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BCNM: Petrifying Pair
Description: All have Lizard special attacks. Both are immune to Sleep, Lullaby, and Charm, but susceptible to Gravity and Bind.

Other drops: Sardonyx, Lapis Lazuli, Cold Carrion Broth, Elm Log
Restriction: Level 30, 15 minutes, 3 members
Zone: Ghelsba Outpost
Orb: Sky Orb
Leaping BootsSarashiGun Belt
Scythe BeltAvatar BeltStaff Belt
Cestus BeltSong BeltMace Belt
Rapier BeltShield BeltAxe Belt
Lance BeltPick BeltScroll of Magic Finale
Scroll of Utsusemi: NiScroll of Absorb-VITScroll of Absorb-AGI
Scroll of EraseScroll of Absorb-INTScroll of Dispel
TourmalineChestnut LogIron Ingot
Mythril IngotSteel IngotSilver Ingot
Lizard SkinMythril OreDarksteel Ore
Light Opal
Kilioa x 1Lizard
Kalamainu x 1Lizard

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Edwardteach,
For those who want to mix it up a bit I typically run:<br /> <br /> RDM/NIN<br /> BLU/NIN<br /> PUP/WAR (using whm puppet head)<br /> <br /> Blu gets lizard killer at lv20 so chocolates aren't quite as nessessary.. rdm kites the white lizzy, and pup helps beat the brown one down while sharing hate with the blu to make sure no one dies. we usually end with 80%hp and mp left using only yags for the rdm adn the blu. its more than enough to keep it going easy. Not a fast kill set up but easy win no questions asked.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Sornstarguh,
Me and a couple friends tried it as the following. Tactic used was basically this: If you want the least amount of problems on your runs, have all /NIN. Bear in mind people do this all the time with many setups with success. Your results may vary.<br /> <br /> WAR/NIN<br /> BST/NIN<br /> RDM/NIN<br /> <br /> WAR and BST used "normal" melee foods instead of the chocolate cause we are crazy like that. I ate a pie but it was more for the Int rather than more MP. Drinks were HP and MP regens respectively and MP wasnt ever an issue.<br /> <br /> Usually this BCNM is won or lost by the RDM therefore I will delve more into the RDM tactics. If your going RDM/NIN I would recommend using 2 Ermite wands with 20% Interrupt down.<br /> <br /> -When you enter-<br /> <br /> RDM<br /> 1. Starts a round of Protect 2. (Shell if you feel naked w/o it)<br /> 2. After that use 1st Yagudo drink. You will want 2 per fight.<br /> 3. Get Aquaveil up! That plus the x2 wand helps you bind them in the face.<br /> 4. Get shadows up. Its easy to get caught up and forget mid fight. Dont do this. If not /NIN use Blink.<br /> 5. Its not really nessecary to rest to full MP after buffing but use your own judgement. 200 MP seems plenty to run on the whole fight with a couple Yags.<br /> <br /> BST<br /> 1. Call a Tiger using a jug. <br /> 2. Get your food right and Shadows up.<br /> <br /> WAR<br /> 1. Get right with God and also Shadow up.<br /> 2. Look pretty until RDM gets done.<br /> <br /> -The fight-<br /> <br /> On a perfect Vandiel day, this is what you want to happen. The RDM will initiate the battle by casting Gravity on the lizard on the right which will be silver/grey. At the same time, you want the BST to put the tiger on the Left hand (brown) lizard. <br /> Have the WAR and BST follow right in behind the tiger. Youd like to keep the brown lizard in the top area because there is not alot of room to kite in and you dont want the RDM having to run back through the 2nd lizard to avoid binding it near the 1st lizard. The WAR does not provoke unless its an emergency. That being said, just let them go to work. Hate will be fickle. It will stay on the tiger mostly it seems, but it can and will shift often among the three. Between drinks and shadows you wont need the RDMs help for a nice while. <br /> <br /> The RDM has their hands full from the get-go. After you cast Gravity, turn and run to the back corner. Judge the distance and speed of the white lizard so that you cast bind when its close to you and the corner but not close enuff to hit you. This maximizes the distance between the 2 lizards and gives you more room.<br /> Once you have "Whitey" locked down, get close enough to the brown one to throw on Paralyze and Slow in order to help the melees with shadows. Dont Cure the melees or yourself if youve taken a stay lick. Regen only, unless in dire need of course. Keep close enough to Whitey to see when he needs to be Bound/Weighed Down again.<br /> <br /> As RDM keep these things in mind. Hate is not solid on the brown lizard at all. Do not upset him with too many Enfeebs or Cures. Keep the white lizard your main concern. Anyway, Its 3v1 over on ol' Brown-eye. Keep Gravity on Whitey and even if he resists Bind you can stay away easily. Add /recast Bind and /recast Gravity in the respective macros. Avoid wasting Gravity on him when it hasnt wore off yet! If you do, then you wont have Gravity available when it does wear off. This is a common and deadly mistake. Generally, they never resist Gravity so use it to the fullest because Bind may not stick one time. The other big mistake is Bind-ing Whitey next to Brown-eye. Total chaos ensues and Whitey gets the added benefit of gaining TP off your melees. Try and keep him going back and forth along the bottom while the others fight near the gate. <br /> Last thing, RDM, realize your lizard wont petrify you because it wont have any TP so feel free to face him. You should never face Brown-eye however. The WAR and BST and the tiger will all be petrified at some point. They can try to turn away on TP moves but its usually too fast to be honest. They will live as long as you live. If you catch Petrify and Whitey comes unbound your fair game.<br /> <br /> After Brown-eye is dead its not even fair anymore. You may need a Voke from the war to peel Whitey off RDM. Enfeeb em. Dont start curing alot at this point. They just need 250 HP and a regen, and the hate off RDM (whose back is turned and a good ways off) for those random Petrify that can lead to low HP. Stongly consider keeping Gravity on Whitey they whole time. If they both take Petrify and lose hate, run him around somemore.<br /> <br /> Last but not least, if you get crap from your crate blame it on the moon.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Ortega,
Gob Chocolate doesn't give the resist petrify effect only hobgoblin chocolate does. (dorry for the mixup)

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Ortega,
I've done this BC 4 runs so far, 3 orbs each run.<br /> <br /> Setup was always War/Nin War/Nin Rdm/Blm<br /> <br /> We never wiped and only had somone die twice, 1 time it was rdm the other it was war when we were both petrified.<br /> <br /> Just FYI the best food to use here is gob choclate or hobgoblin choclate, it gives resist petrify and lizard killer. Resist petrify doesn't stop you from being petrified much but it does make it last a lot shorter of time. The lizard killer is definately the best for this because you notice with both tanks on gob choc. the lizard is intimidated about 30% of the time, sometimes more.<br /> <br /> out of the 11 times i've done this bcnm we've gotten 2 leaping boots, like 7 or 8 utsusemi ni, and 0 erase. which is cool because the scroll was and still is worth more than the boots now.<br /> <br /> You don't need to 2hour but we would always 2hour on our orb (except the rdm) if u 2hour expect to be main tank and use it after your first hit, make sure you bring 1h axes, not GA because a miss can't be afforded in this bc when your delay is so high, especially since the food you SHOULD be using doesn't improve melee attack in any way.<br /> <br /> Melee should attack/tank the brown one while rdm kite with gravity the white one. Don't bother with sleep, it doesn't work. You can try Bind but it is high resistant so only bother with it if you decide you need rest, if you're /blm don't ES the gravity just the binds, and don't bind it near the tanks >.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Johnichu,
First attempt, WAR/NIN, WAR/NIN, RDM/BLM worked okay. Blinding potions did not prevent petrification. some close calls, but with good food and Yagudo Drinks, went well. rewards were 1000gil, light opal, lizard skin, mythril ore and a Pet Summon brew. --- Johnichu of Kujata

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Souldrake,
One other note I should mention but it kinda goes without saying. Be *very, VERY* careful about hate when healing if you're kiting. I accidentally binded the 2nd lizzy a little too close to the fighting and it wanked on one of the beasts and I got hate from the little one from curing. I ended up dying but we did win the BCNM anyway. Just something to be aware of.<br /> <br /> Usually, we run in buff ProtII and Shell and when I rest to full MP we go. While kiting I only use regen, cure and the occassional cure II. If you /Nin be sure to keep utsusemi up too it's easy to forget when you're not being hit and your buddies are getting wanked on.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Souldrake,
This is a pretty easy provided everyone knows what they're doing and you have someone to keep one mob busy while the other two are killing the 2nd.<br /> <br /> I do this with some friends (RDM/NIN) we go:<br /> <br /> BST/Whatever<br /> BST/Whatever<br /> RDM/NIN (though any sub will do just about)<br /> <br /> The two BSTs use tiger familiar and kill the smaller one while I kite the bigger one. Dual Weilding yew wands (not even 1s) was more than enough to stick gravity with no resists. Just slap on Gravity, move the big (grey) one away bind it, rest up, heal your bsts or other jobs, pick your nose, whatever you like. Recast gravity when it wears bind it somewhere far away from the fighting and repeat till the smaller one is dead.<br /> <br /> The main thing you need to watch out for is the name sake: Baleful Gaze (Petrify). The BSTs should try to let Tiger familiar take hate. Not only does Tiger Familiar have lizard killer, but if Tiger gets petrified, it's not quite as bad as the BST getting petrified and dying. You can avoid petrification by turning your back as it is a gaze spell.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Tyr,
Just completed this BCNM a few times over, and set the (I hope it's still) current record on the Phoenix server. (5, 50ish)<br /> <br /> Party setup:<br /> WAR/NIN - Hume (Me)<br /> RDM/BLM - Elvaan<br /> RDM/DRK - Mithra (Should be RDM/BLM, but must level more! >.>)<br /> <br /> The basic strategy used is pretty simple; The WAR/NIN tanks the first one, using shadows where possible without being stupid. The RDM/BLM kites* the second one. And the RDM/DRK enfeebles the first one while keeping the WAR/NIN alive.<br /> <br /> The equipment used was also nothing special. You could lower the record further with a bit more optimising. <br /> <br /> * Kite - Cast gravity on it, and keep it away from the other two doing battle, without getting hit.<br /> <br /> I have also seen this done with a RDM/BLM/BLM party, but can't comment on the subs or strategy used.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Gotenfreak,
i would think 3 BLUs could own this one very easily. i will test it tomorrow nite then update everyone.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Zoltan,
Don't try this unless you are a party of RDM/PLD/PLD.

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