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Return to the Depths
Starting Info for Return to the Depths
Summary: Movalpolos Investigation Quest #3
Realm: Bastok
Starting Zone: Metalworks
Starting NPC: Ayame [K-7]
Required Bastok Fame: 5

This Quest Requires Chains of Promathia.
This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
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Previous Quests in This Series:
NPCs Used
MuckvixJeuno LowerH-10
TarnotikOldton MovalpolosK-10
SleakachiqNewton MovalpolosJ-7
RavoraraBastok PortE-7
Mobs Spawned
TwilotakUnknownDark Knight
Moblin ClergymanUnknownWhite Mage
Moblin WisewomanUnknownRed Mage
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Ahriman TearsInventoryMaterials / Alchemy
Letter From MagriffonKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Letter From MuckvixKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Misareaux GarlicInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
Providence PotKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Pungent Providence PotKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Rewards From Return to the Depths
Gil Reward: 3000gil
Title Obtained: Goblin in Disguise
Item Reward:
Bowyer Ring29FingerRare
  • Ranged Accuracy +3
  • Ranged Attack +3
Game Details for Return to the Depths
Client: Ayame (Cannonry, Metalworks)

Summary: You are to find the one who speaks both the common and the Moblin language, and learn more about the city of Movalpolos.
Walkthrough for Return to the Depths
The Chains of Promathia expansion is required, with access to Tavnazia. The previous two quests from Ayame, Out of the Depths and A Question of Faith, must be completed. Moderate Bastok fame is required; this quest can be obtained with level 5+ fame.
  1. Talk to Ayame for a cut-scene that starts the quest.
  2. Go to Oldtown Movalopolos for a cut-scene upon zoning.
  3. Go to Misareaux Coast and obtain a Misareaux Garlic that drops from the Orcs there.
  4. Go to Jeuno Lower and trade the Misareaux Garlic to Muckvix (located at H-10 in Goblins' Goblet, through Muckvix's Junk Shop.) After a lengthy cut-scene, you will receive 2000 gil and the Letter From Muckvix key item.
  5. Go to Kazham and talk with Magriffon, located at I-7 in Celodehki's Bed & Breakfast. Trade him 10000 gil for cut-scene and two key items: Letter From Magriffon and Providence Pot. (You will receive the 10000 gil back at the end of the quest. Note that trading Magriffon the 10000 gil will continue this specific quest even if other quests are currently active that involve giving Magriffon gil.)
  6. Return to Jeuno Lower and talk with Muckvix for a cut-scene where you deliver the key items and receive the Pungent Providence Pot key item in return.
  7. Return to Oldtown Movalopolos for a cut-scene. Go to Tarnotik and talk with him, answering in the affirmative to both his questions.
  8. Trade one Ahriman Tears to Tarnotik to be teleported to Mine Shaft #2716 BCNM zone. Each person who is involved in the quest must trade a tear to Tarnotik to be teleported to the BCNM zone.
  9. Once in Mine Shaft #2716, select the Shaft Entrance twice for two cut-scenes; select in the affirmative both times. This will put you in a level 40 capped BCNM, with up to 6 people allowed.
  10. The moblins Twilotak (Dark Knight), and three each of Moblin Clergyman (White Mage) and Moblin Wisewoman (Red Mage) are in the back section of the BCNM arena. Only Twilotak has to be defeated to complete the BCNM; the other six can be killed if you wish, but by default will not attack with melee hits, only stand in the background and cast. Twilotak casts standard Dark Knight spells. The three Moblin Wisewoman cast spells such as Haste on Twilotak, and cast spells like Sleep II and Dispel on the party's tank. The three Moblin Clergyman cast spells such as Protect III and Cure IV on Twilotak, and cast spells like Holy on the party's tank. There are two ways to win this fight: either go with a lot of damage jobs to kill Twilotak fast before he can be cured back up by the other moblins, or take enough curing jobs to kill the six low-HP mage mobs, and then finally take down Twilotak.
  11. Defeat Twilotak to end the BCNM, and for a cut-scene where you receive the 10000 gil back. Note that once you complete the BCNM, when you zone out of Shaft Mine #2716 you'll be in Newton Movalpolos on a ledge, safe from the standard Moblins. If you do not have someone in your group who can Escape, talk to the NPC Sleakachiq on that ledge to receive a teleport back out to North Gustaberg, at the cost of 800 gil per character.
  12. Return to Metalworks and talk with Ayame for the Bowyer Ring reward, and to end the quest.
  13. Optional followup: talk to the Tarutaru Ravorara from the earlier quests, to sell the Pungent Providence Pot for 1000 gil and receive a final cut-scene.
Recommended Level for Return to the Depths
A group of level 40 characters would be able to obtain the garlic and are required to complete the BCNM. The orcs with the garlic can also be easily killed solo at level 63+.

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