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Divine Might
Starting Info for Divine Might
Realm: Outlands
Type: General
Starting Zone: Shrine of Ru'Avitau
There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.

This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
Related Missions

Mission Required to Activate:
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Ark PentasphereInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
IllumininkInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
ParchmentInventoryMaterials / Leathercraft
Rewards From Divine Might
Reward Details: Reward of one of the earrings.
Item Reward:
Abyssal Earring72EarRare/Ex
  • Intelligence +2
  • Scythe Skill +5
  • Dark Magic Skill +5
Beastly Earring72EarRare/Ex
  • Charisma +2
  • Evasion +5
  • Axe Skill +5
  • Strength +2
  • Great Katana Skill +5
  • Parrying Skill +5
Knight's Earring72EarRare/Ex
  • Vitality +2
  • Shield Skill +5
  • Divine Magic Skill +5
  • Agility +2
  • Enhances Dual Wield Effect
  • Sword Skill +5
Game Details for Divine Might
Client: Yve'noile (Entry Hall, The Shrine of Ru'Avitau)

Summary: Use the Ark Pentasphere at the La'Loff Ampitheater to confront and defeat all five Crystal Warriors simultaneously.

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Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Iresire,
This quest may be used in lieu of defeating the Ark Angels individually.<br /> <br /> Defeating the Ark Angels individually does not preclude the flagging of this quest.<br /> <br /> You must activate this quest and fight all 5 Ark Angels at the same time to receive the earring reward. It _IS_ possible to enter the BCNM without flagging the quest. You will receive the mission clear (if you need it), but you will not be eligible for the earring reward.

Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Blindedangel,
I just did this last night, we wiped first time, owned the second time. I pretty much laid out the strategy for the alliance.<br /> <br /> I had a PLD go up the middle use Sentinel, Defender, then Invincible. He provoked the Ark Angel TT (BLM/DRK) and I had all BLM and RDM nuke him to death. Then after I had RDM sleep the Wyvern and the THF/BST's pet. Another PLD provoked the galka, all melee went and attacked the Galka. BLM nuked the Galka.<br /> <br /> A NIN kited the Ark Angel MR. Another NIN kited the Ark Angel HM. And I had another PLD kite the Ark Angel EV. <br /> <br /> We took the Galka down fairly easy with BLMs and Melee. We brought in the Ark Angel MR and killed her, with a few deaths due to AoE WS (I happened to be one of the unfortunate few). After MR went down it was time to bring in the HM.<br /> <br /> You're probably wondering about what all is going on... Well the NIN kiting HM had a RDM assigned to Gravity and Bind when needed, with light curing. Same goes for the NIN kiting MR. The HM never resisted Gravity or Bind, said the RDM. It's highly suceptible to it.<br /> <br /> While fighting the HM he didn't use Mijin Gakure as said on other websites. He did hit very hard though, and used WS constantly. <br /> <br /> Next was EV (LAST ONE YAY!) brought her in, we had about 9-10 people die from AoE. So I told the PLDs to kite her around the arena till all BLMs got up. <br /> <br /> After doing so, we used the kite and nuke technique. She went down VERY fast after we did that. BLMs say she went down just about as easy as the TT did. Just watch for the AoE.<br /> <br /> That was it, we 18 people, randomly shouted from Whitegate, killed DM second try, on the Gilgamesh server.

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