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Today: 12507
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Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

BCNM: Under Observation
Description: All have the Hecteyes special attacks with Hexa Ray (strong Paralyze on any melee on them); Sobbing Eyes casts Firaga and uses Bindga and Breakga, Compound Eyes casts Fire II and Drain. Sobbing Eyes is immune to Sleep and highly resistant to Silence; all are susceptible to Bind and Gravity.

Item Drops: The Peacock Charm loads around 5% of the time.
Restriction: Level 40, 15 minutes, 3 members
Zone: Horlais Peak
Orb: Star Orb
RaifuGrudge SwordTourney Patas
Buzzard TuckBehourd LanceHimmel Stock
MutilatorMantra BeltTilt Belt
Scroll of Ice SpikesPeacock CharmScroll of Refresh
Scroll of PhalanxScroll of Utsusemi: NiScroll of Erase
Hecteyes EyeRosewood LogGold Beastcoin
Mythril BeastcoinBlack PearlGoshenite
Sobbing Eyes x 1Hecteyes
Compound Eyes x 2Hecteyes

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Sornstarguh,
It was said on Alla that 2 BST and RDM cant accomplish this. Well, its not as pretty as 3 BLM doing it, but it can be done.<br /> <br /> BST/NIN<br /> BST/NIN<br /> RDM/WHM<br /> <br /> If you've got brass testicles, and people bringing the A-game you can use this method. <br /> <br /> Top get this thing prepped...Designate one BST and tanker and one as kiter. Your kiter must be a skilled BST! I know you want the RDM to do it but they can't. More on that to come. You want your tanker BST to have funguar jugs ready and the kiter BST to have tiger jugs. As BST, I would eat whatever you think you need to, and the kiter BST would be wise to have some Hi-potions or better. HP regen drinks you wont need so much, but, whatever your comfortable with. As RDM, I took pie and x3 Yagudo drink per run. Never hurt you to have x2 Ethers to fall on as well. <br /> <br /> Now get in there and get that Ni. This is going to take longer than if you were x3 BLM or SMN belive it. Its endurance, especially for the kiter, which means its also alot of fun. <br /> <br /> Get in there and have the RDM do protect2 and shell2 on all. They will have to do it one by one so its gonna tap their MP (drink the yag) but dont settle for plain ol' shellra. These things will cast alot of fire and drain on you. As RDM you want to focus on damage prevention because you dont have alot of breathing room to actually heal. Stoneskin yourself. Barfira at all times for sure. Consider Barparalyna, if you belive in it, if nothing else its water element. Rest at least 3/4 MP back after buffs. Thats 2 minutes right there you wont set any records.<br /> <br /> So you cant waste any time. Get up the path and have "tanker" BST and RDM get on one side of the ramp leading up to the enclosed area where the Eyes start. Not too close! Just somewhere where you can see them coming down off the ramp and somewhere OFF the main path. Hold there with Fungar and let tiger do his thing.<br /> <br /> Kiter BST...your beautiful. This is the critical part. Take tiger up the ramp. Get just close enough to Sic it one of the Eyes. It really doesnt matter which one. Immediately turn around and retreat far enough back so that the mobs and your tiger are NOT on your compass. By that I mean you dont see them as 3 red dots and a yellow dot. This is important so you dont get hate from what your about to do which is Heel command. After you pet Heels dont wait on it go ahead and take off down the path past the other BST and RDM. Tiger will easily outrun the Eyes and you know how they love to stop and cast. As long as you didnt get hate from Heel-ing too close your in the clear as far as hate which is what you need at the start.<br /> <br /> As they pass by, RDM pull with Dia2 on a Compound Eyes. Tanker BST get on it with fungar and do your thing. RDM, you can get to fighting as well but we aware of some things. Eyes will use Hexa-Eyes and can use it back to back. Its gaze-area-paralyze. Its quite effective, and if not removed promptly, you will fail the time limit. Its not a super fast gaze attack so you can turn your back if your good, but youll do fine with your back to it debuffing, curing, and keeping barfira and the like up.<br /> <br /> Kiter BST is totally on his own. Luckily, using tigers and shadows, its not hard to stay ahead of them, that is, until you get to the end of the path and have to turn around. Youve got to run back thro them up the path. Things can get ugly here for kiter BST. Eventually he will have some hate from feeding the tiger in range of the Eyes or calling another one or whatever. He and tiger can get caught up in Bindga or Breakga neither of which can be cured by 40 RDM even if he was in range.<br /> <br /> You should have the first Compound Eyes down by the time he passes the second time. Dont waste anytime peeling the other Compound Eyes. If kiter BST isnt near you yet, run to him. Take it down asap. If your poor kiter BST gets in dire straits youve got to run heal him if possible RDM. Now, you know what will happen...he will come for you sure as the world turns. But the alternative is your kiter BST dies and he comes after you anyway. Throw a Gravity on it and dont even think about sleeping it. Now its your turn to kite. As you run past tanker BST pray hes not paralyzed as he puts the fungar on the Sobbing Eyes. With gravity the fungar can peel for you while the 2 BST and tiger kill the last Compound Eyes.<br /> <br /> Whether it was pretty or ugly getting to this point, its 4 on 1 now. You can Convert and heal yourself out of range of Sobbing Eyes. Run back with MP and make it 5 on 1. Everyone do your thing and get your crate on. <br /> <br /> This takes about 10 minutes and is not too terribly difficult. I expect WHM could do as well as RDM (maybe better) but may take longer.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Rieekil,
for the 3 BLMs set ....<br /> <br /> the mobs wont move while im casting my spells ? or should i SJ NIN ?

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Ruhihnkait,
This BCNM hugs big hairy ones. S-E has made drop rates retardedly low. In my FFXI career I have done upwards of 70 runs on this BCNM - with a grand total of 3 charms dropping - never on my orb. "well, that's x% - sounds fair to me" I have played now for over 3 years - that's 718 combined levels. Every seal short of an unused 20 orb has went to this GD BCNM - and still no PCC for me.<br /> <br /> You want to stop gilsellers and/or gilbuyers? Up your masochistic drop rates ffs.<br /> <br /> You looking to make gil off a BCNM? Look elsewhere - this ain't the one. Out of the runs we've done, it averages out to less than 500gil per seal. When you consider the fact the food, tools, and drinks we have used...I would probably be lying if I said I've come out ahead at all.<br /> <br /> ~Ruhi - Cerberus

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Crion,
I've done this BCNM with many different set ups.<br /> <br /> BST BST BST<br /> BLM BLM BLM <br /> NIN NIN RDM<br /> etc...<br /> (The above are the most common.)<br /> <br /> By far BLM BLM BLM seems to be the most effective, not saying any others are wrong & or bad in any way.<br /> <br /> First off, Stonega II is a must for this, Stonega II is pricey on some servers like mine. But wsithout it you'd be better off not trying this. Even if one of the BLM's does not have the spell so many things can go wrong.<br /> <br /> If you've ever been in a mana-burn party you already have a great advantage over this BCNM.<br /> <br /> Simply set a time on the in-game clock such as "11:05" & right off the bat cast Stonega II, then immidietaly start spamming other AOE spells.<br /> <br /> I usually go with-<br /> <br /> Stonega II<br /> Blizzaga<br /> Thundaga<br /> Wait for Stonega II timer.<br /> Stonega II again.<br /> <br /> Usually after Thundaga the two "Compound Eyes" are down & you can switch to single spells instead of AOE if your low on MP. Mostof the time continuing with Stonega II is your best bet to finsih quickly & easily.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Rhujaa,
http://files.filefront.com/UO/;4661638;;/fileinfo.html<br /> <br /> Just for fun. :o

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