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An Empty Vessel
Starting Info for An Empty Vessel
Summary: Blue Mage Flag Quest
Realm: Aht Urhgan
Type: Advanced Job
Starting Zone: Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Starting NPC: Waoud [J-10]
There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.
Minimum Character Level: 30

This Quest Requires Treasures of Aht Urhgan.
This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
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Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Dangruf StoneInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
Siren's TearInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
SunsandInventoryOthers / Misc.
Rewards From An Empty Vessel
Title Obtained: Bearer of the Mark of Zahak
Reward Details: Grants the ability to become a Blue Mage.
Item Reward:
Mark of Zahak--Key Item
Game Details for An Empty Vessel
Client: Waoud (Heretic's Alley, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)

Summary: There is a rare treasure in the "Middle Lands" that Waoud needs someone to obtain for him...
Walkthrough for An Empty Vessel
Requirements: Character level 30+ is required to activate this quest.
  1. Talk to Waoud for a cut-scene; select Gaze away. at the first option to continue.
  2. Waoud will pose 10 questions, as listed below. They each have 3 possible options. The options you choose will determine whether you can continue the quest. The proper choices are not the same for each person, or even if the same person does it twice; it is unknown what it is exactly based on, but there seem to be some basic combinations that work for many people. The order that works for some people is choosing options 2-2-3-3-2-1-2-1-2-2; for others, choosing the third option to every question has worked.
    • If you do not choose the answers that he is looking for, he will automatically charge 1000 gil for the "divination", and you are done. You can come back and try again the next day (after 0:00 Vana'diel time.)
    • If you answer the questions in a satisfactory manner, Waoud will tell you, Sky, Flame, Gale, Stone, and Spring. I see all five serpent symbols... This sign heralds a turning point in your destiny. At this point, the quest is fully activated and shows up in your quest log; you can proceed to do the rest of the steps to finish it.
  3. Talk to Waoud again; he has various things he can say, but eventually he'll talk about the payment he wants. There are three different items he can ask for, chosen randomly:
    1. The treasure I would have you seek is a jewel. It is said to glow with a bluish tint and be found near the bank of a certain river. This is the Siren's Tear, from Gustaberg North.
    2. The treasure I would have you seek is a pinch of golden sand. It is said to glow with the light of the sun and be found only on a certain beach. This is Sunsand, from Valkurm Dunes.
    3. The treasure I would have you seek is a precious stone. It is said to be as red as blood and found in a land of geysers. This is a Dangruf Stone, from Dangruf Wadi.
  4. Obtain the item that he has requested; the Sunsand can be sold on the Auction House, but the other two are not. Note: even if you already have the item, or obtain it quickly, you will have to zone and wait until the next Vana'diel day before the quest will continue.
  5. Trade Waoud the item he requested; he will return it to you, and send you to Aydeewa Subterrane. Go through the Bhaflau Thickets main map to G-7, and exit into Aydeewa Subterrane. Take the path here and drop down on the ledge you come to; take the next left and go down the slope, proceeding down the ramp at H-9. (You will need Sneak during this, to avoid aggro from the Aydeewa Diremite in the area.) Enter the pool there for a cut-scene; you must have the requested item in your inventory for it to activate, and then the item will be taken.
  6. When questioned, answer positively to all the questions in the cut-scene: choose "Yes" to both questions about taking his hand, and select that you have no regrets. (If you don't choose properly, you will have to repeat the entire quest.)
  7. Once you have accepted, you will receive the Mark of Zahak key item, a title, and the ability to become a Blue Mage. You will automatically be teleported back to Aht Urghan Whitegate, and the quest is completed.

Question Possible Answers
What is destiny? Destiny is something that...
  • Is immutable.
  • One forges for oneself.
  • Is unknowable.
Does the accomplishment of a goal require sacrifice and hardship? Do goals require sacrifice?
  • Not if you think hard enough.
  • Occasionally.
  • Absolutely.
You hold in your hands a forbidden scroll. Reading it will bring you untold wisdom, but cost all that you own. Do you...
  • Read the scroll?
  • Throw the scroll away?
  • Burn the scroll?
If the loss of one life would save ten thousand, would you offer yourself without hesitation? Offer yourself?
  • Offer another...
  • I have no such courage.
  • Without hesitation.
Would you choose a tumultuous life where fame or fortune were attainable, or a tranquil life where both were forever beyond your reach? Which do you choose?
  • A chaotic life.
  • A tranquil life.
  • A mix of both.
You stand on the precipice between life and death. Would you choose to live life as a beast if it would save you from falling into the shadowy abyss of the underworld? What do you do?
  • If it keeps me from dying...
  • Fall, and keep my humanity.
  • Embrace life as a beast.
A companion in battle turns against you, raising a weapon to attack. Do you...
  • Brace for the blow?
  • Try to reason with him?
  • Cut him down?
A loved one is afflicted with a terrible illness and has little time left to live. You are asked to end that life by your own hand. Do you...
  • Seek a cure?
  • Leave the world together?
  • Grant the request?
You are in the midst of a fierce battle. The enemy lying at your feet was once a friend. His breath is ragged and weak. Do you...
  • Tend to his wounds?
  • End his pain?
  • Ignore your old friend?
A superior to whom you owe a great debt orders you to act in a way that violates your sense of justice. Do you...
  • Try to remove him from power?
  • Carry out the order?
  • Follow your sense of justice?
Question Possible Answers

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