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Site Updates - April 17, 2006 (Pre-patch)
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Apr 17th, 2006 07:28 pm EDT
[Update Tuesday April 18, 12:35PM EDT: The database is being updated to handle the new jobs and other changes; the site may experience sporadic slow-downs today as it is tweaked.]

Major updates to the recipes make up the bulk of these pre-patch updates. As always, we will be putting up a patch Compilation of Info later this evening, as details are available.
  • Crafting recipes were updated in a number of ways. (Note: These updates have been finished for the recipes in the Alchemy, Bonecraft, Clothcraft, Cooking, Goldsmithing, and Leathercrafting guilds. The Smithing and Woodworking recipes will be updated later this week, to complete the process.)
    • The recipe skill caps were double-checked against the info available from the guild recipe lists in-game. A number of recipe caps were adjusted accordingly.
    • Guild Point info has been added! All known Guild Point data was added to the recipes, displaying how many Guild Points are given per item, the maximum Guild Points for a particular item, and the corresponding amount of items that are required to meet the maximum. Some information is still needed or needs to be verified; see the related forum topic for details.
    • A number of food items have been updated further with food effects data; the Food Guide has been updated accordingly.
  • All new and updated recipes now reflect the crafting rank required for the recipe. For subskills, there are times when the precise skill cap isn't known, but the skill rank for the subskill is. In those instances, the required skill rank will be listed for the subskill, so that at least the general range is known. See the Cursed Schaller recipe for an example. This reverses an earlier change to the recipe caps, to try to display the most accurate and useful recipe data.
  • The recipe search has a new option: Main Guild Recipes Only. This option restricts recipe searches to only recipes that have the selected guild as the main guild. For example, you can see the difference in the synthesis Goldsmithing recipes list that has Main Guild Recipes Only, and the list of all synthesis Goldsmithing recipes. This should make it easier for crafters to find the recipes that they need, to skill up.
  • Synthesis recipes that have the exact same results for NQ and HQ, are now marked clearly as such.
  • A number of other small display tweaks were made to the recipes display, to make it easier to view.

Items Updated: Bronze Harness +1, Bronze Harness, Solid Finger Gauntlets, Scale Finger Gauntlets, Bronze Mace, Xiphos +1, Xiphos, Bronze Zaghnal, Bronze Sword, Bronze Knuckles, Bronze Knife +1, Bronze Knife, Bronze Dagger, Tiger Mask, Bachelor Vest, Cardinal Vest, Errant Pigaches, Bison Wristbands, Ogre Jerkin, Koenigs Belt, Barone Cosciales, Ogre Gloves, Ogre Mask, Torama Mask, Coeurl Mask, Ogre Ledelsens, Coeurl Mantle, Ogre Trousers, Black Mantle +1, Black Mantle, Tiger Gloves, Silk Pumps, Feral Mantle, Tiger Mantle, Feral Trousers, Tiger Trousers, Battle Hose +1, Battle Hose, Coeurl Cesti, Ovinnik Leather, Swordbelt +1, Swordbelt, Beak Jerkin +1, Beak Jerkin, Beak Gloves +1, Beak Gloves, Beak Helm +1, Beak Helm, Battle Boots +1, Battle Boots, Beak Ledelsens +1, Beak Ledelsens, Beak Trousers +1, Beak Trousers, Beak Mantle +1, Beak Mantle, Tiger Ring, Hard Leather Ring, Dino Gloves, Raptor Gloves, Desert Boots +1, Desert Boots, Dino Helm, Raptor Helm, Dino Ledelsens, Raptor Ledelsens, Dino Trousers, Raptor Trousers, Dino Mantle, Raptor Mantle, Himantes +1, Himantes, Leather Shield +1, Leather Shield, Ram Mantle +1, Ram Mantle, Corsette +1, Corsette, Cuir Bouilli +1, Cuir Bouilli, Rider's Jack Coat, Chocobo Jack Coat, Cuir Trousers +1, Cuir Trousers, Waistbelt +1, Waistbelt, Cuir Highboots +1, Cuir Highboots, Brave Belt, Barbarian's Belt, Mist Pumps, Cuir Gloves +1, Cuir Gloves, Wolf Gorget +1, Wolf Gorget, Magic Belt +1, Magic Belt, Leather Gorget +1, Leather Gorget, Shoes +1, Shoes, Wolf Mantle +1, Wolf Mantle, Strong Vest, Studded Vest, Rider's Boots, Chocobo Boots, Mage's Sandals, Sandals, Dhalmel Mantle +1, Dhalmel Mantle, Strong Gloves, Studded Gloves, Warrior's Belt +1, Warrior's Belt, Strong Bandana, Studded Bandana, Rider's Gloves, Chocobo Gloves, Leather Ring +1, Leather Ring, Angler's Boots, Fisherman's Boots, Fine Jerkin, Lizard Jerkin, Burning Cesti, Lizard Cesti, Lizard Helm +1, Lizard Helm, Angler's Gloves, Fisherman's Gloves, Lizard Mantle +1, Lizard Mantle, Leather Belt, Lizard Belt, Solea +1, Solea, Leather Vest +1, Leather Vest, Leather Gloves, Rabbit Mantle +1, Rabbit Mantle, Leather Highboots +1, Leather Highboots, Nomad's Boots, Vagabond's Boots, Leather Bandana +1, Leather Bandana, Nomad's Gloves, Vagabond's Gloves, Cesti, Brisingamen, Verdun, Kaiser Shield, Koenig Shield, Orichalcum Ring, Muscle Belt, Orichalcum Earring, Jeweled Collar, Diamond Shield, Kazaridachi, Platinum Bangles, Epee, Platinum Mace, Golden Spear, Jagdplaute +1, Jagdplaute, Gold Buckler, Diamond Knuckles, Gold Patas, Ashura, Chamomile, Moonring Blade, Gilt Sabatons, Gold Sabatons, Gold Sword +1, Gold Sword, Gold Cuisses, Platinum Ring, Gold Bangles +1, Gold Bangles, Mailbreaker +1, Mailbreaker, Mythril Breastplate, Mythril Gauntlets +1, Mythril Gauntlets, Mythril Leggings +1, Mythril Leggings, Mythril Cuisses +1, Mythril Cuisses, Spark Kris +1, Spark Kris, Gold Ring, Melody Earring, Gold Earring +1, Gold Earring, Noble's Gorget, Mythril Gorget, Heater Shield, Mythril Degen +1, Mythril Degen, Wingedge +1, Wingedge, Silver Bangles +1, Silver Bangles, Buckler +1, Buckler, Banded Helm +1, Banded Helm, Mythril Ring +1, Mythril Ring, Sollerets +1, Sollerets, Silver Mail +1, Silver Mail, Fine Baselard, Mythril Baselard, Mythril Earring, Silver Mittens +1, Silver Mittens, Red Choker, Chain Choker, Silver Mask +1, Silver Mask, Fine Gorget, Chain Gorget, Spark Bilbo +1, Spark Bilbo, Chain Belt +1, Chain Belt, Brass Cuisses, Spark Spear +1, Spark Spear, Brass Finger Gauntlets +1, Brass Finger Gauntlets, Brass Mask +1, Brass Mask, Silver Hairpin +1, Silver Hairpin, Silver Belt +1, Silver Belt, Brass Hammer +1, Brass Hammer, Brass Rod +1, Brass Rod, Silver Earring +1, Silver Earring, Sage's Circlet, Poet's Circlet, Brass Harness +1, Brass Harness, Brass Hairpin +1, Brass Hairpin, Brass Baghnakhs +1, Brass Baghnakhs, Brass Zaghnal +1, Brass Zaghnal, Brass Ring +1, Brass Ring, Brass Knuckles +1, Brass Knuckles, Brass Dagger +1, Brass Dagger, Brass Axe +1, Brass Axe, Brass Cap +1, Brass Cap, Sapara +1, Sapara, Copper Hairpin +1, Copper Hairpin, Copper Ring +1, Copper Ring, Cursed Beverage, Sweet Rice Cake, Dragon Soup, Sea Bass Croute, Arrabbiato, Sophic Stew, Brain Stew, Rice Dumpling, Deathball, Potion Voucher, Black Curry, Flounder Meuniere +1, Flounder Meuniere, Leremieu Salad, Tavnazian Salad, Salmon Croute, Imperial Omelette, Royal Omelette, Dusky Indulgence, Royal Sautee, Coeurl Sautee, Seafood Stew, Boscaiola +1, Boscaiola, Witch Stew, Mushroom Stew, Sea Spray Risotto, Bream Risotto, Pescatora +1, Pescatora, Bass Meuniere +1, Bass Meuniere, Steamed Catfish, Ocean Soup, Shark Fin Soup, Gold Ore, Shallops Tropicale, Herb Crawler Eggs, Tender Navarin, Navarin, Bunny Ball, Rarab Meatball, Dhalmel Pie +1, Dhalmel Pie, Witch Risotto, Mushroom Risotto, Friture Misareaux, Fish & Chips, Salmon Meuniere, Salmon Meuniere +1, Boiled Cockatrice, Stamina Soup, Turtle Soup, Wild Stew, Dhalmel Stew, Royal Tea, San d'Orian Tea, Mutton Enchilada, Mutton Tortilla, Herb Quus, Medicinal Quus, Ikra Gunkan +1, Ikra Gunkan, Raisin Bread, Nero di Seppia +1, Nero di Seppia, Party Egg, Colored Egg, Sub-Zero Gelato, Snoll Gelato, Tentacle Sushi +1, Tentacle Sushi, Bataquiche +1, Bataquiche, Carbonara +1, Carbonara, Opo-opo Tart, Pamama Tart, Monastic Sautee, Beaugreen Sautee, Humpty Soup, Egg Soup, Snowy Rolanberry, Icecap Rolanberry, Broiled Eel, Eel Kabob, Concoction, Salty Bretzel, Bretzel, Fish Chiefkabob, Fish Mithkabob, Apple Pie +1, Apple Pie, Coin Cookie, Cinna-cookie, Vongole Rosso +1, Viking Herring, Pickled Herring, Sunset Soup, Tomato Soup, Timbre Timbers Salad, Windurst Salad, Bison Jerky, Buffalo Jerky, Witch Soup, Mushroom Soup, Steel Bread, Iron Bread, Pumpernickel, Black Bread, Cinnamon, Kitron, Buttered Nebimonite, Nebimonite Bake, Wild Cookie, Acorn Cookie, Broiled Trout, Roast Trout, Smoked Salmon, Wild Steak, Dhalmel Steak, Pomodoro Sauce, Steamed Crab, Boiled Crab, Sheep Jerky, Meat Jerky, Vegetable Broth, Vegetable Soup, Delicious Puls, Puls, Salsa, Sweet Baked Apple, Baked Apple, Pipin' Hot Popoto, Baked Popoto, Broiled Carp, Roast Carp, Emerald Soup, Pea Soup, Juicy Mutton, Roast Mutton, Tortilla Bueno, Tortilla, Steamed Crayfish, Boiled Crayfish, Ilm-long Sub, Salmon Sub, Grilled Corn, Roasted Corn, Errant Cuffs, Rasetsu Hakama, Tarutaru Sash, Errant Slops, Errant Hat, Rasetsu Jinpachi, Rainbow Obi, Arhat's Hakama, Arhat's Tekko, Prism Headband, Rainbow Headband, Noble's Slacks, Noble's Mitts, Arhat's Sune-Ate, Arhat's Jinpachi, Shinobi Hakama, Silk Cloak +1, Silk Cloak, Green Beret +1, Green Beret, Shinobi Tekko, Silk Mitts +1, Silk Mitts, Jester's Cape, Shinobi Kyahan +1, Shinobi Kyahan, Silk Headband +1, Silk Headband, Silk Coat +1, Silk Coat, Wool Doublet +1, Wool Doublet, Silk Slops +1, Silk Slops, White Cloak, Green Ribbon +1, Green Ribbon, White Slacks +1, White Slacks, Mage's Mitts, Black Mitts, Red Cape, Mage's Cuffs, Velvet Cuffs, Mage's Robe, Velvet Robe, Linen Doublet, Black Cape +1, Black Cape, Noble's Ribbon, Scarlet Ribbon, Mage's Slacks, Black Slacks, Silver Obi +1, Silver Obi, Wool Hose +1, Wool Hose, Wool Socks +1, Wool Socks, Wool Bracers +1, Wool Bracers, Wool Cap +1, Wool Cap, Wool Robe +1, Wool Robe, Hemp Gorget +1, Hemp Gorget, Wool Slops +1, Wool Slops, Wool Cuffs +1, Wool Cuffs, Mist Tunic, Mist Slacks, Mist Mitts, Soil Sitabaki +1, Soil Sitabaki, Soil Kyahan +1, Soil Kyahan, Cloak +1, Cloak, Soil Tekko +1, Soil Tekko, Soil Hachimaki +1, Soil Hachimaki, Gambison +1, Gambison, Cotton Dogi +1, Cotton Dogi, Linen Robe +1, Linen Robe, Heko Obi +1, Heko Obi, Carnation, Cotton Kyahan +1, Cotton Kyahan, Linen Cuffs +1, Linen Cuffs, Cotton Tekko +1, Cotton Tekko, Cotton Hachimaki +1, Cotton Hachimaki, Great Doublet, Cotton Doublet, Kenpogi +1, Kenpogi, Cotton Cape +1, Cotton Cape, Tunic +1, Tunic, Robe, Nomad's Tunica, Vagabond's Tunica, Cuffs, Tekko +1, Tekko, Nomad's Hose, Vagabond's Hose, Doublet +1, Doublet, Brais +1, Brais, Cape +1, Cape, Gaiters +1, Gaiters, Gloves +1, Gloves, Headgear +1, Headgear, Sacred Branch, Scorpion Breastplate, Gavial Finger Gauntlets, Scorpion Helm, Scorpion Gauntlets, Carapace Breastplate +1, Carapace Breastplate, Carapace Helm, Carapace Gauntlets, Demon Helm, Coral Sword, Merman's Bangles, Coral Bangles, Dragon Mask, Dragon Greaves, Dragon Finger Gauntlets +1, Coral Earring, Dragon Cuisses, Darksteel Shield, Feral Fangs, Tigerfangs, Merman's Gorget, Coral Gorget, Coral Cap, Merman's Hairpin, Coral Hairpin, Coral Visor +1, Coral Visor, Coral Mittens, Coral Cuisses, Hornet Fleuret, Bone Patas +1, Bone Patas, Scorpion Subligar +1, Scorpion Subligar, Crumhorn +1, Crumhorn, Scorpion Leggings +1, Scorpion Leggings, Scorpion Mask +1, Scorpion Mask, Scorpion Mittens +1, Scorpion Mittens, Pirate's Gun, Spike Earring, Fang Earring, Beetle Knife +1, Beetle Knife, Bone Scythe +1, Bone Scythe, Blood Stone, Tortoise Earring, Turtle Bangles +1, Turtle Bangles, Shell Hairpin +1, Shell Hairpin, Bandit's Gun +1, Bandit's Gun, Bone Rod +1, Bone Rod, Blue Gorget, Carapace Gorget, Carapace Subligar +1, Carapace Subligar, Horn +1, Horn, Carapace Leggings +1, Carapace Leggings, Carapace Mask +1, Carapace Mask, Carapace Mittens +1, Carapace Mittens, Carapace Ring +1, Carapace Ring, Bone Knife +1, Bone Knife, Shade Leggings, Bone Cudgel +1, Bone Cudgel, Horn Ring +1, Horn Ring, Beetle Harness +1, Beetle Harness, Turtle Shield +1, Turtle Shield, Beetle Subligar +1, Beetle Subligar, Beetle Leggings +1, Beetle Leggings, Green Gorget, Beetle Gorget, Beetle Mittens +1, Beetle Mittens, Horn Hairpin +1, Horn Hairpin, Bone Harness +1, Bone Harness, Gemshorn +1, Gemshorn, Bone Subligar +1, Bone Subligar, Bone Pick +1, Bone Pick, Bone Leggings +1, Bone Leggings, Bone Axe +1, Bone Axe, Bone Mittens +1, Bone Mittens, Bone Mask +1, Bone Mask, Bone Ring +1, Bone Ring, Spike Necklace, Fang Necklace, Bone Earring +1, Bone Earring, Cat Baghnakhs +1, Cat Baghnakhs, Shell Ring +1, Shell Ring, Shell Powder, Bone Hairpin +1, Bone Hairpin, Shell Earring +1, Shell Earring, Cantarella, Panacea, Ice Shield, Vitality Potion, Strength Potion, Mind Potion, Intelligence Potion, Dexterity Potion, Charisma Potion, Agility Potion, Stun Jamadhar, Bloody Sword, Venom Kris, Stun Kukri, Carnage Rapier, Bloody Rapier, Hakutaku Eye Cluster, Holy Lance, Holy Lance +1, Stun Claws +1, Stun Claws, Holy Wand +1, Holy Wand, Holy Shield, Jamadhars +1, Jamadhars, Cermet Kukri, Venom Kukri +1, Venom Kukri, Venom Baselard +1, Venom Baselard, Cutlass, Venom Claws +1, Venom Claws, Holy Maul +1, Holy Maul, Saber +1, Saber, Cermet Sword, Corrosive Kukri, Acid Kukri, Hanger, Divine Sword +1, Divine Sword, Cermet Claws +1, Cermet Claws, Cermet Knife +1, Cermet Knife, Corrosive Baselard, Acid Baselard, Hi-Potion Drop, Homura +1, Homura, Holy Degen +1, Holy Degen, Yoto +1, Yoto, Holy Mace +1, Holy Mace, Holy Sword +1, Holy Sword, Ether Tank, Corrosive Claws, Acid Claws, Corrosive Knife, Acid Knife, Flame Sword, Fire Sword, Corrosive Dagger, Acid Dagger, Potion Tank, Burning Claymore, Flame Claymore, Poison Katars +1, Poison Katars, Hellfire Axe, Inferno Axe, Bokuto +1, Bokuto, Ouka Ranman, Potion Drop, Hellfire Sword, Inferno Sword, Poison Claws +1, Poison Claws, Poison Baghnakhs +1, Poison Baghnakhs, Blind Knife +1, Blind Knife, Poison Cesti +1, Poison Cesti, Busuto +1, Busuto, Blind Dagger +1, Blind Dagger, Poison Kukri +1, Poison Kukri, Eye Drops, Twinkle Shower, Python Baselard, Poison Baselard, Poison Knife +1, Poison Knife, Mokuto +1, Mokuto, Poison Dagger +1, Poison Dagger, Echo Drops, Poison Potion, Silence Baghnakhs +1, Silence Baghnakhs, Mercury, Cracker, Bee Spatha +1, Bee Spatha, Silence Dagger +1, Silence Dagger, Deodorizer, Wax Sword +1, Wax Sword, Silencing Potion, Water Tank, Beeswax, Antidote, Zoolater Hat, Adventuring Certificate, Chocobo Wand, Persikos, Dark Crystal, Little Worm, Vitriol, Wisdom Soup, Z Egg, Y Egg, X Egg, W Egg, V Egg, U Egg, T Egg, S Egg, R Egg, Q Egg, P Egg, O Egg, N Egg, M Egg, L Egg, K Egg, J Egg, I Egg, H Egg, G Egg, F Egg, E Egg, D Egg, C Egg, B Egg, A Egg, Moogle Pie, Moogle Rod, Goobbue Humus, Pebble Soup, Albatross Ring, Penguin Ring, Mhaura Garlic, Nodachi, Windurstian Tea Leaves, Pet Food Zeta Biscuit, Pet Food Gamma Biscuit, Pet Food Epsilon Biscuit, Pet Food Delta Biscuit, Pet Food Beta Biscuit, Pet Food Alpha Biscuit, Old Bullet Box, Old Bolt Box, Old Quiver

NPCs Updated: Cherlodeau, Pomilla, Halver, Phairupegiont, Giaunne, Deraquien, Blendare, Authere, Akamafula

Mobs Updated: Weeping Willow, King Arthro, Pallas, Gigas Bonecutter, Gigas's Bats, Goblin's Bat, Goblin Trader, Goblin's Leech, Gigas's Tiger, Ungur, Starmite, Grand Duke Batym, Azren Kuba, Gazer, Stegotaur, Bugbear Matman, Caithleann, Lobais, Luaith, Balor, Indich, Edacious Opo-opo, Bisque-heeled Sunberry, Woodland Sage, Vepar, Fire Elemental, Puroboros, Tonberry Jinxer, Tonberry Chopper, Tonberry Shadower, Anemone, Tonberry Harasser, Tonberry Hexer, Goblin Trader, Goblin's Bee, Goblin Robber, Big Jaw, Worker Crawler, Young Opo-opo, Yhoator Wasp, White Lizard, Yhoator Mandragora, Bonnacon, Cwn Annwn, Kindred Summoner, Kindred Dark Knight, Kindred Black Mage, Kindred Warrior, King Buffalo, Smolenkos, Tyrannotaur, Brontotaur, Molech, Giant Buffalo, Mountain Worm, Esbat, Nival Raptor, Succubus Bats, Buffalo, Tarutaru Automaton, Hume Automaton, Gigas's Sheep, Gration, Ghoul, Juggler Hecatomb, Centurio X-I

Quests Updated: Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria), A Sentry's Peril

Spells Updated: Banishga II, Banish II, Banishga

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Pellet Belt, White Slacks, Shotel, Beetle Earring, Time Hammer, Harp

Recipes Updated: Bronze Harness, Bronze Scales, Bronze Zaghnal, Bronze Axe, Bronze Knuckles, Sickle, Bronze Subligar, Bronze Leggings, Bronze Ingot, Dusk Jerkin, Austere Robe, Bison Jacket, Austere Slops, Austere Cuffs, Sha'ir Gages, Opaline Boots, Bison Warbonnet, Bison Gamashes, Austere Hat, Sultan's Belt, Sha'ir Crackows, Pendragon's Belt, Maharaja's Belt, Czar's Belt, Chasuble, Orc Helm, Blue Cotehardie, Tiger Helm, Adargas, Silk Pumps, Tiger Ledelsens, Battle Hose, Spartan Hoplon, Pigaches, Black Cotehardie, White Mouton, Sheep Chammy, Premium Bag, Brigandine, Raptor Ledelsens, Laminated Buffalo Leather, Haste Belt, Tarasque Mitts, Powder Boots, Tough Belt, Samsonian Belt, Runner's Belt, Acrobat's Belt, Mist Pumps, Laminated Ram Leather, Invisible Mantle, Garish Pumps, Light Ram Leather, Healing Vest, Bloody Ram Leather, Caliginous Wolf Hide, Noct Brais, Tough Bugard Leather, Soft Bugard Leather, Rugged Bugard Leather, Glossy Bugard Leather, Tough Dhalmel Leather, Lugworm Belt, Little Worm Belt, Wolf Fur, Leather Pouch, Sheep Wool, Vivio Sheep Leather, Smooth Sheep Leather, Verdun, Cursed Cuirass, Koenig Shield, Blizzard Scythe, Cursed Schaller, Poseidon's Ring, Millionaire Desk, Cursed Handschuhs, Topaz Ring, Spinel Ring, Sapphire Ring, Ruby Ring, Emerald Ring, Diamond Ring, Death Ring, Angel's Ring, Cursed Schuhs, Cursed Diechlings, Regen Cuirass, Ponderous Lance, Orichalcum Dagger, Barone Zucchetto, Spirit Orichalcum, Messhikimaru, Frigid Orichalcum, Barone Gambieras, Orichalcum Ingot, Aqueous Orichalcum Ingot, Wind Bead, Water Bead, Ice Bead, Fire Bead, Lightning Bead, Light Bead, Earth Bead, Dark Bead, Topaz Earring, Spinel Earring, Sapphire Earring, Ruby Earring, Emerald Earring, Diamond Earring, Death Earring, Angel's Earring, Rapier, Stoneskin Torque, Diamond Knuckles, Gold Cuirass, Zircon Ring, Sun Ring, Painite Ring, Moon Ring, Jadeite Ring, Fluorite Ring, Chrysoberyl Ring, Aquamarine Ring, Shrimp Lantern, Gold Sabatons, Zircon Earring, Yellow Earring, Sun Earring, Purple Earring, Night Earring, Moon Earring, Green Earring, Aqua Earring, Vivio Platinum, Junior Musketeer's Chakram +1, Platinum Ingot, Gold Arrowheads, Wing Gorget, Chakram, Turquoise Ring, Sphene Ring, Peridot Ring, Pearl Ring, Goshenite Ring, Garnet Ring, Black Ring, Ametrine Ring, Bewitched Gold Ingot, Palmer's Bangles, Gold Ingot, Banded Mail, Breeches, Aluminum Ingot, Turquoise Earring, Sphene Earring, Peridot Earring, Pearl Earring, Goshenite Earring, Blood Earring, Black Earring, Ametrine Earring, Reraise Earring, Mythril Ingot, Spark Bilbo, Tourmaline Ring, Sardonyx Ring, Opal Ring, Clear Ring, Lapis Lazuli Ring, Onyx Ring, Amethyst Ring, Amber Ring, Poisona Ring, Spark Spear, Thief's Tools, Bastokan Circlet, Tourmaline Earring, Sardonyx Earring, Opal Earring, Onyx Earring, Lapis Lazuli Earring, Clear Earring, Amethyst Earring, Amber Earring, Rhodonite, Brass Tank, Silver Ingot, Brass Flowerpot, Brass Scales, Brass Ingot, Circlet, Copper Ring, Zinc Oxide, Copper Ingot, Cursed Soup, Red Curry, Cursed Beverage, Dragon Soup, Dragon Steak, Black Curry, Dorado Sushi, Flint Caviar, Persikos au Lait, Vampire Juice, Seafood Stew, Yellow Curry, Steamed Catfish, Boiled Tuna Head, Pamama au Lait, Shallops Tropicale, Herb Crawler Eggs, Whitefish Stew, Sopa Pez Blanco, Green Curry, Fish & Chips, Pear au Lait, Adamantoise Soup, Raisin Bread, Sausage Roll, Sausage, Apple au Lait, Yagudo Drink, Spicy Cracker, Goblin Mushpot, Ginger Cookie, Bataquiche, Mulsum, Crayfish Ball, Orange au Lait, Grape Juice, Cinna-cookie, Tomato Juice, Salmon Roe, Salmon Rice Ball, Melon Juice, Jack-o'-Lantern, Meatball, Trout Ball, Acorn Cookie, Sardine Ball, Pineapple Juice, Smoked Salmon, Insect Ball, Pomodoro Sauce, Salsa, Goblin Chocolate, Apple Juice, Pet Food Beta Biscuit, Slice of Carp, Sliced Cod, Sliced Sardine, Orange Juice, Pet Food Alpha Biscuit, Peeled Lobster, Peeled Crayfish, Cursed Dalmatica, Yasha Samue, Rasetsu Hakama, Yasha Hakama, Errant Houppelande, Blessed Trousers, Rasetsu Tekko, Cashmere Cloth, Yasha Tekko, Yasha Sune-Ate, Rasetsu Sune-Ate, Errant Hat, Rasetsu Jinpachi, Siren's Macrame, Arhat's Gi, Bloody Aketon, Peace Cape, War Aketon, Arhat's Tekko, Gold Brocade, Rainbow Headband, Enthralling Cotton Obi, Sagacious Cotton Obi, Deductive Cotton Obi, Haunted Muleta, Rainbow Cloth, Rainbow Velvet, Battle Jupon, Silver Brocade, Wolf Felt, Sagacious Gold Obi, Enthralling Gold Obi, Deductive Gold Obi, Silk Cuffs, Tactician Magician's Cuffs +1, Sailcloth, Silk Slops, High Mana Cloak, Aketon, Hunter's Cotton, Velvet Cuffs, Twinthread Obi, Velvet Robe, Dull Gold Thread, Brilliant Gold Thread, Shiny Gold Thread, Linen Doublet, Velvet Slops, Scarlet Linen, Silk Cloth, Magical Silk Cloth, Wool Gambison, Blink Band, Velvet Cloth, Smooth Velvet, Wing Earring, Wool Slops, Wool Cuffs, Wool Hat, Mist Tunic, Mist Slacks, Wool Cloth, Mist Mitts, Mana Cloak, Garish Tunic, Garish Mitts, Soil Tekko, Fly Lure, Noct Gaiters, Noct Doublet, Moblinweave, Magical Linen Cloth, Linen Cloth, Fine Linen Cloth, Mana Tunic, Red Grass Cloth, Magical Cotton Cloth, Cotton Cloth, Grass Cloth, Grass Thread, Unicorn Harness, Cursed Harness, Chronos Tooth, Dragon Harness, Gavial Greaves, Wyvern Helm, Dragon Leggings, Dragon Mittens, Gavial Cuisses, Mammoth Tusk, Igqira Manillas, Cursed Gloves, Healing Mail, Cursed Subligar, Dragon Greaves, Dragon Cuisses, Reraise Gorget, Reraise Hairpin, Coral Gorget, Coral Leggings, Clown's Subligar, Vivio Wyvern Scale, Coral Cuisses, Hornet Fleuret, Vivified Coral, Antlion Trap, Beast Horn, Ivory Sickle, Scorpion Leggings, Coral Horn, Healing Justaucorps, High Healing Harness, Vivio Scorpion Claw, Carapace Subligar, Mist Crown, Carapace Ring, Garish Crown, Vivio Crab Shell, Titanictus Shell, Shade Tights, Shade Mittens, Shade Tiara, Healing Harness, Wailing Ram Horn, Smooth Beetle Jaw, Carapace Powder, Vivio Femur, Shell Powder, Wailing Bone Chip, Cantarella, Panacea, Marksman's Oil, Hermes Quencher, Icarus Wing, Vitality Potion, Strength Potion, Mind Potion, Intelligence Potion, Dexterity Potion, Charisma Potion, Agility Potion, Urushi, Ether Leather, Ether Holly, Ether Cotton, Holy Leather, Mega Battery, Sacred Lance, Composite Fishing Rod, Photoanima, Sacred Wand, Hakutaku Eye Cluster, Saltwater Set, Hyper Ether, Freshwater Set, Kilo Battery, Venom Baselard, Cutlass, Sacred Maul, Mythril Nugget, Halcyon Rod, Venom Claws, Paralysis Dust, Melt Kukri, Hyper Potion, Battery, Single-Hook Fishing Rod, Silver Nugget, Melt Baselard, Lightning Arrow, Hallowed Sword, Koen, Sacred Degen, Porcelain Flowerpot, Riot Grenade, Melt Katana, Sacred Mace, Quake Grenade, Sacred Sword, Melt Claws, Ether Tank, Grenade, Vulcan Blade, Blessed Mythril Sheet, Vulcan Degen, Vulcan Sword, Melt Knife, Carbon Fishing Rod, Shrimp Lure, Melt Dagger, Vulcan Claymore, Frog Lure, Worm Lure, Carbon Fiber, Potion Tank, Sparkling Hand, Invitriol, Prominence Axe, Prominence Sword, Artificial Lens, Moblin Putty, Busuto, Sieglinde Putty, Eye Drops, Minnow, Seito, Glass Fiber Fishing Rod, Ethereal Vermilion Lacquer, Vermilion Lacquer, Poison Arrowheads, Hushed Baghnakhs, Hushed Dagger, Poison Dust, Goldfish Bowl, Water Tank, Black Ink, Raptor Helm, Slice of Bluetail, Royal Knight's Belt +1, Lance, Yellow Mouton

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Bronze Axe, Rod, Butterfly Axe, Bronze Spear, Bronze Hammer, Bronze Knife, Great Club, Bronze Zaghnal, Xiphos, Bronze Mace, Spatha, Aspis, Scale Finger Gauntlets, Barone Cosciales, Coeurl Mantle, Coeurl Gorget, Behemoth Mantle, Sha'ir Gages, Darksteel Mittens, Hard Leather Ring, Raptor Mantle, Ram Mantle, Wolf Gorget, Cuir Bandana, Tiger Trousers, Waistbelt, Panther Mask, Errant Pigaches, Chain Mittens, Traversiere, Piccolo, Flute, Studded Trousers, Dhalmel Mantle, Leather Ring, Mythril Sword, Studded Boots, Lizard Mantle, Rabbit Mantle, Noct Brais, Thick Mufflers, Raptor Gloves, Ogre Mask, Steel Finger Gauntlets, Breastplate, Cuisses, Scale Cuisses, Bolt Belt, Iron Finger Gauntlets, Iron Visor, Brigandine, Coeurl Gloves, Cuir Gloves, Wrapped Bow, Himantes, Scale Greaves, Gorget, Barbarian's Belt, Bronze Harness, Iron Cuisses, Studded Bandana, Leather Vest, Ash Clogs, Bronze Cap, Bronze Leggings, Bronze Mittens, Bronze Sword, Bronze Subligar, Cesti, Leather Trousers, Lizard Gloves, Lizard Helm, Leather Highboots, Leather Gloves, Ogre Jerkin, Sandals, Lizard Cesti, Leather Belt, Solea, Leather Bandana, Mythril Dagger, Gold Sabatons, Platinum Ring, Ruby Earring, Heater Shield, Ashura, Gold Patas, Gold Cuisses, Sun Ring, Rapier, Gold Gauntlets, Moonring Blade, Chakram, Golden Spear, Gold Buckler, Gold Hairpin, Gold Orcmask, Spark Degen, Wing Gorget, Hunting Sword, Mythril Rod, Mythril Mace, Mythril Gauntlets, Hydro Patas, Pearl Ring, Garnet Ring, Peridot Ring, Goshenite Ring, Black Ring, Sphene Ring, Turquoise Ring, Mythril Cuisses, Mythril Earring, Hydro Claws, Ametrine Ring, Mythril Kukri, Maul, Buckler, Mythril Degen, Mythril Ring, Pearl Earring, Brass Scale Mail, Brass Hammer, Fleuret, Silver Hose, Mailbreaker, Silver Greaves, Bilbo, Palmer's Bangles, Chain Gorget, Chain Choker, Chain Belt, Amethyst Ring, Tourmaline Ring, Sardonyx Ring, Opal Ring, Amber Ring, Lapis Lazuli Ring, Wingedge, Amethyst Earring, Clear Earring, Onyx Earring, Sardonyx Earring, Opal Earring, Lapis Lazuli Earring, Spark Baselard, Curtana, Amber Earring, Clear Ring, Tourmaline Earring, Silver Bangles, Onyx Ring, Silver Ring, Silver Hairpin, Silver Earring, Brass Harness, Hellfire, Fish Scale Shield, Sapara, Brass Mask, Justice Badge, New Moon Armlets, Moblin Mail, Brass Axe, Maple Shield, Scimitar, Iron Mask, Legionnaire's Leggings, Brass Ring, Bastokan Leggings, Brass Hairpin, Brass Subligar, Brass Cap, Brass Mittens, Brass Leggings, Circlet, Banded Helm, Cursed Schaller, Mythril Sallet, Poet's Circlet, Sabiki Rig, Onion Sword, Bronze Dagger, Bronze Rod, Compound Eye Circlet, Brass Rod, Copper Hairpin, Copper Ring, Velvet Slops, Blessed Briault, Headgear, Rasetsu Samue, Dance Shoes, Rasetsu Hakama, Tarutaru Sash, Elite Beret, Rainbow Cape, Errant Slops, Roshi Jinpachi, Rasetsu Sune-Ate, Arhat's Gi, Arhat's Hakama, Arhat's Tekko, Rainbow Headband, War Gloves, Shinobi Gi, Green Beret, Jester's Cape, Gold Obi, Silk Headband, Royal Knight's Cloak +1, Silk Hat, White Mitts, White Cape, Green Ribbon, Field Hose, Red Cape, Velvet Hat, Black Cape, Scarlet Ribbon, Hemp Gorget, Soil Gi, Soil Hachimaki, Fly Lure, Cotton Dogi, Linen Robe, Heko Obi, Noct Doublet, Trader's Saio, Seer's Slacks, Linen Slops, Trader's Slops, Seer's Mitts, Cotton Kyahan, Linen Cuffs, Cotton Tekko, Cotton Hachimaki, Cotton Headband, Kenpogi, Cotton Cape, Cotton Gaiters, Sitabaki, Robe, Slacks, Cotton Headgear, Slops, Kyahan, Mitts, Cuffs, Tekko, Hachimaki, Doublet, Brais, Cape, Gaiters, Gloves, Pellet Belt, Self Bow, Igqira Tiara, Justaucorps, Scorpion Ring, Carapace Mask, Cornette, Gavial Mask, Scorpion Helm, Scorpion Gauntlets, Dragon Leggings, Igqira Manillas, Dragon Subligar, Carapace Gauntlets, Demon Helm, Dragon Mask, Coral Earring, Coral Ring, Reraise Hairpin, Coral Gorget, Coral Mittens, Coral Subligar, Demon's Ring, Bone Patas, Crumhorn, Scorpion Mask, Fang Earring, Beetle Knife, Bone Scythe, Blood Stone, Shell Hairpin, Bandit's Gun, Horn, Carapace Mittens, Carapace Ring, Shade Harness, Bone Knife, Bone Cudgel, Horn Ring, Beetle Harness, Beetle Gorget, Beetle Mittens, Horn Hairpin, Beetle Mask, Beetle Ring, Bone Pick, Bone Mask, Bone Ring, Bone Earring, Cat Baghnakhs, Shell Ring, Bone Hairpin, Shell Earring, Cursed Mail, Cursed Diechlings, Mamushito, Cursed Handschuhs, Cursed Schuhs, Frog Lure, Acid Claws, Shrimp Lure, Bee Spatha, Carbon Fishing Rod, Holy Mace, Minnow, Ice Lance, Cursed Cuisses, Sacred Lance, Composite Fishing Rod, Holy Lance, Kororito, Holy Maul, Cermet Claws, Ether Tank, Acid Dagger, Blind Knife, Poison Cesti, Water Tank, Iron Sword, Holly Staff, Espadon, Leather Gorget

BCNMs Updated: Legion XI Comitatensis, Rapid Raptors, The Final Bout

Items Drops/Obtained Added: Vitriol, Orphic Egg, Wing Egg, Lamp Egg, Flower Egg, Fortune Egg, Happy Egg, Yellow Drop, White Drop, Red Drop, Purple Drop, Green Drop, Clear Drop, Blue Drop, Black Drop, Chocobo Ticket, Fiend Blood, Blue Rock, Diatryma Meat, Cobalt Jellyfish, Beetle Jaw, Quicksand Coffer Key, Crawler Cocoon, Scroll of Curaga IV, Moblin Sheepskin, Fruit Seeds, Copper Ore, Taurus Horn, Hecteyes Eye, Mercury, Fomor Codex, Juji Shuriken, Land Crab Meat, Scroll of Thundaga II, Scroll of Thunder III, Gold Beastcoin, Water Spirit Pact, Mythril Beastcoin, Scroll of Absorb-AGI, Pickaxe, Wild Melon, Honey, Delkfutt Chest Key, Jadeite, Mythril Ore, Rival Ribbon, Benign Necklace, Storm Gorget, Intellect Torque, Mana Circlet, Zincite, Heavy Cuirass, Herb Seeds, Horutoto Chest Key, Eldieme Chest Key, Scroll of Absorb-INT, Magicked Skull, Sacrarium Chest Key, Cactus Arm

ENMs Updated: When Hell Freezes Over, Bionic Bug, Automaton Assault

Mini-Quests Added: Special Event - 2006-04 - Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza

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