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Ix'aern (MNK) [NM]
Level: 80
Zone: Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi
Job: Monk
Family: Aern
Is Followed and Assisted By: Qn'aern
Behavior for Ix'aern (MNK):
  • Aggressive
  • Linking
  • True Sight
Total Spawn Points: 1
Comments for Ix'aern (MNK):
  • Spawned by trading either 1, 2, or 3 copies of High-Quality Aern Organ together to the ???, that can spawn at either I-7 or G-7 in the basement level of the zone. The amount of organs traded controls whether the NM will spawn with pets, and the items drop rate.
  • Around 9000HP
  • Special Attacks: More powerful versions of Aern standard attacks; Hundred Fists; hits very quickly, especially once the standard Aern "bracelets" are on; does ~100 damage per hit to a Paladin.
  • Resists & Immunities: It can be affected by Poison. It is immune or extremely resistant to (from either elemental magic or Ninjutsu) Blindness, Gravity, Stun.
  • Damage Taken: Ranged Attacks seem to work best; it has 50% reduction in elemental magic damage, and it is hard to melee, as it is kited.
  • Fight Strategy:
    • Tanking: It is recommended that this be pulled to one of the Ebon Panel room, and kited around the area there; the other Aern around the area will link with it, so care must be taken. It moves at faster than normal speed, and using a Ninja at night is very helpful to stay ahead of it. Alternately, if the kiter cuts through the middle at the right time, it will take the NM long enough to go around that it can be kited safely.
    • Doing Damage: With this kited, ranged damage is key; Rangers do very well here both for damage and with Shadowbind, to recover if the kiter has problems. Black Mages can do some damage, along with attacks such as Chi Blast. Melee damage can work, but is difficult to pull off; given the low HP of the NM, it is usually not necessary.
    • Optional Difficulty: This is a strange NM in how it is spawned, in that you can choose how difficult you want the fight to be. If you trade just 1 H.Q., only the Ix'aern itself will spawn. When two are traded, it spawns with a single Qn'aern assistants (usually a Red Mage); if three are traded, it spawns with two Qn'aerns (a Red Mage, and White Mage.) The bonus from doing it the harder way, with the assistants, is that there seem to be a higher chance of items dropping from those Ix'aern; the more difficult the fight, the higher the chance of rewards. The Qn'aerns are immune to Sleep and Silence, making it necessary to kite them around and kill individually. They do use their respective 2-hour abilities (Chainspell and Benediction); it may be possible for them to use it multiple times, if not defeated quickly enough.
    • Special Care: Apart from the optional (but recommended) Qn'aern, the most difficult part of this fight is simply the massive melee damage that the Ix'aern can do. It is crucial that nobody grab hate from the kiter, as they will likely die in short order if they do. With a decent amount of ranged damage along, the actual Ix'aern itself can be a fairly simple fight.
Dropped from Ix'aern (MNK):

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Rooks,
The two-organ version of this is trivial to tank with a PLD Phalanx II/Noctoshield, and need not be kited.

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