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Jailer of Prudence [NM]
Level: Unknown
Zone: Al'Taieu
Family: Hpemde
Behavior for Jailer of Prudence:
  • Aggressive
  • Not Linking
  • True Sight
Total Spawn Points: 2
Comments for Jailer of Prudence:
  • Spawned by trading a Third Virtue, Deed of Sensibility, and High-Quality Hpemde Organ to the ??? at L-8; all three items are traded at one time to spawn the NMs. Two copies of this NM spawn at the same time.
  • Item Drops: The Prudence Rod drops 100% of the time.
  • Around 12000HP each
  • Killable by: 20+ level 75 characters if one is kited; 30+ level 75 characters to kill both at the same time.
  • Special Attacks: Perfect Dodge (multiple times); more powerful versions of Hpemde standard attacks: Ichor Stream (frontal cone poison), Temporal Shift (AOE stun), Tail Thrust (~350 damage and Paralyze on tank), Sinuate Rush (AOE high damage, can be absorbed with 2-3 Utsusemi shadows), Rapid Molt (removes 1 debuff, if no debuffs are on it will add a Regen effect)
  • Resists & Immunities: It can be affected by Burn, Choke, Frost, Shock, although even these will be resisted. It is immune or extremely resistant to (from either elemental magic or Ninjutsu) Blindness, Bind, Gravity, Paralyze, Poison, Slow, Stun.
  • Damage Taken: All types of damage work decently; because of the regular use of Perfect Dodge, melee have a very limited window in which to do damage.
  • Fight Strategy:
    • Double Trouble: Two copies of the Jailer of Prudence load together; only one is automatically claimed to the character that spawned them. They start off with having a strange shared hate, although that can be overcome by doing damage to them. When they are close together, they will do the same special attack at the same time. The first one that is killed will never drop any item; all item drops come from the second one. Most importantly, once the first one is killed, the second one becomes much more powerful in all of it's attacks. One strategy for dealing with this duo is to carefully kite one while the other is taken to nearly dead; then kite the nearly dead one while beating down the other, and try to get them both killed simultaneously. If enough characters are brought to the fight to make two solid alliances, one alliance can be assigned to each one, killing them far enough apart from each other so that they don't do their special attacks at the same time.
    • Tanking: This is a difficult mob to tank, either as a Paladin or Ninja. It hits tanks for 150-180 per hit, and swings fairly quickly; non-tanks can take over 250 per hit. With the addition of special attacks that can paralyze, or stun, it becomes quite dangerous. However this is tanked, having multiple healers on the tank is key, and making sure that the healers stay far enough away that they won't be stunned by Temporal Shift.
    • Kiting: This is an extremely odd NM to kite. When a Jailer of Prudence has aggro on a character too far out of range from it, the NM will disappear and warp directly to that character. This means that kiters have to be close enough to keep the NM from warping, but still staying outside of melee range so that it can't hurt them. A character with +12% Movement Speed or better can easily stay at the proper distance, especially if kiting the NM around the island southwest of the spawn point. Note that with the odd hate these NMs have when they are spawned, a character will not be able to just Provoke and pull one of them away; it seems to require actual damage to get the attention of one of the copies, before it will be pulled away from the other.
    • Doing Damage: Given how often Perfect Dodge is used by this NM, melee jobs have a difficult time doing much damage; if one NM is killed completely before the other, the second one seems to not use Perfect Dodge as much. Ranged Attacks and Black Mage elemental damage work the best on both, along with Chi Blast and any other ranged damage, to stay away from the AOE specs. Given the relatively low HP of each NM, either can be taken down quickly if handled carefully.
    • Special Care: Everything about this fight requires special care; it is a fight where the setup time can be longer than the fight itself, if you are strong enough to quickly win. The first order of business is to get the two NM copies separated from each other, so they don't spam their specs next to each other and wipe you out; whoever is pulling the second mob away generally needs to do damage to it, as a simple Provoke or other non-damaging aggro action is often not enough. It is straightforward, but extremely dangerous, to kill the first one entirely and then move on to the second one; if doing that, make sure you have many healers, or multiple Paladins who can chain Invincible after each other, to keep alive during the extra-strong second copy. With enough people (30+ to be able to split into two solid alliances), these can be safely claimed by two different alliances and killed simultaneously, apart from each other.
Dropped from Jailer of Prudence:

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