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About ffxi.somepage.com

About the Site

ffxi.somepage.com is a premiere information site about Final Fantasy XI, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Information is provided about many aspects of the FFXI game, with fast and efficient databases working together to help the players of FFXI find what they need as quickly as possible. Full databases are devoted to the items, mobs, NPCs, quests, and crafting recipes within FFXI. Guides about the game include such topics as Chocobo Digging, Food & Juice Effects, Furniture & Moghancements, Abjuration Items, Map Items, and more.

The initial Final Fantasy XI support section at somepage.com was limited to a page of links, which listed sites that provided topical information about the game. That links page is still regularly updated, and can be found at ffxi.somepage.com/links/. In July of 2004, the database portion of the site was unveiled, providing information on the items, mobs, and NPCs of FFXI. It has expanded since then to cover numerous facets of FFXI, and work is constantly being done toward the goal of providing accurate data and guides about all areas of Final Fantasy XI.

Our Staff

The ffxi.somepage.com site is produced by a team of online game enthusiasts who have spent many years in the MMOG genre. While primarily the effort of a hard-working Opo-opo crew1 who inhabit the vast underground Somepage.com headquarters, the site is also maintained by a handful of humans.

Palos - Coder Extraordinaire
To make any site with massive amounts of data fit together efficiently, someone has to design it carefully from the ground up. Palos handles that job with aplomb, skill, and copious amounts of virtual duct tape. As the result of his coding work on the site, large arrays of databases interact with each other seamlessly. This allows real-time updating to the information of practically everything found in FFXI: items, recipes, NPCs, mobs, zones, BCNMs, ENMs, and more. With a knack for taking inspiration to solve a knotty coding problem wherever he can find it,2 Palos constantly squeezes more into the site. When he isn't being encouraged to make "one more little tweak",3 Palos can be found working on large-scale expansions to somepage.com.

Cuer - Content Contriver
To make ffxi.somepage.com accurate and useful, a large amount of information has to be constantly added and updated; this is where Cuer devotes his time on the site. Whether scouring obscure Japanese FFXI sites for the most accurate food item information, or running around Vana'diel to figure out exactly where an item is sold, Cuer keeps busy with research and information gathering. In an endless attempt to provide context to the massive reams of content, Cuer also writes a number of guides and compilations of info found throughout the site.

Mirriam - Looking for fun in all the right places!
When it comes to the mini-games in FFXI, nobody has more fun than Mirriam. Activities such as Chocobo Digging, Gardening, and Crafting take up much of her time in the game. Although not involved in the day-to-day running of ffxi.somepage.com, Mirriam writes in-depth guides for the site for areas in FFXI that spark her interest. Most of the time she would rather be found in Vana'diel, where she can be seen wearing full Chocobo riding gear and with a riding crop in hand.4


The databases and guides here at ffxi.somepage.com are filled with information about the game. The information we have is gathered from a wide range of sources, most importantly from inside the game itself. Gathering this data involves going through the Auction House, listing the sales from NPC merchants, finding out exactly what drops from each type of monster, and much more. Countless hours have been spent checking and rechecking data from the game to keep the site up to date.

Websites in Japan have compiled much information about FFXI, since that is the original country where the game was released. Although no single FFXI Japanese website has information on all the topics that we cover, we do regularly check a variety of them to obtain pieces of information. The official FFXI guides published in English have provided some useful info, although overall they are not highly accurate; the regular Japanese FFXI guides tend to give more specific, credible information about the game.

We are always looking for new information or site corrections from other devoted players of Final Fantasy XI. The FFXI Discussion Board provides a place to talk about the game, and specific updates and corrections for ffxi.somepage.com can be left on the Site Feedback board. A feedback section is also available, to provide information privately to the site maintainers.


Running a fast and comprehensive database site like this one brings a cost in time and money. The advertisers on the site help defray that cost; we appreciate the support of the site visitors who respond to the ads by making use of our advertisers' services.

We are proud to be associated with Vana'diel Atlas, the premiere Final Fantasy XI maps site. The maps provided by Vana'diel Atlas are updated versions of the in-game maps, and give great detail for those who are hunting NMs, completing quests and missions, or just trying to find their way into the depths of a zone. The maps provided by Vana'diel Atlas can be seen here at ffxi.somepage.com with each zone, as well as various quests, NMs, and NPCs throughout the site.

The Future

The ultimate goal of the ffxi.somepage.com site is to provide accurate data and guides about all areas of Final Fantasy XI. A look through the news highlights shows how much has been added since the site first opened. We are constantly looking for ways to use the resources available to add to the site; there is never a shortage of areas to cover, only limits to the amount of time available for each. We look forward to expanding throughout more areas of the Final Fantasy XI universe, and providing information to FFXI players for years to come.


[1] The term "hard-working Opo-opo" is a bit of a misnomer, given that the Opo-opo do not work, but furiously bang on keyboards and somehow occasionally produce a useful piece of information. The Opo-opo crew is bribed instead of being paid: as they are given decent amounts of food, shelter, and trees to enjoy the company of other attractive Opo-opo, the simian crew feels they get the better end of their working relationship with ffxi.somepage.com. The more philosophical Opo-opo have noted that humans spend much time shuffling around money in order to achieve the same type of pleasures; the main school of Opo-opo "Studies in Humanity" thought maintains that humans must be drawn in a mystical manner to this colored paper, in much the same way that Opo-opo invariably end up with pebbles. (Return to article)

[2] Palos often finds coding inspiration while taking a shower. Unfortunately, computers and water rarely interact in a positive manner. After a large section of the northeastern United States suffered a blackout in August 2003, (for which he was never officially implicated, he is quick to point out) Palos reached an agreement with the authorities to stop actual coding while in the shower. (Return to article)

[3] This "encouragement" usually comes from Cuer, aka The Slavedriver. (Return to article)

[4] Rumor has it that Mirriam's riding crop is used equally on Chocobos and Tarutarus; both sets of creatures do cower when she saunters by, although one has to look closely to tell when a Tarutaru is cowering, given how low to the ground they already are. (Return to article)

Last Updated: July 9, 2005

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