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Jailer of Justice [NM]
Level: 85
Zone: Al'Taieu
Job: Beastmaster
Family: Xzomit
Is Followed and Assisted By: Qn'xzomit
Behavior for Jailer of Justice:
  • Aggressive
  • Not Linking
  • True Sight
Total Spawn Points: 1
Comments for Jailer of Justice:
  • Spawned by trading a Second Virtue, Deed of Moderation, and High-Quality Xzomit Organ to the ??? at F-11; all three items are traded at one time to spawn the NM.
  • Item Drops: The Justice Sword drops 100% of the time.
  • Around 32000HP
  • Killable by: 20+ level 75 characters (including at least 4 Black Mages)
  • Special Attacks -- mainly more powerful versions of standard Xzomit attacks: Molluscous Mutation (physical defense boost); Dual Strike (~170HP damage attack on tank); Mantle Pierce (~350HP damage attack on tank); Ink Cloud (AOE Blind); Saline Coat (magic defense boost); Siphon Discharge (100-200HP frontal cone damage); Charm multiple times, and the Charm effect can last over 3 minutes long; Familiar
  • Resists & Immunities: It can be affected by Slow. It is immune or extremely resistant to (from either elemental magic or Ninjutsu) Gravity, Poison, Blindness, Frost.
  • Damage Taken: All physical damage works well, and Chi Blasts do excellent damage; elemental Black Mage magic damage is unknown on the Jailer itself.
  • Fight Strategy:
    • Tanking: Straight tanking is fine, either by a Ninja or Paladin; Slow regularly sticks, so a WAR/NIN can also do well. The Jailer does melee damage of ~150-250 per hit on tanks, at a fairly slow hit rate. Having multiple tanks along is highly recommended, since there is a good chance that the main tank will be Charmed at some point during the fight. Note: the nearby Xzomit mobs do not link with either the Jailer or Qn'xzomit pets.
    • Doing Damage: It is unknown how well Black Mage damage works on the Jailer, as they are generally busy taking care of the Qn'xzomit spawn. All other types of damage is fine on the Jailer; melee damage, Ranged Attacks, and Chi Blast all works well.
    • Qn'xzomit Pets: The Jailer of Justice will silently summon a single Qn'xzomit pet approximately every 30-45 seconds; when these spawn they are not claimed. Up to 6 Qn'xzomit can be out at once. These smaller Xzomit NMs have around 1500HP each, and will do a Mijin Gakure attack at around 25-30% health. The best way to deal with these is to have a separate party, with at least 4 Black Mages and supporting refreshers, to nuke the Qn'xzomit quickly. A single Thunder IV or Blizzard IV from a level 75 Black Mage will take a Qn'xzomit to low enough HP that it will then Mijin Gakure. When possible, it is better to do a smaller damage spell that first reduces the Qn'xzomit's HPs to around 60-70%, then a large damage spell that kills it before it can do the special attack. This can be repeated by the Black Mage group until the end of the Jailer of Justice fight.
    • Special Care: The primary difficulty in this fight are the constant Qn'xzomit spawns; if those are taken care of fully by a Black Mage party, it becomes much easier. The occasional Charm from the Jailer of Justice on the main tank can add some difficulty, but if the charmed character is quickly slept and another tank steps in, this doesn't pose much risk. Another key area here are the buffs that the Jailer often puts up; at least one Red Mage or Bard needs to focus solely on dispelling those, or the fight will take considerably longer. The last area of concern is the Ink Cloud AOE blind spec; this seems to be a high-powered Blind, although not as powerful as Flash -- having a large supply of Eye Drops on the melee and Ranged Attack jobs is helpful, if there aren't enough casters in the alliance to quickly cast Blindna.
Dropped from Jailer of Justice:

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