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Final Fantasy XI News

Job Adjustments (04/18/2012)
Posted by: Cuer - April 18, 2012
From the Official FFXI Site (April 18):


The following new threads have been created in the Updates section of the official forums:

[dev1114] Job Adjustments: Scholar
[dev1113] Job Adjustments: Dancer
[dev1112] Job Adjustments: Puppetmaster
[dev1111] Job Adjustments: Corsair
[dev1110] Job Adjustments: Blue Mage
[dev1109] Job Adjustments: Summoner
[dev1108] Job Adjustments: Dragoon
[dev1107] Job Adjustments: Ninja
[dev1106] Job Adjustments: Samurai

The Most Interesting Moogle in Vana'diel Contest Winners Announced! (04/03/2012)
Posted by: Cuer - April 3, 2012
From the Official FFXI Site (April 3):


The Community Team made it through all of the hilarious entries for the Most Interesting Moogle in Vana'diel contest, but only barely, as every post made them laugh uncontrollably each time. After many long discussions and careful consideration they have selected the winners!

Head over to the official forums to see which entries were deemed the most fitting for the Most Interesting Moogle in Vana'diel and peruse the other entertaining entries!

Additional Version Update (04/02/2012)
Posted by: Cuer - April 2, 2012
From the Official FFXI Site (April 2):


A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums:

April 3, 2012 (JST) Version Update

Proceed to the thread.

Square Enix Account Transfer Finalization Period (03/27/2012)
Posted by: Cuer - March 27, 2012
From the Official FFXI Site (March 27):


As a follow up to our previous announcements, we would like to remind users to transfer to the new Square Enix Account Management System. Users are now able to use credit and debit cards to make direct payments for recurring subscriptions.

Going forward, users will only be able to use the Square Enix Account Management System for payments. Therefore, we kindly ask all users to transfer their information in order to ensure continued service without interruption.

For those who already use the Square Enix Account Management System, no further action is necessary.

Read on for further details on transferring to the Square Enix Account Management System.

March Version Update Comes Blazing In! (03/26/2012)
Posted by: Cuer - March 26, 2012
From the Official FFXI Site (March 26):


Winter's chill may still linger, but adventurers all across Vana'diel can keep themselves warm by leaping into the fray of Legion, where large hosts of brave souls can battle against the realm's fiercest enemies yet!

Should that not be enough to shake the icicles from your limbs, the Voidwatch is in need of help more than ever with the establishment of the Tavnazia and Aht Urhgan jurisdictions. Further mastery of crafting is now possible due to recent breakthroughs in research, the Nyzul Isle Uncharted Region and Walk of Echoes have heated up due to revitalizing changes, and the color will return to the face of many an adventurer after seeing the myriad job adjustments implemented in this update.

Hungering to know more? Read on for all the details of this latest version update!

Eggstra! Eggstra! Read All About It! (03/21/2012)
Posted by: Cuer - March 21, 2012
From the Official FFXI Site (March 21):


It's time to break out your baskets and sharpen your egg-le eyes for the egg hunt, kupo!

As always, all you need to do is egg-ssemble initialed eggs, arrange them in an eggs-orbitant number of ways, and redeem them for egg-ceptional prizes! I'm so egg-cited, my wings have started whisking up meringue just thinking about it, kupo!

The MHMU has truly spared no egg-spense this year, providing a plethora of presents-some new, some old-for egg-venturers far and wide! So get cracking and beat a path to your nearest representative before this offer egg-spires!

Stop the presses! It seems we have a merry missive from our moogles in the manufactory!

"We had to scramble to paint everything on time, but we hope you enjoy the yolks of our labor, kupo."

I love to see that sort of spirit from our slav-I mean spegg-tacular laborers, kupo. Their plucky perseverance and devious devotion to disguise are just two of the reasons only the most eggs-pert of adventurers can find any initialed eggs in the field.

Speaking of which, do you know how the best and brightest go about finding those oval objects obscured by their environs? Well you're in luck, because the newest journalist for Magic Paradise Weekly just egg-cepted that very assignment! Read on for all the ooey-gooey facts surrounding egg collection, kupo.

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