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Final Fantasy XI Fame Guide

The Workings of Fame


Imagine a new adventurer, Dravok, starting in Bastok to look for fame and fortune in the great world of Vana'diel. As one adventurer among thousands of others, he has to work to become known to both the political powers within his home city, and the townsfolk there and across the world. While he hails from Bastok, Dravok is little known either there or the greater world at large. Knowledge of Dravok's work in Bastok is reflected by the fame that he obtains by completing quests. His fame progresses in discernible levels that can be checked by talking with an NPC (non-player character), in this case Flaco, who represents the fame group of Bastok. When Dravok interacts with one of these fame evaluation NPCs, they will tell him how famous he is in their city or fame group. Once Dravok becomes famous in his home city of Bastok, he may be heading out to explore the world further. Just because he is well-known in his home city, however, doesn't mean that word of his work has spread to many of the other cities in the world. He will have to prove himself further in each of the places he goes, to truly become a renowned adventurer.


As you walk around the world of Vana'diel, you will come across many NPCs who have work they want done, or who need assistance in one way or another. Completing these quests will increase the fame of your character, within the fame group related to that specific NPC. The fame group is generally, but not always, based on the location of the NPC: helping someone in Bastok will raise your Bastok fame, doing something for an NPC in San d'Oria will raise your fame in that city, and so forth. The primary exception to this is the Tenshodo fame group, which is represented by NPCs all across the world, as detailed in the Fame Group Relationships section.

When you complete a quest, you will usually receive various rewards, including a small increase to your fame for that fame group. When these increases in fame reach a certain amount, your fame for that fame group will move to the next level. Your fame level is a hidden statistic, and so it isn't listed on your character information. The way you check your fame level is by interacting with the fame evaluation NPC for that fame group, who is usually found within a tavern or another similarly busy place within the city. The message the fame evaluation NPC gives you lets you know what your fame level is for that fame group. There are nine listed levels of fame in each group, and the messages for those levels are compiled in the How To Check Your Fame Level section.

Most quests can only be done once: you talk to the starting NPC, you do what they want, they give you your reward and the quest is done. However, there are some quests which can be repeated, and these are generally considered the easier (albeit boring) way to raise your fame. As you complete these quests over and over, your fame will slowly be raised by the successive completions. Some of the best repeatable quests are mentioned in the How To Level Up Fame section.

If you are intent on obtaining high levels of fame, it is important to understand how fame is rewarded within FFXI. Some points to keep in mind, to clarify issues that are often confusing for new players:

  1. Quests vary widely in how much fame they reward. Each quest has its own level of fame associated with it, so that if one character has done 30 quests and another character has done 30 different quests, they will not have identical fame.
  2. The amount of fame rewarded from a quest is often based on it's difficulty. A simple quest that involves walking across the city to deliver an item will give a very small amount of fame. A harder quest that involves going out and killing creatures will usually reward a bit more. A quest that involves going to another city far away or takes many different steps to complete will generally provide the most fame.
  3. Quests which require a high character level to complete give more fame than those which can be completed at level 1. While there are no actual level requirements for most quests, some quests involve going to high level areas and/or killing creatures that just can't be done by a low level character. These more difficult quests will generally provide more fame than the ones that can be done at low levels.
  4. Your rank level has no impact whatsoever on your fame level. Your rank is raised by completing missions, which are started by the gate-guards in your home city. Your rank represents your political popularity, and is raised by the leader of your home city as you complete specific, sequential missions. Your fame is raised by the quests you complete, which are far more scattered and represent your common popularity with the everyday person on the street. Unlike missions, no particular quest is required to obtain a specific level of fame. (One caveat to this rule regarding ranks: some quests do require access to certain areas of the world that aren't initially available. That access is granted by having a certain rank, and so for those quests, your rank does matter. One example of such an area is the Chateau d'Oraguille in San d'Oria.)


So why good does fame do for you? In FFXI, gaining fame will open up many possibilities that wouldn't be there otherwise. As your fame increases, other quests become available that were not accessible at lower levels of fame. Not only that, but completing simple quests will often provide an opportunity to access later quests in that series; many NPCs have multiple quests which they give out in a certain order. These later quests often provide more substantial rewards than the early ones. An ongoing attempt to list all the quests in the game by the fame level required to obtain them can be found here. Quests are a nice way to add to your bank account, both by the gil rewarded directly and by selling off the quest rewards that you don't need to other players.

Quests also break up the monotony of leveling and provide information about the world of Vana'diel. Taking off time from gaining levels to do quests is a fun way to see more of the game. As your fame raises, you will find that many NPCs will react differently to you, and tend to treat you a bit better. One concrete benefit from fame is the change in the price of items at merchants, whether standard vendors or Regional Merchants. The higher your fame, the lower the price of goods when you buy from a merchant who is related to that group of fame, and the more a merchant will pay when you sell goods. Each item does have a minimum price when sold from a merchant, beyond which it will not drop. Note that you can increase your fame beyond level 9, which will not provide a new fame message, but will be reflected in further benefits when buying or selling at merchants.

Fame Group Relationships

There are seven known discrete groups of fame. These various types of fame are related to each other in the following manner:
  • Bastok Related
    • This fame group is raised by quests done for the city of Bastok.
    • This fame group is also increased by quests done for the cities of Selbina and Rabao.

  • San d'Oria Related
    • This fame group is raised by quests done for the city of San d'Oria.
    • This fame group is also increased by quests done for the cities of Selbina and Rabao.

  • Windurst Related
    • This fame group is raised by quests done for the city of Windurst.
    • This fame group is also increased by quests done for the cities of Mhaura and Kazham.

  • Jeuno Related
    • This fame group is raised by quests done for the city of Jeuno.
    • This fame group is also increased by the average of San d'Oria, Bastok and Windurst fame levels.

  • Kazham Related
    • This fame group reflects quests done for the city of Kazham.
    • This fame group is also increased by quests done for the city of Windurst.

  • Selbina Related
    • This fame group reflects quests done for the cities of Selbina and Rabao.
    • This fame group is also increased by the average of Bastok and San d'Oria fame levels.

  • Tenshodo Related
    • This fame group reflects quests done for the Tenshodo HQ in Lower Jeuno and Tenshodo Branch at Warehouse #2 in Bastok Port.
    • This fame level also reflects quests done for The Brugaire Consortium in San d'Oria Port, and for Nanaa Mihgo's thieves in Windurst Woods.
    • This fame level also reflects quests done in the city of Norg.

How to Level Up Fame

If your fame is too low, you can complete repeatable quests and thereby enhance your fame. Repeatable quests generally provide very small amounts of fame each time they are completed, but they can be done infinitely to eventually raise your fame. The following is a list of repeatable quests that can enhance your fame in their fame group.

  • Bastok Related
    1. Trade treant bulbs to complete the Gourmet quest in Bastok Market.
    2. Trade rusty buckets to complete the Buckets of Gold quest in Bastok Market.
    3. Trade Quadav helms to complete the Vengeful Wrath quest in Bastok Mines.
    4. Trade pinches of Zeruhn soot to complete the Minesweeper quest in Bastok Mines.
    5. Repeat the A Discerning Eye (Bastok) quest in Bastok Port.
    6. Enhance fame in Selbina or Rabao.

  • San d'Oria Related
    1. Trade bat wings to complete the Fear of the Dark quest in North San d'Oria.
    2. Trade flints to complete the Starting a Flame quest in South San d'Oria.
    3. Trade rabbit skins to complete the The Merchant's Bidding quest in South San d'Oria.
    4. Trade honey to complete the The Sweetest Things quest in South San d'Oria.
    5. Trade black tiger fangs to complete the Tiger's Teeth quest in South San d'Oria.
    6. Repeat the A Discerning Eye (San d'Oria) quest in San d'Oria Port.
    7. Enhance fame in Selbina or Rabao.

  • Windurst Related
    1. Trade beehive chips to complete the Paying Lip Service quest in Windurst Woods.
    2. Trade crawler calculi to complete the Creepy Crawlies quest in Windurst Woods.
    3. Trade cornets to complete the Mandragora-Mad quest in Windurst Walls.
    4. Trade giant bird feathers to complete the A Feather In One's Cap quest in Windurst Waters.
    5. Trade Bastore sardines to complete the Something Fishy quest in Windurst Port.
    6. Repeat the A Discerning Eye (Windurst) in Windurst Port.
    7. Repeat the A Potter's Preference quest in Mhaura.

  • Jeuno Related
    1. Repeat the Community Service quest in Lower Jeuno.
    2. Enhance fame in Bastok, San d'Oria, or Windurst.

  • Kazham Related
    1. Repeat the A Discerning Eye (Kazham) in Kazham.
    2. Enhance fame in Windurst.

  • Selbina Related
    1. Trade La Theine cabbages, ears of millioncorn, or clumps of Boyahda moss to complete the Only the Best quest in Selbina. This is one of the best repeatable quests for raising fame since it raises Selbina fame, which in turn raises both Bastok and San d'Oria fame, which in turn raises Jeuno fame.
    2. Enhance fame in Bastok or San d'Oria.

  • Tenshodo Related
    1. Trade chunks of zinc ore to complete the Shady Business quest in Bastok Port.
    2. Repeat the A Job for the Consortium quest in San d'Oria Port.
    3. Trade Yagudo necklaces to complete the Mihgo's Amigo quest in Windurst Woods.

How to Check Your Fame Level

The NPCs listed below will let you know the fame level that you are currently at, within the group of fame they represent. The messages listed relate to your current fame level. (Note: the entries that are marked with two asterisks (**) are simple translations, and are not accurate. The rest have been verified as the actual text from the game. Those marked with a ?? are the game text, but of an unverified level.)

Bastok Related

Fame Evaluation NPC: Flaco
(Bastok Port, E-6 down left in front of the Steaming Sheep Restaurant)

Level 1
[Name]? What is that, some kind of snail? Oh, that's your name. You must be a rookie adventurer, right?
Level 2
[Name]? Hmm...sounds familiar. Who was it again? Oh. Well uh...not many people know who you are, but if you work hard enough, word will get around about your good deeds.
Level 3
Oh, you're [Name]. Yeah, I've heard of you. You're not doing too bad for an adventurer. Keep working hard, and the people of Bastok will come to recognize your efforts.
Level 4
Hello there, [Name]. Quite a few people are talking about the things you've done for Bastok. People are starting to talk about you. Keep on doing whatever you're doing!
Level 5
Hello there [Name]. A lot of people know what you've done for Bastok. People are saying good things about you. Keep up the good work!
Level 6
Most everyone in this country knows your name by now, [Name]! People are saying great things about you. You don't know how proud that makes me feel--I've been following your progress ever since you came to Bastok.
Level 7
You must be [Name]. Don't look so surprised, as everyone knows your name and what you've done for Bastok. [Name], we're very proud to have someone like you as a Bastoker.
Level 8
Master/Miss [Name]! You are a hero to the people of Bastok! Everyone here knows your name and what you've done for us! You are the example every Bastoker should follow!
Level 9
Oh, it's you, [Name]. I've known you since you started off here in Bastok, but I never thought you would come this far. You've become a household name in these parts. You're even considered a hero by some... like me. I pray that the Goddess Altana looks down upon you favorably in your journeys!

San d'Oria Related

Fame Evaluation NPC: Namonutice
(South San d'Oria, K-6 upper right in the Lion's Spring Tavern)

Level 1
Hmm... [Name], you say? No, never heard that name. Do not expect me to learn the name of every recruit! Do good for the kingdom and her people, and they shall come to know you. Once you have their trust, they will request your help more readily. Just keep your head down, and your day shall come.
Level 2
[Name]...? Hmm... I might have heard that name before. Then again, maybe not. You are not famous yet. Keep your nose to the grindstone and work for the people. Soon, they will know you better!
Level 3
Ah, [Name]. That is a name I often hear. People speak well of you! Your deeds for the kingdom have earned you much honor.
Level 4
[Name]! You have become well known in these parts! I hear much of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work, and greatness lies in your future.
Level 5
Ah, [Name]! You are famous in our kingdom! Of you no ill is spoken. Give to the kingdom and she will give to you, no?
Level 6
[Name]! I would venture that much the kingdom has heard your name. And your reputation sparkles. Indeed I am proud of you. And to think I first knew you when you were a new recruit!
Level 7
Hello, [Name]. Practically all of the kingdom has heard of you now. What's more, your reputation is stellar. I look forward to even greater things from you!
Level 8
[Name]! People are talking about you! Every infant in his cradle knows your name! And they hold you in highest regard! I am so proud of you! May your kind deeds continue! 
Level 9
Sir/Lady [Name]! There isn't a soul in the kingdom that doesn't consider you a hero! As a representative of the people of San d'Oria, I humbly ask you to continue your efforts for the good of the country. May the light of the Goddess shine upon you!

Windurst Related

Fame Evaluation NPC: Zabirego-Hajigo
(Windurst Waters North, F-10 upper right)

Level 1
[Name]? Hmm... Sorry, but I never heard that name before.
Level 2
[Name]? Hmm... Now, was that the name of the...? No, that was some other lady/lord.
Level 3
Oh, you're the [Name] that people are starting to talk about. I've heard pretty good things about you.
Level 4
Why, if it isn't [Name]! I heard some guys talking about you over their dinners at the eatery last night. They had nothing but good things to say about you. Keep up the good work!
Level 5
Hello there, [Name]! There aren't many Windurstians who don't know that name. We're all proud to have you on our side! Keep up the great work!
Level 6
Mister/Miss [Name]! You'd have to be living in a hole somewhere not to have heard that name. All the bards in the land are singing songs of your outstanding deeds. Keep up the extraordinary work!
Level 7
Mister/Miss [Name]! There isn't a soul in all of Windurst that has yet to hear the tales of your feats. Why, I remember when you were just a fledgling adventurer. It seems like just yesterday...
Level 8
A day doesn't go by when I fail to hear a tale of your deeds. I am proud to be a citizen of the same great country as Sir/Lady [Name]. Keep up the marvelous work!
Level 9
Sir/Lady [Name]! I am honored to have the hero of Windurst in my presence. Every man and woman in the country knows by heart the tales of your courage. May the Goddess shine her light of grace upon you.

Jeuno Related

Fame Evaluation NPC: Mendi
(Lower Jeuno, H-8 in the lower section near the sea, in between the two stairways.)

Level 1
[Name], eh? Hmm... That name is vaguely familiar... But I'm afraid few in this town have heard of you. Just keep working at it. You'll make a name for yourself eventually.
Level 2
Oh, so you're [Name]...Yes, I heard some travelers in a tavern talk about you. It seems you've a fair reputation.
Level 3
[Name]! You have become well known in these parts! I hear much of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work, and greatness lies in your future.
Level 4
Hello, [Name]! I hear your name mentioned quite often these days. You've done well, my friend. Keep at it.
Level 5
Hello, [Name]! A good deal of people here in Jeuno know about you! And they all say you're quite the do-gooder! Thank you for serving our fair city. Keep up the good work!
Level 6
Why, it's [Name]! Your growing reputation precedes you. We hope your already substantial contributions to our humble city will continue to grow with time.
Level 7
Why, hello, [Name]. I say, literally everyone in Jeuno knows your name. It is my pleasure to inform you how impressed we are with your service to Jeuno. We hope to see more of your commendable generosity in the future!
Level 8
Lord/Lady [Name]! To all citizens here, your name is synonymous with courage and sacrifice. Not a day goes by without hearing of your saintlike service to Jeuno. I speak for all of Jeuno when I express my sincerest appreciation for your generosity. Indeed, bards shall sing of your virtues for ages to come!
Level 9
You have emerged as a hero to the people of Jeuno. Just the sound of your name strikes courage into their hearts. As a representative of its citizens, I humbly ask you to continue your efforts for the good of the duchy.

Kazham Related

Fame Evaluation NPC: Ney Hiparujah
(Kazham, I-11 upper left)

Level 1
** I'm sorry, but I ain't heard of your name before.
Level 2
** I don't think I've heard of your name before so much.
Level 3
?? Wait... don't tell me... It's...[Name], right? Yeah, I've been hearing your name more often lately. A little bit more work, and soon everybody will know who you arrre.
Level 4
Hi therrre, [Name]. I've been telling everybody about my new friend. We're friends, right? Keep up the good work. The betterrr my friends look, the betterrr I look!
Level 5
Oh, [Name]! Long time no see! Your name comes up a lot these days. And guess what? Nobody has anything bad to say about you. That's a compliment in itself!
Level 6
You know, I don't think there's a person in this village who doesn't know yourrr name. You keep up the good work, and I'll have to start calling you Mister/Miss [Name]!
Level 7
Mister/Miss [Name]! Arrre you heading out on anotherrr dangerous mission? Be careful! We'll all be rooting for you. I know it has been hard to get such a good reputation, but don't take it for granted. Yourrr work is farrr from being done!
Level 8
Mister/Miss [Name]! You are one smooth cat! I've neverrr met a mainlander who did so much for islanders. I'm proud to call you my acquaintance...my friend!
Level 9
Lord/Lady [Name]! The fame your name carries stretches from here to Windurst! I cannot begin to put into words the gratitude this village feels forrr you. Live long, hero of Kazham!

Selbina Related

Fame Evaluation NPC: Waylea
(Rabao, G-9 down right)

Level 1
** Who is it? I've never heard of the name.
Level 2
** I wonder if I have heard of your name before...
Level 3
** I have heard of your name before.
Level 4
?? Hm? [Name]? I've heard that name before. Seems you're building yourself a good reputation. But you've still got a long way to go until you can say you're truly famous. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, so keep at it.
Level 5
?? Greetings, [Name]. Your endeavors in neighboring countries have reached us here in Rabao, and the glory of your reputation precedes you. I feel honored to have known you before you became so famous. Good luck with your continuing adventurers!
Level 6
** It seems most people know you!
Level 7
Wow, [Name]! There's hardly a soul in all of Rabao who hasn't heard your name! I could hardly believe the stir you've been making. You've entered the ranks of the truly great adventurers! But don't be content with your position; aim for the very top!
Level 8
[Name!] Every time I speak with you, you seem to have gained in status. Pretty soon, I'm gonna have to start making appointments to talk to you! There isn't a person in the whole of Rabao who hasn't heard of you. I never dreamed you would come so far!
Level 9
Ah, [Name]. I've known you since you were just starting out around here, but to think you would go on to achieve such glory... In Rabao and beyond, your name is on everyone's lips. It wouldn't be going to far to say you've achieved the status of hero in my eyes. May the blessings of the Goddess Altana watch over your continuing endeavors.

Tenshodo Related

The fame evaluation NPC for Tenshodo fame is Vaultimand (in Norg, H-8 upper right.) Because of the difficulty in regularly traveling to Norg to check fame levels, a common method of figuring out your Tenshodo fame level is by checking the price of rice balls sold by Ghebi Damomohe (Lower Jeuno, J-7 in the Neptune's Spire Inn.) The price that a character pays for a rice ball will drop as his Tenshodo fame rises, per the table below. This is a useful gauge until a character reaches level six Tenshodo fame, at which point the rice balls drop in price to their minimum. The most popular quests in Norg (the six Ninja scroll quests and the Trial by Water summoner quest) can all be obtained with level four Tenshodo fame, when the price of rice balls is at 160 or lower.

Level 1
Who the hell are you? [Name]? Never heard of ya. How am I supposed to remember the name of one puny ant when there's millions of ya swarmin' around? Rice Ball Price
Level 2
[Name]? I mighta hearda somebody that went by that name, but I meets a lot of people in me line of work. Don't look so upset there, matey. It takes a lot t'get people t'remember ya. It all starts with trust! 169-168
Level 3
Wait a minute, I remeber you...Mich...no...[Name], right? Ya see, do a little work, and people start recognizin' ya. Keep up tha good work! 164-163
Level 4
Well if it isn' [Name]. Hear yer name lots 'round these parts lately. Why, I remembers when you was nothin' but a measly insect. Thanks t'me advice, you're doin' quite well here in Norg. 160-156
Level 5
Oh, [Name]. I was just talkin' to me mateys about ya the other day. Nothin' bad, of course. They had all heard about yer deeds fer Norg. Some are even startin' t'think that maybe all you adventurers ain't so bad after all. 155-150
Level 6
[Name]! There's hardly a soul in Norg that doesn't know yer bloody name. Oh, sorry 'bout that. Me mum never did teach me no manners. I'll watch me damn mouth...I mean, I'll watch me mouth from now on.
Level 7
[Name]...Mister/Miss [Name]. You've become quite the household name 'round Norg. All me mateys keep askin' me if I can introduce them to ya. You've made quite a reputation for yerself! Lookin' at ya gets me thinkin' like I should leave tha life on the open sea, and become an adventurer!
Level 8
** I have hear of your showing activity again! --
Level 9
Lord/Lady [Name]! Next t'our leader, Gilgamesh, yer the most famous person in all'a Norg! Some me mateys are even callin' ya a hero! May the light of the Dawn Goddess shine down upon ya in all yer journeys 'round Vana'diel!

Setting Your Title

When you complete many quests, your title (the words displayed on your profile and shown to others when they examine you) is changed. If you want to retrieve a past title of yours, you can do so by paying a certain amount of gil to an NPC in the cities. The following is a list of the NPCs who can do this for you:

Tuh Almobankha in Bastok Port, I-7 by the riverside
San d'Oria Moozo-Koozo in South San d'Oria, K-6 in the Lion's Spring tavern
Windurst Burute-Sorute in Windurst Walls, H-10
Tuh Almobankha in Lower Jeuno, I-8 in the Merry Minstrel Meadhouse
Selbina Yulon-Polon in Selbina, I-9 in Shepherd's Muster
Mhaura Willah Maratahya, I-8 in the Sailor's Stay
Tenshodo Quntsu-Nointsu in Norg, G-7

Guide Credits & Updates

This guide is maintained and primarily written by Matthew Bramblet, player of Cuer on the Fairy FFXI server. The original translated fame message list and leveling information came from the Bilingual FFXI Website and has gone through numerous iterations as it traveled around the net. My thanks to those who provided information to make the guide as accurate and complete as possible.

This guide was last updated on April 30, 2004; changes are as follows:

  • April 30, 2004
    • Tenshodo and Kazham end fame message additions, and updated rice ball prices for level 1 Norg fame
  • April 7, 2004
    • Tenshodo and Kazham fame message additions, and more info on Tenshodo fame
    • Added links to the quest database at Allazhazam.com for all the quests in the guide
  • March 29, 2004
    • Minor fixes to fame messages
    • Tenshodo fame message addition, and expansion with rice ball prices
    • Added the Mhaura title changer
    • Added the A Discerning Eye quests as a way to raise fame
  • March 19, 2004
    • Updated Jeuno and other subsidiary fame to more accurately reflect how they interconnect
    • Split Kazham fame off into its own category; it doesn't move quite in tandem with Windurst fame, although they are closely related
    • Updated the messages for Tenshodo and Kazham fame
    • Expanded on fame theory and details to create 'The Workings of Fame' section
  • March 15, 2004
    • Revamped the previous text compilation into html and expanded it dramatically

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