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BCNM: Royal Jelly
Description: The eight Princess Jelly start far apart in a circle. When combat starts, they slowly move to the center; when they reach it, they turn into the Queen Jelly, who has health based on how many Princess Jelly mobs were left. All have the Slime special attacks; the Princess Jelly cast Drown, Burn, Shock, Bind, Rasp, Aero, Fire, Stone, Thunder, Water; the Queen Jelly also casts Waterga and Firaga. The Princess Jelly are immune to Lulluby, but are susceptible to Gravity, Bind, and Silence.
Restriction: Level 40, 15 minutes, 3 members
Zone: Waughroon Shrine
Orb: Star Orb
Grudge SwordSealed MaceDusky Staff
De Saintre's AxeShikar BowBuzzard Tuck
Himmel StockMana RingMarksman's Ring
Archer's RingFire Spirit PactAir Spirit Pact
Scroll of Ice SpikesScroll of PhalanxScroll of Utsusemi: Ni
Scroll of Absorb-STRScroll of RefreshScroll of Erase
Steel SheetFiend BloodSlime Oil
Mannequin HandsSteel IngotGold Beastcoin
Green RockYellow Rock
Queen Jelly x 1Slime
Princess Jelly x 8Slime

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Reginaasura,
Done this BCNM 24/24 with - RDM/BLM, DRG/WAR, SAM/WAR. Also 6/6 with - RDM/BLM, SAM/WAR, SAM/WAR. <br /> I've gotten NI 2 times, and Erase 1 time.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Robbins,
I have duoed this as DRG/WHM x2. did fine.<br /> We started on one side each and worked our way to the middle. some times 1 jelly is faster to the middle, but then we just make it a priority. its very easy. Never lost it.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Toma,
Done this successfully with rdm (cant remember sub)and 2x war/nin. Both wars attacked same target, rdm cast bind/gravity and whatnot on the rest. Had no trouble once we realized we needed to switch target once we started hitting for 0. If you keep attacking then, you'll waste a lot of time, and the chance of Queen Jelly increases.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Stefilz,
Best way to do this is as follows:<br /> DRG/WAR<br /> RNG/NIN<br /> RDM/BLM<br /> <br /> -DRG melee's the Jellies starting from the far left, working you way to the far right. Do regular DD stuff; use Berserk on the 3rd or 4th Jelly, as this will likely take you through the rest of the fight.<br /> <br /> -RNG ranged attack's the Jellies in a similar fasion, working your way from the far left to the far right. Again, use regular DD stuff. I find a Bow to be the most useful weapon, but Xbow works too. Have yet to attempt with a Gun.<br /> <br /> -RDM Bind and Gravity the Jellies starting from the far right to the far left. Bind the first, and Gravity the second, or vice-versa. After that, bind and cure as necessary. Beware: you may need to use Convert, so Stoneskin is advisable, for atleast that part of the fight.<br /> <br /> I've done this probably 4 or 5 times with this settup, running 3 times each attempt. Have yet to fail. If you follow this strategy you shouldn't even end up with the Queen Jelly or whatever it's called (havent seen it yet).<br /> <br /> Jellies are weak to piercing weapons, so DRG and RNG are the best DD's for this, as opposed to WAR, MNK, SAM, and any other DD's i failed to mention. <br /> <br /> *Hope this comment helped all teh nubs out there!!!!!!!111one*<br /> *GL HF KA*

Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Irma-vep,
I have done this BCNM loads of time and from personal experience the 'Classic' party set up doesn't work that well. <br /> <br /> Best Setup - 3x drg/whm<br /> This was by far the best setup doing all runs close to or beating the record. Mainly because you have 6 attackers on 1 mob. Slimes die fast under the onslaught of jumps, ws, breaths, lance and wyvern. AND you get to not worry about curing, just wait until hp drops low enough and start spamming dia's. If you got your timing right all wyverns healing breath at the same time.<br /> <br /> Good Setup - 2x drg/whm 1x drk/whm<br /> This one came close but didn't quite get as fast as the 3 drg option.<br /> <br /> OK setup - drg/whm, bst/whm, rdm/whm<br /> m'eh. It worked but not that fast or great.<br /> <br /> Not so good Setup - mnk/war, drg/whm, rdm/blm<br /> Very very VERY slow wins, the queen spawned in all three runs with either one or two princesses.<br /> <br /> BAAAD - 2x mnk/war, 1 whm/blm<br /> I saw 2 complete wipes with this one and they didn't bother to re-try the 3rd one.<br /> <br /> So the trick is to hit fast and often and not to worry about the slimes moving in to much. The more hits you can bring to the fight the better. Worrying about all the nukes and debuffs is also a consideration. Drg/mage has both of these covered.<br /> <br /> Irma Vep (Chick with a lance - asura)

Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Souldrake,
Meh. I'll post more a more lengthy comment.<br /> <br /> *** Do not attempt this BCNM on Darksday ***<br /> <br /> As the main header says, the slimes cast black magic. It doesn't hurt too bad, but considering there are 8 of them it can hurt quite bad over time. RDM is probably your best bet for a mage for the reason that they have 2 ways of slowing down the slimes instead of just 1: Gravity and Bind. For the other 2 slots, most heavy DDs will work very well. THF is... not so great at least in my experience. SAM, DRG, DRK and WAR all work rather well.<br /> <br /> The princess jellies all start out in the outer portion of the arena and there is a circle in the middle. The object is to kill all the princesses before they can meet in the middle to form the queen jelly.<br /> <br /> Zone in, buff up and heal to full MP. Red Mage, you will probably want a pie and a yagudo drink for each run you're planning. One should do the trick because you will likely need to convert sometime during the battle. When ready, run up. DDs go left, RDM starts right. I like to gravtiy the first one, bind the second one then silence the first. The DDs can each take one slime they go down pretty fast.<br /> <br /> RDM- when you are done gravitying, binding and silencing the first two, fall back and help your DDs. Silence the slimes ahead of them to lessen the damage and cure them as needed. Try to stay far back. You will get casted on by other slimes. Stoneskin is a nice way to prevent damage so keep it up. Remeber: Bind and Gravity have a 1 minute recast. This is approximately 25 minutes game time. Watch the game clock and bind slimes. It doesn't really matter, but if you like this is approximately what I do for bind/gravity. Slimes are numbered 1-8 going clockwise. 1 is on your left, 8 is on your right as you enter. You enter on 12 o'clock.<br /> <br /> 1 2- ignore your DDs are going after them first.<br /> <br /> 8: gravity, silence.<br /> 7: Bind, silence.<br /> <br /> Fall back, silence 3 and 4 heal your tanks as they need but try not to use cure III. Cure II should be the most you want to heal them with until the end. Try to conserve your MP.<br /> <br /> Bind and Gravity are up:<br /> <br /> Bind 6, gravity 5. Silence 7 and 8 as it's likely dropped by now. 6 and 5 will likely be in casting range of the whole arena by now so be careful when you're looking to convert. Don't be afraid to pop out of the arena to do it if you need to. Stoneskin first if you have the MP always as a precaution.<br /> <br /> The rest depends on your DDs and how your binds and gravities stuck. Bind the ones that look closer to the center, gravity the ones that are a bit further back. 5,6,7 and 8 should be the only ones you really need to bind and gravity as 1-4 should be killed well before any of them ever come close to the middle. All and all the process is very smooth and easy just keep a level head and an eye on your DDs. You should do just fine.

Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Ryokaia,
I've done this BCNM several times. I find that rdm/blm works best with any set up of DDs best results were with drg/whm(or /war)s or mnks/war but any melee will do as long as they are using att/str up foods.

Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Artri,
RDM/BLM for the int, gravity, silence, bind seem to work best. War/Nin with acid and blood bolts.<br /> and either a Drk/thf, Sam/Thf for sneak attack and<br /> treasure hunter.<br /> This can be done with a whm/blm, but i found it easier to do with a rdm/blm<br /> Good Luck!

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