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Site Updates (Pre-patch) - July 24, 2006
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Jul 24th, 2006 02:21 pm EDT
A massive update here, with many changes recently done on the site. As always, we will be compiling information on today's patch; expect the first list of information up later this evening, Eastern Time.

  • All the links in the old news items have been updated, to reflect the update on the official FFXI site. If any bad links are still there, please leave feedback to let us know, so we can correct them.
  • A brand new Fishing Guide was added! This was written by a very skilled fisherman, and has information about all aspects of the fishing mini-game.
  • The Chocobo Digging Guide was expanded dramatically, with a lot of new info on the more esoteric areas of chocobo digging. This will be updated further as more information is available, from the changes to chocobo digging in today's patch.
  • Completing an earlier project, all recipes have been updated completely. This includes Guild Point data for every recipe known to provide Guild Points, along with many fixes to recipe skill caps. See the related forum post for details about the Guild Point data that is still needed; help us keep that as accurate as possible!
  • The first slew of information on all the Lumoria (Sea) NMs is finally in. Some of the NMs have full data; the rest will be updated next week with complete strategies for them, given the known information.
Items Added: White Card, Black Card

Items Updated: Survival Belt, High-Quality Aern Organ, Lancewood Log, Infinity Core, Sixth Virtue, Fifth Virtue, Fourth Virtue, High-Quality Hpemde Organ, Deed of Sensibility, Third Virtue, High-Quality Xzomit Organ, Deed of Moderation, Second Virtue, High-Quality Phuabo Organ, Deed of Placidity, First Virtue, Storm Shield, Tariqah -1, Tariqah +1, Tariqah, Januwiyah -1, Januwiyah +1, Januwiyah, Panacea, Remedy Ointment, Karni Yarik, Karni Yarik +1, Sutlac +1, Irmik Helvasi +1, Irmik Helvasi, Ic Pilav +1, Ic Pilav, Sis Kebabi +1, Sis Kebabi, Chai +1, Ox Tongue, Royal Bookshelf, Cythara Anglica +1, Cythara Anglica, Star Globe, Shigeto Bow, Bookshelf, Eight-Sided Pole +1, Eight-Sided Pole, Gendawa, Mythic Pole +1, Mythic Pole, Repeating Crossbow, Eremite's Wand, Cermet Lance +1, Cermet Lance, Obelisk Lance +1, Obelisk Lance, Nymph Shield, Leo Crossbow +1, Leo Crossbow, Cabinet, Ebony Pole +1, Ebony Pole, Commode, Bureau, Round Shield +1, Round Shield, Couse, Chiffonier, Tarutaru Folding Screen, Water Barrel, Rapid Bow +1, Rapid Bow, Revenging Staff, Ebony Wand +1, Ebony Wand, Lightning Bow +1, Lightning Bow, Coffer, Angel's Flute +1, Angel's Flute, Mahogany Staff, Chest, Mythril Lance +1, Mythril Lance, Arbalest +1, Arbalest, War Bow +1, War Bow, Oak Pole +1, Oak Pole, Great Club +1, Great Club, Rose Harp +1, Rose Harp, Desk, Oak Shield +1, Oak Shield, Rose Wand +1, Rose Wand, Oak Staff +1, Oak Staff, Zamburak +1, Zamburak, Ebony Sabots +1, Ebony Sabots, Halberd +1, Halberd, Lance +1, Lance, Oak Cudgel +1, Oak Cudgel, Composite Bow +1, Composite Bow, Great Bow +1, Great Bow, Strong Shield, Mahogany Shield, Spiked Club +1, Spiked Club, Crossbow +1, Crossbow, Solid Wand, Chestnut Wand, Chestnut Sabots +1, Chestnut Sabots, Spear +1, Spear, Elm Staff +1, Elm Staff, Harp +1, Harp, Elm Shield +1, Elm Shield, Tarutaru Stool, Yew Wand +1, Yew Wand, Maple Harp +1, Maple Harp, Brass Spear +1, Brass Spear, Solid Club, Chestnut Club, Holly Clogs +1, Holly Clogs, Self Bow +1, Self Bow, Maple Table, Willow Wand +1, Willow Wand, Holly Pole +1, Holly Pole, Light Crossbow +1, Light Crossbow, Ash Clogs +1, Ash Clogs, Maple Shield +1, Maple Shield, Harpoon +1, Harpoon, Goldfish Bowl, Ash Staff +1, Ash Staff, Ash Club +1, Ash Club, Ash Pole +1, Ash Pole, Lauan Shield +1, Lauan Shield, Workbench, Maple Wand +1, Maple Wand, Culverin, Tabarzin, Imperial Wootz Ingot, Buzdygan, Ritter Shield, Anelace, Nadziak, Misericorde, Gully, Kunwu Iron Ingot, Flamberge, Darksteel Cuirass, Dark Adaman, Thick Mufflers, Darksteel Sabatons, Mythril Heart, Darksteel Tabar, Darksteel Maul, Darksteel Cuisses, Divine Breastplate, Holy Breastplate, Darksteel Scythe, Bastard Sword +1, Bastard Sword, Mikazuki, Darksteel Subligar, Darksteel Kris, Darksteel Cap, Schwert, Hien +1, Hien, Zunari Kabuto, Kote +1, Kote, Nodowa +1, Nodowa, Darksteel Kukri, Darksteel Mufflers +1, Darksteel Mufflers, Sakurafubuki +1, Sakurafubuki, Mythril Zaghnal +1, Mythril Zaghnal, Schlaeger, Breastplate +1, Breastplate, Darksteel Claws +1, Darksteel Claws, Sallet +1, Sallet, Tanegashima +1, Tanegashima, Uchigatana, Greatsword +1, Greatsword, Broadsword +1, Broadsword, Knight's Sword, Mythril Scythe +1, Mythril Scythe, Juji Shuriken, Shinobi-gatana, Mythril Kukri +1, Mythril Kukri, Mythril Axe +1, Mythril Axe, Tulwar +1, Tulwar, Fine Claymore, Mythril Claymore, Heavy Axe +1, Heavy Axe, Mythril Mace +1, Mythril Mace, Fleuret +1, Fleuret, Iron Scale Mail +1, Iron Scale Mail, Wakizashi, Targe +1, Targe, Greataxe, Tuck +1, Tuck, Rod +1, Rod, Iron Visor +1, Iron Visor, Longsword +1, Longsword, Scimitar +1, Scimitar, Mace +1, Mace, Butterfly Axe +1, Butterfly Axe, Baghnakhs +1, Baghnakhs, Metal Knuckles +1, Metal Knuckles, Knife +1, Knife, Aspis +1, Aspis, Solid Mail, Scale Mail, Solid Cuisses, Scale Cuisses, Bronze Hammer, Solid Greaves, Scale Greaves, Bronze Rod +1, Bronze Rod, Relic Iron, Merman's Cap, Lanolin Cube, Miniature Airship, Bullet, Nashmau Stew, Cerberus Mantle +1, Behemoth Horn, Behemoth Hide, Hi-Ether +3, Divine Log, Bat Wing, Phoenix Feather, La Theine Cabbage, Fire Crystal, Reraise Gorget, Insect Wing, Walahra Water, Cursed Cuisses, White Sand, Scroll of Goddess's Hymnus, Scroll of Fire III, Gold Leaf, Light Ore, Reishi Mushroom, Persikos, Chimera Blood, Mythril Leaf, Rock Salt

NPCs Updated: Jirokichi, Alivatand, Tsutsuroon, Gathweeda, Wahraga

Mobs Added: Aw'euvhi, Absolute Virtue, Qn'hpemde, Ru'phuabo, Jailer of Love, Jailer of Prudence, Jailer of Justice, Qn'xzomit, Jailer of Hope, Jailer of Faith, Kf'ghrah, Jailer of Fortitude, Ix'aern (DRG), Qn'aern, Ix'aern (DRK), Qn'zdei, Aw'zdei, Aern's Elemental, Aern's Xzomit, Aern's Wynav, Aw'aern, Aw'ghrah, Aw'euvhi, Jailer of Temperance, Qn'aern, Ix'aern (MNK), Ix'ghrah, Eo'ghrah, Eo'zdei, Eo'euvhi, Aern's Elemental, Aern's Xzomit, Aern's Wynav, Brei

Mobs Updated: Ullikummi, Mother Globe, Sturm, Ul'yovra, Om'yovra, Om'aern, Aern's Wynav, Aern's Xzomit, Aern's Elemental, Ul'aern, Om'phuabo, Om'xzomit, Om'hpemde, Ul'phuabo, Ul'xzomit, Ul'hpemde, Amikiri, Noble Mold, Colibri, Kirata, Charybdis, Kreutzet, Wild Karakul, Lumber Jack, Mamool Ja Lurker, Wespe, Blob, Orctrap, Ocean Kraken, Nihniknoovi, King Vinegarroon, Nussknacker, Diamond Daig, Guard Bhoot, Lamia Necromancer, Jnun, Orderly Imp, Marsh Murre, Elder Treant, Shen, Magmatic Eruca, Unstable Cluster, Black Coney, White Coney, King Arthro, De'Vyu Headhunter, Water Leaper, Sand Tarantula, Spelunking Sabotender, Mamool Ja Infiltrator, Mamool Ja Philosopher, Sea Puk, Biast, Gration

Quests Updated: Prelude of Black and White, Bombs Away!, An Empty Vessel

Zones Updated: Al'Taieu, The Garden of Ru'Hmet, Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, Qufim Island

Recipes Added: Armor Plate

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Silver Mittens, Falcastra, Errant Houppelande, Carapace Harness, Carapace Leggings, War Beret, Koenig Shield, Holly Clogs, Faerie Piccolo, Lamia Harp, Onion Staff, Speed Bow, Verdun, Mythril Pick, Cuir Highboots, Holy Sword, Moth Axe

Recipes Updated: Goblin Coif, Scorpion Leggings, Barone Gambieras, Errant Houppelande, Errant Hat, Koenig Shield, Crow Jupon, Crow Hose, Wamoura Cloth, Wailing Shell, Cerberus Leather, Marid Leather, Karakul Leather, Mana Converter, Stabilizer, Chimera Blood, Water Tank, Irmik Helvasi, Balik Sandvici, Dried Date, Kinkobo, Steel-splitter, Cursed Togi, Royal Bookshelf, Star Globe, The Big One, Wyvern Spear, Armoire, Saltwater Aquarium, Royal Bed, Dominus Shield, Dresser, Mithran Fishing Rod, Elshimo Palm, Cabinet, Tower Shield, Lu Shang's Fishing Rod, Freshwater Aquarium, Noble's Bed, Scimitar Cactus, Dispel Couse, Commode, Darksteel Lance, Bureau, Bastokan Staff, Clothespole, Chiffonier, Tarutaru Folding Screen, Hume Fishing Rod, Ebony Harp, Water Barrel, Heavy Crossbow, Beverage Barrel, Secretaire, Tarutaru Fishing Rod, Coffer, Angel's Flute, Mahogany Staff, Mahogany Bed, Arbalest, Kamayari, Desk, Fastwater Fishing Rod, Coated Shield, Oak Bed, Oak Shield, Battle Bow, Karakul Wool, Gold Nugget, Dragon Mail +1, Corsair's Gun, Royal Knight Army Lance +1, Bast Parchment, Warp Cudgel, Flower Stand, Zamburak, Halberd, Lance, Oak Table, Great Bow, Traversiere, Tarutaru Desk, Wicker Box, Exorcismal Oak Lumber, Ethereal Oak Lumber, Spear, Book Holder, Power Bow, Elm Shield, Tarutaru Stool, Bolt Belt, Wrapped Bow, San d'Orian Spear, Yew Fishing Rod, Simple Bed, Maple Table, Tree Sap, Bamboo Fishing Rod, Goldfish Bowl, Willow Fishing Rod, Bewitched Ash Lumber, Workbench, Stone Arrow, Flute, Verdun, Kagiroi, Pealing Nagan, Culverin, Adaman Sabatons, Wootz Ingot, Tabarzin, Blizzard Toporok, Buzdygan, Relic Steel, Ponderous Manoples, Pealing Buzdygan, Pealing Anelace, Nagan, Furnace Tabarzin, Adaman Cuisses, Scepter, Hachiman Domaru, Cursed Hauberk, Ritter Shield, Hachiman Sune-Ate, Cursed Celata, Bhuj, Cursed Mufflers, Yasha Jinpachi, Nadziak, Hachiman Kote, Death Scythe, Cursed Sollerets, Ponderous Gully, Hachiman Jinpachi, Cursed Breeches, Adaman Scales, Molybdenum Ingot, Koenigs Knuckles, Kunwu Sheet, Kunwu Iron Ingot, General's Shield, Frigid Core, Spirit Core, Luminous Core, Inferno Core, Flamberge, Adaman Ingot, Zanbato, Hellfire, Hauberk, Rising Sun, Dark Adaman, Darksteel Tabar, Troll Bronze Sheet, Zweihander, Holy Breastplate, Matchlock Gun, Darksteel Scythe, Darksteel Harness, Mikazuki, Darksteel Leggings, Kabutowari, Dark Bronze Ingot, Kheten, Darksteel Pick, Kilij, Darksteel Kris, Schwert, Ram-Dao, Kote, Sune-Ate, Sakurafubuki, Haidate, Darksteel Axe, Sai, Iyo Scale, Darksteel Claymore, Dark Scales, Jindachi, Alumine Moufles, Tanegashima, Uchigatana, Kodachi, Greatsword, Darksteel Ingot, Tabar, Arquebus, Nodachi, Mythril Scythe, Padded Armor, San d'Orian Mace, Shinobi-gatana, Leggings, Eisenbrust, Mythril Axe, Eisenhentzes, Combat Caster's Dagger +1, Tulwar, Mythril Claymore, Heavy Axe, Eisenschuhs, Steel Scales, Twicer, Falx, Eisenschaller, Kris, Eisendiechlings, Chainmail, Wakizashi, Voulge, Lightweight Steel Sheet, Tachi, Claymore, Scythe, Tomahawk, Temple Knight Army Sword +1, Two-Handed Sword, Tathlum, Gladius, Zaghnal, Battleaxe, Iron Scales, Butterfly Axe, Pellet Belt, Paktong Ingot, Light Steel Ingot, Bronze Bed, Tin Ingot, Polyflan, Scorpion Harness, Laminated Ram Leather, Chest, Mercury, Arrabbiato, Bloodwood Lumber, Shining Ring, Apkallu Fletchings, Imperial Coffee, Bataquiche

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Cotton Hachimaki, Cursed Cuisses, Genbu's Kabuto, Brass Harness, Barone Cosciales, Bilbo, Thick Mufflers, Lamian Armlet, Troll Pauldron, Lamia Harp, Faerie Piccolo, Frost Shield, Trident, Hypno Staff, Long Boomerang, Dolphin Staff, Earth Wand, Misery Staff, Kinkobo, Steel-splitter, Iron-Splitter, Primate Staff, Cythara Anglica, Eight-Sided Pole, Gendawa, Mythic Pole, Repeating Crossbow, Battle Staff, Mythic Wand, Ebony Pole, Clothespole, Hume Fishing Rod, Hickory Shield, Mahogany Pole, Partisan, Tarutaru Fishing Rod, Arbalest, War Bow, Fastwater Fishing Rod, Quarterstaff, Coated Shield, Rose Wand, Elm Pole, Zamburak, Oak Cudgel, Mahogany Shield, Chestnut Wand, Elm Staff, Yew Wand, Maple Harp, Yew Fishing Rod, Longbow, Self Bow, Willow Wand, Holly Staff, Ash Staff, Ash Club, Ash Pole, Lauan Shield, Maple Wand, Troll Vambrace, Warhammer, Mythril Dagger, Iron Visor, Adaman Gauntlets, Bhuj, Death Scythe, Misericorde, Kanesada +1, Darksteel Nodowa, Darksteel Scythe, Nodowa, Gully, Claymore, Alumine Haubert, Darksteel Baselard, Mythril Zaghnal, Alumine Moufles, Broadsword, Arquebus, Gust Claymore, Mythril Claws, Hibari, Iron Subligar, Mythril Knuckles, Shinobi-gatana, Two-Handed Sword, Iron Mittens, Heavy Axe, Targe, Padded Cap, War Pick, Kunai, Longsword, Baghnakhs, Metal Knuckles, Knife, Warp Cudgel, Cursed Finger Gauntlets, Velvet Hat

BCNMs Updated: Early Bird Catches the Wyrm, Horns of War, The Hills Are Alive, Ouryu Cometh

Items Drops/Obtained Added: Third Virtue, Faith Torque, Faith Baghnakhs, Second Virtue, Fortitude Torque, Fortitude Axe, Vice of Aspersion, Deed of Sensibility, Vice of Avarice, Deed of Moderation, Water Cluster, Ice Cluster, Euvhi Organ, Vice of Antipathy, Deed of Placidity, First Virtue, Temperance Torque, Temperance Axe, Ghrah M Chip, Luminion Chip, High-Quality Euvhi Organ, High-Quality Aern Organ, White Card, Red Card, Black Card, Sin of Intemperance, Sin of Invidiousness, Sin of Indolence, Sin of Infatuation, Sin of Indulgence, Sin of Insolence, Sin of Indignation, Aura of Voracity, Aura of Adulation, Love Torque, Love Halberd, Sixth Virtue, Prudence Torque, Prudence Rod, Fourth Virtue, Justice Torque, Justice Sword, Fifth Virtue, Hope Torque, Hope Staff, Luminian Tissue, Aern Organ, High-Quality Phuabo Organ, High-Quality Xzomit Organ, High-Quality Hpemde Organ, Light Cluster, Lightning Cluster, Fire Cluster, Earth Cluster, Lizard Egg, Raptor Trousers, Zvahl Chest Key, Yagudo Holy Water, Sheep Leather, Bomb Ash, Lamian Fang Key, Venomous Claw, Moblin Mail, Moblin Mask, Moblin Helm, Grain Seeds, Loam, Troll Pauldron, Emerald, Gold Ore, Ebony Log, Ram Horn, Diamond, Mythril Ore, Reraiser, Icarus Wing, Wyvern Scales, Spinel, Ruby, Vile Elixir, Mind Potion, Strength Potion, Charisma Potion, Demon Horn, Platinum Ore, Philosopher's Stone, Phoenix Feather, Mahogany Log, Darksteel Ore, Coral Fragment, Hi-Potion +3, Angel Skin, Libation Abjuration, Lacquer Tree Log, Vile Elixir +1, Vitality Potion, Adaman Chain, Gold Thread, Intelligence Potion, Hi-Reraiser, Qutrub Gorget, Kejusu Satin, Scroll of Blizzard IV, Mamook Blackscale Key, Tariqah -1, Dragon Heart

ENMs Updated: Bugard in the Clouds, Automaton Assault

Mini-Quests Updated: Special Event - 2006-02 - Valentione's Day

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