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Final Fantasy XI Conquest Points Guide

Bastok Conquest Points Items
San d'Oria Conquest Points Items
Windurst Conquest Points Items

  • Conquest Points (often abbreviated as CP) are given to characters with a signet on when they kill monsters that provide experience. The more experience points a character gains when killing a monster in Vana'diel, the more Conquest Points they will receive. The base Conquest Point amount gained is one-tenth the amount of experience gained, with bonus amounts given for defeating monsters in regions controlled by other nations or the beastmen. This means that a solo character who kills an Even Match monster will gain 10-20 CP. You can see how many Conquest Points your character has by pulling up the Regional Map (either via the main menu, or with the /rmap command); the character's CP will be listed in the bottom right corner.
  • A character will only recieve Conquest Points if they have a signet on when killing monsters. Signets are given out by three different types of guards:
    1. National Conquest City Guards at the gates of the home city of the character.
    2. National Conquest Foreign Guards located at the border and outposts in regions that a character's home nation controls, as well as embassies in foreign nations.
    3. National Conquest Jeunoan Guards found in Jeuno.
    Signets last for multiple hours; the duration of a signet is equal to the character's rank + the National Conquest ranking of their home nation. (The National Conquest ranking of the three main nations can also be seen on the Regional Map.) For example, a rank 3 character whose nation is in second place will have signets that last for 5 hours. Signets can be refreshed at any time by going to one of these guards and getting a new one; the new signet's duration will replace whatever time was left on the old signet. There is no penalty for wearing a signet, and no reason not to have one on as much as possible; wearing a signet when killing monsters also allows you to gain crystals, and helps your nation in the National Conquest rankings.
  • Conquest Points can be spent purchasing specific items. This is done by talking to the guards who give out signets in either your character's home nation, or in Jeuno; guards in foreign lands don't have any equipment to spare! The first two items that an adventurer of any rank can purchase are a Scroll of Instant Warp and a Scroll of Instant Reraise. Conquest Point items other than scrolls are available based on the rank of the character; each rank that a character gains grants access to more CP items, so a "rank 3 CP item" is one that requires rank 3 or higher to be purchased with Conquest Points. The items that are available from guards of each nation is also dependant on the National Conquest ranking of their respective nation. Some items are only available when a nation is is first place, some can be purchased if a nation is in second place or better, and others are available at any time. To see the items available from the guards of different nations, select from the national lists above.
  • Conquest Point items from higher ranks cost more Conquest Points. The price of a standard Conquest Point item climbs from 1000 CP for rank 1 items up to 56000 CP for rank 10 items. A higher ranked character can always purchase items from lower ranks; someone at rank 10 has access to all the items available from their nation's guards, when their nation is in first place. (Note that rank 10 CP items are a bit different from the rest: there is a staff available only at rank 10 that costs just 5000 CP, and rank 10 CP items can only be purchased from guards at a character's home city, not from the guards in Jeuno.) Because of the increasing price of CP items, it is a good idea to see how many Conquest Points you will want for higher level equipment, before spending it all on lower rank items or scrolls.
  • It is possible to purchase some Conquest Point items from another nation's guards. Some Conquest Point items from other nations can be purchased, with certain restrictions. To do this, go to one of the National Conquest City Guards who works for the nation that has the item you wish to purchase. For example, if you're from Bastok or Windurst and you wish to purchase a Royal Archer's Sword, you would go to one of the guards in San d'Oria. If your nation is ranked higher than that guard's nation, you will be given the opportunity to purchase CP items. Since this is dependant on the National Conquest ranking, you can only purchase items that are available all the time, or when a nation is in second or third place in the rankings. Note that you will be charged an extra amount of Conquest Points when purchasing a CP item from another nation; the extra cost varies based on the rank of the item.
  • Many Conquest Point items can be crafted into more powerful versions. Most of the CP equipment from rank 5 and below can be synthesized into better versions. These crafted versions of the CP equipment have additional bonuses, higher defense or smaller delay, and require a character 2-5 levels higher than the original items. The crafted upgraded items appear as HQ1 and HQ2 (white and blue backgrounds, respectively.)
  • Most Conquest Point items can be sold to other players. One way of making gil is by purchasing CP items that have a high demand at the Auction House, and selling them to other players. This is especially true of items that can only be purchased with CP when the nation is in first place. Buying a first place only item when your nation hits the top spot, and then reselling it later when the item isn't as readily available, can be a useful long-term strategy to profit in gil. Some of the more powerful CP items are Exclusive, however, so they cannot be resold to other players. Whether you purchase items to use yourself or to sell to other players, the items from Conquest Points are a useful bonus garnered just from getting experience points.

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