mittens, Scorpion Helm, Rainbow Cape, Mythril Sallet, Rasetsu Sune-Ate, Frog Lure, Brigandine, Alumine Haubert, Cursed Handschuhs, Cursed Schuhs, Cursed Diechlings, Sacred Lance, Holy Lance, Mythril Gauntlets, Mythril Claws, Rose Wand, Quarterstaff, Tiger Trousers, Royal Knight's Cloak +1, Demon Helm, Shinobi Gi, Cursed Mail, Soil Gi

Recipes Updated: Mythril Bolt Heads, Hydro Baghnakhs, Moblumin Sheet, Arhat's Tekko, Humus, Max-Potion, Round Shield, Scimitar Cactus, Pomodoro Sauce, Bone Harness, Igqira Manillas, Moblin Sheep Leather, Byrnie, Kinkobo, Goblin Coif, Black Cuisses, Haubergeon, Gold Nugget, Alumine Haubert, Leucous Voulge, War Bow, Errant Slops, Brigandine, Lacquer Tree Sap, Maple Shield, Royal Bed, Gold Sabatons, Dresser, Quarterstaff, Shrimp Lantern, Arhat's Jinpachi, The Big One, Star Globe, Shigeto Bow, Barchha, Moblin Sheep Wool, Sausage, Silk Pumps, Premium Bag, Alumine Solerets, Noct Gaiters, Noct Gloves, Linen Cuffs, Antlion Trap, Adamantoise Soup, Igqira Tiara

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Lizard Helm, Coral Earring, Mythril Degen, Water Tank, Roshi Jinpachi, Targe, Behemoth Mantle, Mythril Sword, Linen Robe, Compound Eye Circlet, Bronze Harness, Elite Beret, Mythril Gauntlets, Mythril Claws, Gold Patas, Scale Greaves, Shinobi Gi, Arhat's Gi, Fang Earring, Fish Scale Shield

BCNMs Updated: Dismemberment Brigade, Petrifying Pair, Royal Jelly, Come Into My Parlor, Early Bird Catches the Wyrm, Horns of War, Treasure and Tribulations, Wings of Fury, Under Observation, Ouryu Cometh, Seasons Greetings, Royale Ramble, Today's Horoscope, Wild Wild Whiskers, Shots in the Dark, An Awful Autopsy, Rapid Raptors, The Final Bout, Cactor Sauve, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Harem Scarem, Grove Guardians, Dropping Like Flies, Toadal Recall

ENMs Updated: Pulling the Plug, Totentanz, Shell We Dance?, Like the Wind, Holy Cow, Brothers, When Hell Freezes Over, Follow the White Rabbit, Bionic Bug, Test Your Mite, Bugard in the Clouds, Beloved of the Atlantes, Fire in the Sky

Missions Added: Awakening, The Celestial Nexus, The Sealed Shrine, Ark Angels, The Gate of the Gods, The Mithra and the Crystal, The Hall of the Gods, The Temple of Desolation, Ro'Maeve, Return to Delkfutt's Tower, The Chamber of Oracles, Through the Quicksand Caves, Headstone Pilgrimage, The Temple of Uggalepih, Kazham's Chieftainness, Welcome t'Norg, The New Frontier, Moon Reading, Doll of the Dead, The Jester Who'd Be King, Vain, Awakening of the Gods, The Sixth Ministry, Saintly Invitation, Full Moon Fountain, The Shadow Awaits, The Final Seal, Magicite (Windurst), A New Journey, Written in the Stars, To Each His Own Right, The Three Kingdoms, A Testing Time, Lost for Words, The Price of Peace, The Heart of the Matter, The Horuroro Ruins Experiment, The Heir to the Light, Breaking Barriers, Lightbringer, Coming of Age, The Secret Weapon, Prestige of the Papaque, Ranperre's Final Rest, Leaute's Last Wishes, The Shadow Lord, The Ruins of Fei'Yin, Magicite (San d'Oria), Appointment to Jeuno, The Crystal Spring, Infiltrate Davoi, Journey Abroad, The Davoi Report, The Rescue Drill, Save the Children, Bat Hunt, Smash the Orcish Scouts, Where Two Paths Converge, The Salt of the Earth, Enter the Talekeeper, The Chains That Bind Us, On My Way, The Final Image, The Pirates' Cove, Return of the Talekeeper, Xarcabard, Land of Truths, Darkness Rising, Magicite (Bastok), Jeuno, To the Forsaken Mines, The Four Musketeers, The Emissary, Wading Beasts, The Crystal Line, Fetichism, A Geological Survey, The Zeruhn Report

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