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ENM: Automaton Assault
Description: This ENM must be entered by characters who are all the same race. Four Automatons will appear and must all be defeated; there is one Automaton each of the four other races than the player characters. They attack individually, but once the HP hits 20% the currently activated Automaton, the next one will activate. As a rule, the Hume Automaton is the first one in the chain, with the rest following in the order: Hume -> Elvaan -> Tarutaru -> Mithra -> Galka.

Item Rewards: The Lugworm Sand is the only item that drops much, although even it isn't common. There is a tiny chance of a load of one of the race-specific earrings, appropriate for the race of the three characters who win.
Time Limit: 15 minutes
Recommended Members: 3
Level Limit: 60
Zone: Mine Shaft #2716
Experience Rewarded: 2000
Strategies: All of the Automatons use Great Swords, and use the Great Sword weaponskills up to Crescent Moon. The Shockwave weaponskill is especially dangerous, since it is an area sleep; Poison Potions are useful to prevent being slept by this. The Hume and Tarutaru Automatons casts many area damage spells, which can be deadly. All the Automatons have around 3000HP.

Each racial Automaton has different weaknesses to certain spells or skills, and is resistant to other types of damage:
-- Hume Automaton: Weak to TP-based damage (Weaponskills, Blue Mage spells, etc.).
-- Elvaan Automaton: Not weak to anything, takes regular damage.
-- Tarutaru Automaton: Weak to physical damage.
-- Mithra Automaton: Weak to Ranged Attack damage.
-- Galka Automaton: Weak to damage from magic spells (over 800 damage from an Aero III), including Black Magic elemental magic, Ninjutsu damage, and Blue Mage magic.

Pulling the first Automaton far down the hall to fight is recommended; this provides extra time to defeat each one, when the next one is activated.
ENM Overview: Final Fantasy XI Empty Notorious Monster (ENM) Guide
Lugworm SandBelinky's EarringQuantz's Earring
Desamilion EarringMelnina's EarringWaetoto's Earring
Morukaka EarringRyakho's EarringFeyuh's Earring
Zedoma's EarringGayanj's Earring
Elvaan Automaton x 1Humanoid
Galkan Automaton x 1Humanoid
Hume Automaton x 1Black MageHumanoid
Mithran Automaton x 1Humanoid
Tarutaru Automaton x 1Black MageHumanoid

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Nadesco,
ok i just beat this one and have a few tips for anyone wanting to do this ENM.<br /> <br /> Frist if your after EXP from this ENM go find a better one lol. EXP is only 2k witth 3 poeple. not worth the gil or work<br /> <br /> Now if u want the earrings the drop rate is not to good but there nice earrings.<br /> u can take up to 6 poeple into the fight and if your after the items i would take 4-6 in.<br /> good setup is pld blm rdm/whm (for healing) rng or cor and a good DD or 2 (war mnk drk sam). <br /> A sam/rng is a big help with both the hume and mithra just get TP and unload.<br /> Run back down the path only about half way if u got 4-6 poeple so it's doesn't take them to long to get to where your at.<br /> Gear is not that big of a deal in this one AF and cheap 60 stuff will work.

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