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A Boy's Dream
Starting Info for A Boy's Dream
Summary: Paladin AF2
Realm: San d'Oria
Type: Artifact
Starting Zone: San d'Oria North
Starting NPC: Ailbeche [J-9]
There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.
Minimum Character Level: 50
Required Job(s): PLD

This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
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NPCs Used
ExorocheSan d'Oria SouthK-7
Mobs Used
Mobs Spawned
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Giant Shell BugAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Fishing Gear
Knight's BootsKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
OdontotyrannusInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
Rewards From A Boy's Dream
Item Reward:
Gallant Leggings52FeetRare/Ex
  • HP +15
  • Charisma +5
  • Shield Skill +10
  • Enhances Holy Circle Effect
Game Details for A Boy's Dream
Client: Ailbeche (Parade Grounds, Northern San d'Oria)

Summary: All fishermen dream of hooking the big one. Catch him and obtain the treasure in his belly.
Walkthrough for A Boy's Dream
Requirements: A paladin of level 50 or more who has already completed the paladin AF1.

1) Talk to Ailbeche (J-9 in North San d'Oria) and he talks about how he wants to fish up "the big one" but has never been able to, or even acquire the bait to so do.
2) Go talk with Ailbeche's father Exoroche in the weapon shop in South San d'Oria (K-7), who once again dismisses his son's interests.
3) Talk to Ailbeche again, and he'll request that you get him a 'giant shell bug', the bait he needs to go with his friend to fish up the big one. This is a standard bait item, which means you can purchase it in the Auction Hall under Weapons/Ammo & Misc/Fishing; if you do this, skip to step 6. You can also go get it for yourself by killing the Dreadbug in Crawler's Nest.
4) If you go to Crawler's Nest to obtain the giant shell bug, go into the nest and head into the center section and then north at the top of I-9 on the first map. This will take you onto the second map, the one with the other exit to Rolanberry Fields. If you look on this map you will see a small southern niche that you want to go to at H-9. There are numerous Witch Hazels around the niche, so either clear them first or be very careful not to get an add while fighting the Dreadbug.
5) Once you make it to the niche, face west and you'll see a ??? that spawns the Dreadbug when selected. The Dreadbug is basically an overgrown Soldier Crawler, with about 40% more hitpoints and damage than a Soldier in Crawler's Nest. Be sure to take along a bard or red mage to dispel the Cocoon it will inevitably spin on itself, or melee high enough level (55+) who can do damage through it. Once you kill the Dreadbug, it will drop 1-3 copies of the needed shell bug. Take one and head back to San d'Oria. Note that there is a restriction on how often the Dreadbug can be spawned of at least once per game day.
6) Trade the giant shell bug to Ailbeche. He'll be impressed, but doesn't take the shell bug, saying that he'll never be able to get the big one himself. Instead, he tells you how to do it: go to Castle Oztroja and fish it up, then defeat it. (If he hadn't told you previously to go get him the shell bug, go talk to his father first and then come back and trade the shell bug to Ailbeche, and he will proceed with the quest.) He notes that, "fishing is all about patience" which is certainly true when you go to find it.
7) Head next to Castle Oztroja, off the Meriphataud Mountains. Make sure you have the map for Oztroja prior to going; it can be purchased in Windurst. There are many places in Oztroja where you can fish, but only one of them will bring up the specific fish you're looking for. Depending on your level, you will either need invis to get past the Yagudo that will eventually aggro you (recommended), or you can fight through them. To get to the pool with the fish, go on the first map to the map exit at J-8, through the door and on to the second map. On the second map, head northwest to the map exit at G-7. On the tiny third map, go due north through the map exit at I-7. This will take you to the forth map, which has the pool with the big one. Walk along the western side of the map and make your way into the center section at H-8. Here you will find a pool with a few ooze inside it, and various Yagudo wandering around. Clear the Yagudo nearby (all easy prey at level 52), making sure to build up TP for the big fight.
8) Once you're ready, get out your fishing pole, equip the giant shell bug, and go to work in the pool. Some points of note about fishing:
* It doesn't matter who does the fishing, you or someone else in the group. The pugil gets aggressive very quickly on whoever pulls it up, though, so be careful with letting an easily killed mage go fishing.
* You can fish it up with absolutely no skill in fishing, but it may take a while. Watch the respawn on the Yagudo if it goes over 8 minutes; pulling up the big one right after a Yagudo has spawned nearby is a sure recipie for disaster.
* The fishing rod used doesn't matter: the only thing to fish up in this pond is the fish you want, and it won't break a rod.
* The number of times you have to fish before you land it can vary from 3 to over 20.
9) Once you fish up "the big one", you get to kill it, a monster pugil named Odontotyrannus. It has about 2500 hitpoints, and hits a level 55 paladin for between 50-120 per hit, with occasional Screwdrivers that can top 500, so having multiple healers helps. It can be paralyzed/slowed if you have high enough level casters along to land such spells. Make sure you have a bard/red mage along for dispels, as the water shield used by the pugil will make hitting it with physical damage a nearly impossible proposition for any melee below level 58. Keep the water shield dispelled, toss off a solid skillchain or two, and it goes down quickly.
10) After killing Odontotyrannus, it turns into a rare/ex item of the same name, which you take back to San d'Oria. Trade it to Ailbeche, and he tells you to go get it cleaned by an expert fisherman in Selbina. You'll find such an expert in Zaldon at H-9 at the Fisherman's Guild in Selbina. When you trade him the fish he cleans it and finds a pair of Knight's Boots inside. Once you have this keyitem, head back to San d'Oria once more.
11) Go talk with Exoroche in the South San d'Oria weapon shop again and he discusses the strange find inside of such a fish, saying that, "I will convey this to Prince Trion."
12) Head into the Chateau d'Oraguille from Northern San d'Oria and go to H-7 in the gardens, where you will find the door to the Prince Royal's Room. Select the door for a cutscene with Prince Trion, where he gives you a tale of intrigue and your own shiny new set of leggings!

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Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Orinthia,
This quest is a tad different ever since they changed fishing from an easily turbo-able thing into a little mini game of sorts (this was a long time ago, and it shows the age of the guide posted as of Jan 21, 2007, in that it is not so simple to fish it now).<br /> <br /> It's different in how you fish up Odontotyrannus. This is a "big one," so you must have a fishing rod capable of fishing it. These include single hook, mithran, composite, any other with "designed for catching big fish" on it.<br /> <br /> Next, if you've never fished in FFXI before, get some practice at it. Buy some little worms and try your hand at fishing somewhere so you can see how the system works. It takes 0 skill to fish up Odontotyrannus, but you can fail to fish it up and lose your giant shell bug. <br /> <br /> Key here is getting your catch's stamina bar to 0% before pulling it up. Any sooner and you risk your line breaking, but taking too long can also make you lose it. Don't worry though, it is fairly easy to tire out but try to keep it fully tired for a second before pulling it up. Your character might switch stance and let it get some stamina back. This happened to me and the line broke... Had to trek all the way back to crawler's nest and kill that dreadbug again for the giant shell bug.<br /> <br /> I hope this saves a little frustration for others doing this quest.

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