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Escort For Hire (Bastok)
Starting Info for Escort For Hire (Bastok)
Realm: Bastok
Starting Zone: Bastok Port
Starting NPC: Trilok [D-6]
Required Bastok Fame: 6

This Quest Is Repeatable.
NPCs Used
OlaviaCrawlers' Nest?-?
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Completion CertificateKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Rewards From Escort For Hire (Bastok)
Gil Reward: 10000gil
Item Reward:
Miratete's Memoirs20InventoryRare/Ex
Game Details for Escort For Hire (Bastok)
Client: Trilok (Steaming Sheep Restaurant, Port Bastok)

Summary: You are to escort Olivia to her desired destination within the Crawlers' Nest.
Walkthrough for Escort For Hire (Bastok)
Requirements: Only one "Escort For Hire" quest can be activated at a time. This quest can be repeated, but only once per Earth week.
  1. Talk to Trilok; if you have high enough fame, he will offer the quest to escort an NPC safely through Crawlers' Nest in 30 minutes real time.
  2. Go to the Crawlers' Nest and the NPC Olavia will appear with a cut-scene as you zone in. Note that if another party is already doing the quest with Olavia right then, she will not appear, and you will have to try later. Once you and your group is ready to follow her, select her and she will take off. She has a pre-determined path of her own choosing, which varies somewhat each time the quest is done. You can pause and restart her along her path by selecting her.
  3. Olavia will move through the aggressive mobs that will attack her and kill her unless you protect her. You can cure and buff her, and she will help marginally in fighting the creatures. You will have to kill (or charm if you have a beastmaster) all the mobs in her path, so she can get through in time.
  4. If Olavia dies, or if 30 minutes expires without her completing her circuit through the zone, the quest is over for that attempt. You can come back to the zone later and she will reappear, to try it again.
  5. If you complete the quest in time Olavia provides the Completion Certificate key item to take back to Trilok. Return to Bastok and talk to Trilok to complete the quest and receive your reward of 10000 gil, and the Miratete's Memoirs to use for experience points.
This quest, or any of the other Escort For Hire quests, can be repeated once per Earth week. The gil reward is only provided on the first completion of the quest.
Recommended Level for Escort For Hire (Bastok)
A full group of level 60+ characters is recommended in order to be able to clear the path in time. It can also be completed with a couple beastmasters, or a smaller group of higher level characters.

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