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Yomi Okuri
Starting Info for Yomi Okuri
Summary: Samurai AF2
Realm: Outlands
Type: Artifact
Starting Zone: Norg
Starting NPC: Gilgamesh [L-8]
There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.
Minimum Character Level: 50
Required Job(s): SAM

This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
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NPCs Used
Mobs Spawned
Doman52Black Mage
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Bastore SardineInventoryFood / Fish
Faded Yomotsu HirasakaKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Frost TurnipInventoryFood / Ingredients
Giant Sheep MeatInventoryFood / Ingredients
Hecteyes EyeInventoryMaterials / Alchemy
Washu's Tasty WurstKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Yomotsu FeatherKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Rewards From Yomi Okuri
Item Reward:
Myochin Sune-Ate52FeetRare/Ex
  • HP +20
  • Resist vs. Fire +10
  • Evasion Skill +5
  • Enmity +5
Game Details for Yomi Okuri
Client: Gilgamesh (Captain's Quarters, Norg)

Summary: Twenty years ago, a small nation was destroyed by the flames of war, and many died without reason. Your assistance is required in holding a ritual to send these troubled souls to their proper resting place in the afterlife.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Ls769301,
In order to receive this quest you must have completed the Samurai AF1 quest for the Magoroku. <br /> <br /> First, head out to Norg and talk to Jaucribaix (You know, the guy you?ve been visiting for Samurai quests for awhile now). He?ll mention that a sacred ritual to guide the lost spirits of the dead is needed, but that he?s missing a key item. That item is a feather from a special bird, found only in the Labyrinth of Onzozo. He?ll tell you to talk to his cook, Washu, in order to obtain something that can lure the bird out. Go talk to Washu (Down the hallway from Jaucribaix, first door on the right), and she?ll mention that she?s out of ingredients. She asks you to bring her a piece of Giant Sheep?s Meat, a Frost Turnip, a Bastore Sardine, and a Hecteyes? Eye. Bring her all four ingredients, and she?ll give you the special stew needed to lure the bird out. <br /> <br /> Now, things get tricky. Head out to Buburimu Peninsula, and go to the dunes that are labeled on your map in the upper right hand corner. Near the top of the dunes (along the actual shoreline) is a cave: this is the entrance to Onzozo. Now be warned, this place is insanely difficult, especially at the level you?ll want the AF Armor. I went at about Level 51 and nothing there was less than ?Decent Challenge.? Sneak and Invisible and Deodorize are recommended. Get a lot of help for this one. Stick to the left wall all the way until you see a hut, similar to the ?Ghoul huts? found in Shakhrami Maze. There should be a ??? there at (F-8). Simply go up to it (it?s usually surrounded by Goblins), select it, and it will give you the option to lay down the special food you were given to lure out the bird. Choose yes, but be warned, you have a tough fight ahead of you. A party of LVL 60s can take it out or perhaps a full alliance of 50s (don?t take my word on that, though). One level 75 Paladin can take it out, that?s for sure. Once you deposit the food at that ??? spot, an NM bird Ubume will pop. This Notorious Monster bird looks like an ostrich, and is (supposedly) a Thief / Bard. It WILL cast Horde Lullaby, so be careful to keep all mages out of range of that. The Horde Lullaby is directed in front of it, so have your main tank stay there while everyone else is behind. It rarely used any Area of Effect attacks, but nevertheless, be careful. It still has them. Once you?ve defeated Ubume, re-inspect that ??? spot and you will obtain the feather you need for a key item. <br /> <br /> Return to Norg with the feather, and speak with Jaucribaix. He will accept the feather, and if you try to talk to him again he?ll say something along the lines of, ?Do not rush me! I must concentrate!? Speak to him again in 24 Hours Real Time (1 Day). He will say that he has finally forged the katana, which he named the Yomotsu Hirasaka, for the ritual (you?ll receive this as a key item, not a weapon). He?ll ask you to take it to the ?secret beach? in Valkurm Dunes. Travel to the Dunes and head to the beach in the upper Northwest corner of the map (a tunnel not shown on the map leads to it). If you?ve ever done the Bard quest, or if you?ve ever visited Gustav Tunnel, then you?ll know that the beach is near there. Once you arrive at the beach, search the shoreline for a ??? spot. Wait until nightfall (20:00 ? 4:00), and click the spot and choose to initiate the ritual. BE WARNED: Two VERY hard Notorious Monsters are going to spawn. Doman, a shadow and Onryo, a ghost. I had a Level 75 Samurai/Warrior and a Level 73 Paladin helping me, and the Samurai iced the Elvaan in under 15 seconds with a few Penta Thrusts. BE WARNED: The Onryu has an Area of Effect attack which inflicts ?Curse.? This is a BAD status effect, it lowers your max HP, max MP, and your running speed. If you plan on doing this in your 50s, you?ll very well likely need a full alliance of 55s to take these?maybe more? Anyways, after defeating both NMs, re-inspect the ??? spot to get a Faded Yomotsu Hirasaka (Key Item). Take this back to Norg, talk to Jaucribaix again, and you?ll receive the boots!

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Kuponut,
Actually, the starting NPC is Jaucribaux. Talking to him will take you into a cutscene with Gilgamesh.

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