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Jailer of Temperance [NM]
Level: 85
Zone: Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi
Job: Samurai
Family: Zdei
Behavior for Jailer of Temperance:
  • Aggressive
  • Not Linking
  • True Sight
Total Spawn Points: 1
Comments for Jailer of Temperance:
  • Spawns immediately after Eo'zdei are killed, but only from the Eo'zdei that are in the small rooms with alcoves at H-4, C-8, L-8, J-13, and F-13 of the ground level map. It will despawn if not engaged, after 5 minutes.
  • Item Drops: The Temperance Axe drops 100% of the time.
  • Around 22000HP
  • Special Attacks: More powerful versions of Zdei standard attacks; Meikyo Shisui (multiple times); changes damage immunity regularly
  • Resists & Immunities: It can be affected by Flash, Gravity, Burn, Choke, Drown, Frost, Rasp, Shock, Poison, Bio/Dia. It is immune or extremely resistant to (from either elemental magic or Ninjutsu) Blindness, Elegy, Paralyze, Requiem, Slow.
  • Damage Taken: It is entirely immune to elemental damage (Black Magic or Ninjutsu). It is immune to all except one specific type of physical damage, at a time; the type of physical damage that can be used on it changes periodically throughout the fight. This can be seen by the changes in the rings and poles that all Zdei mobs have. When horizontal rings are out, only Slashing damage is effective (Axe, Katana, Great Axe, Great Katana, Great Sword, Scythe, Sword.) When the vertical poles are out, only Piercing damage is effective (Archery, Dagger, Marksmanship, Polearm, Shuriken.) When neither is out and it is blank, only Blunt damage is effective (Club, Hand-to-Hand, Staff.)
  • Fight Strategy:
    • Tanking: This can be straight tanked, by either a Paladin or Ninja; the specs can occasionally get powerful, but aren't generally a problem with attentive healers. If necessary, it is easy to kite around; it moves at standard mob speed.
    • Doing Damage: Melee who are skilled in multiple types of weapons are most useful for this NM; it is easy to switch between weapons to constantly do damage on it, for such characters. Other melee will only be useful part of the time; given the AOE specs, it is important for anyone not doing damage to stay away from the NM. Summoners can work well here, switching the avatar used based on the NM's weakness: use Garuda for Slashing damage, Titan for Blunt damage, and Leviathan for Piercing damage.
    • Special Care: The AOE silence spec (Reactor Overload) can be annoying to deal with, as well as the frontal cone damage and petrify (Optic Induration); fast status cures are necessary for these. The main issue with this fight is having enough melee that can do different types of damage to take down the NM; if you don't have one particular type of damage, the NM can sit with only taking that type for a very long time. Be sure to bring well-skilled melee, and it's a fairly simple fight.
Dropped from Jailer of Temperance:

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