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Site Updates - December 5, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Dec 05th, 2005 02:31 pm EST
The addition of Mini-Quests and a Guides overview is featured in this site update.

Items Added:
Shaft Gate Operating Dial, Tear of Altana, Brand of Twilight, Red Card, Cosmo-Cleanse, Letters from Ulmia and Prishe

Items Updated: Tama-Hagane, Water Crystal, Silver Nugget, Ice Crystal, Brass Nugget, Wind Ore, Kazham Peppers, Darksteel Bolt Quiver, Mythril Bolt Quiver, Horn Quiver, Silver Quiver, Beetle Quiver, Iron Quiver, Darksteel Bolt, Mythril Bolt, Horn Arrow, Silver Arrow, Beetle Arrow, Iron Arrow, Carnation, Toolbag (Hira), Toolbag (Jusa), Toolbag (Kagi), Toolbag (Kawa), Toolbag (Kodo), Toolbag (Maki), Toolbag (Mizu), Toolbag (Sai), Toolbag (Shihe), Toolbag (Shino), Toolbag (Tsura), Toolbag (Uchi), Wijnruit, Hiraishin, Jusatsu, Kaginawa, Kawahori-Ogi, Kodoku, Makibishi, Mizu-Deppo, Sairui-Ran, Shihei, Shinobi-Tabi, Tsurara, Uchitake, Light Cluster, Dark Cluster, Water Cluster, Fire Cluster, Quicksand Coffer Key, Bronze Bed, Wing Gorget, Dart +1, Duel Rapier, Roast Pipira, Nebimonite Bake, Boiled Crab, Tomato Juice, Orange Juice, Carp Sushi, Distilled Water, Meat Jerky, Sky Pot, Red Rock, Purple Rock, Blue Rock, Green Rock, Yellow Rock, Faerie Apple, Earth Cluster, Windurstian Tea Leaves, Ether Holly, Twinstone Earring, Tree Saplings, Ice Cluster, Ancient Beastcoin, Cracked Mimeo Mirror, Fire Crystal, Translucent Rock, Little Worm, Dark Crystal, Ginger, White Rock, Mhaura Garlic, Rolanberry, Platinum Leaf, Wind Cluster, Copper Nugget, Rock Salt, San d'Orian Carrot, Culverin +1, Culverin, Boiled Tuna Head, Platinum Nugget, Loam, Great Bow, Leucos Voulge +1, Leucos Voulge, Lightning Crystal, Aegis, Cannon Shell, Heavy Shell, Yellow Liquid, Earth Crystal, Raw Fish Handling, Lumberjack, Frog Fishing, Anima Synthesis, Wood Ensorcellment, Metal Ensorcellment, Leather Ensorcellment, Gold Ensorcellment, Cloth Ensorcellment, Bone Ensorcellment, Alchemic Ensorcellment, Wood Purification, Metal Purification, Leather Purification, Gold Purification, Cloth Purification, Bone Purification, Kitron, Lightning Cluster, Holy Leather, Ether Leather, Beast Helm +1, Virtue Stone, Astral Pot, Spirit Lantern, Healing Feather, Antican Acid, Lizard Blood, Leech Saliva, Bird Blood, Beast Blood, Snapping Mole, Skull Locust, King Locust, Helmet Mole, Platinum Arrowhead, Laminated Ram Leather, Laminated Buffalo Leather, Carapace Powder, White Mouton, Sheep Chammy, Ether Cotton, Melanzane +1, Arrabbiato +1, Ikra Gunkan +1, Pitchfork +1, Pitchfork, Koga Tekko, Arrabbiato, Ikra Gunkan, Tentacle Sushi, Salmon Roe, Melanzane, Salmon Eggs

Items Drops Added: Mythril Beastcoin, Divine Log, Portal Charm, Airship Pass For Kazham, Sahagin Key, Rune Bangles, Arcane Flowerpot, Adaman Nugget, Cermet Chunk, Rune Arrow, Rune Axe, Rune Baghnakhs, Rune Blade, Rune Bow, Rune Chopper, Rune Halberd, Rune Rod, Rune Staff, Sardonyx, Silk Thread, Light Opal, Revival Tree Root, Beetle Jaw, Beastcoin, Scroll of Flood, Dried Mugwort, Gold Beastcoin, Newton Coffer Key, Reishi Mushroom, Manta Skin, Moblin Mask, Scroll of Sneak, Dragon Meat, Damascus Ingot, Pickaxe, Platinum Ingot, Bronze Key, Quus, Strength Potion, Ebony Log, Den Coffer Key, Raptor Gloves, Cotton Cloth, Lacquer Tree Log, Cactuar Needle, Loam, Antican Acid, Vegetable Seeds, Grain Seeds, Dragoon's Testimony, Scroll of Stun, Kuftal Coffer Key, Bag of Seeds, Toraimarai Coffer Key, Beast Blood, Lizard Blood

NPCs Added: Esca, Rayochindot, Croteillard, Poudoruchant, Umberto, Gallagher, Coumaine, Olaky-Yayulaky, Kogri-Nargri, Dabido-Sorobido, Sagheera, Garridan, Diederik, Plaiaude

NPCs Updated: Amalasanda, Guilloud, Buffalostalker Dodzbraz, Nokkhi Jinjahl (Windurst), Nokkhi Jinjahl (San d'Oria), Nokkhi Jinjahl (Bastok), Ominous Cloud (Windurst), Ominous Cloud (San d'Oria), Ominous Cloud (Bastok), Ness Rugetomal, Esca, Thadiene, Croteillard, Khumo Daramasteh

Mobs Updated: Goliath Beetle, Swamfisk, Sharp-Eared Ropipi, Yara Ma Yha Who, Feeler Antlion, Shadow Dragon, Black Coney, White Coney, Bugbear Matman, Fraelissa, Kreutzet, Hellion, Mimic, Cryptonberry Assassin, Nightmare Bats, Ellyllon, Epialtes, Orcish Panzer, Nunyenunc, Bonnacon, Variable Hare, Tonberry's Elemental, Rock Lizard, Rock Lizard, Alastor Antlion, Valkurm Emperor, Sabotender Bailarina, Celphie, Mahisha, Waraxe Beak, Greenman, Island Rarab, Triarius X-XV, Silverhook, Blackbeard, Uleguerand Tiger, Tiamat

Quests Updated: Water Way To Go!, Ayame and Kaede, The Pickpocket, Past Reflections

Spells Updated: Silence, Magic Finale

Recipes Added: Boiled Tuna Head, Blizzard Toporok, Dark Adaman Sheet, Dark Adaman, Toporok

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Gold Cuisses, Shrimp Lure, Banded Helm, Broadsword, Steel Finger Gauntlets, Dragon Leggings, Kinkobo, Mythril Rod, Mythril Mace, Dragon Subligar, Silver Hose, Repeating Crossbow, Hibari, Igqira Tiara, Orc Piercer, Igqira Manillas, Field Hose, Iron Subligar, Platinum Ring, Alumine Moufles, Coral Mittens, Cursed Schaller, Sha'ir Gages, Breastplate, Mailbreaker, Gully, Steel-splitter, Silver Greaves

Recipes Updated: Austere Sabots, Cardinal Vest, Bison Warbonnet, Opaline Boots, Sha'ir Gages, Bison Kecks, Austere Cuffs, Austere Slops, Blessed Pumps, Bison Jacket, Austere Robe, Dusk Jerkin, Justaucorps, Shade Leggings, Shade Mittens, Luminous Core, Inferno Core, Bookshelf, Maple Shield, Odorous Knife, Padded Armor, Antica Broth, Blizzard Toporok, Opaline Hose, Mist Pumps, The Big One, Velvet Hat, Arhat's Sune-Ate, War Aketon, Bloody Aketon, Arhat's Gi, War Shinobi Gi, Rasetsu Jinpachi, Errant Hat, Yasha Sune-Ate, Rasetsu Sune-Ate, Yasha Tekko, Yasha Hakama, Yasha Samue, Rasetsu Hakama, Rasetsu Samue, Cursed Dalmatica, Rasetsu Tekko, Battle Hose, Bastokan Sword, Dart, Steel-splitter, Zanbato, Staurobow, Dark Adaman, Errant Houppelande, Toporok, Butachi, Barone Cosciales, Mole Broth, Tower Shield, Couse, Beverage Barrel, Oak Shield, Halberd, Mahogany Shield, Longbow, Star Globe, Cursed Togi, Primate Staff, Ox Tongue, Verdun, Cursed Schaller, Cursed Handschuhs, Sha'ir Manteel, Cursed Schuhs, Cursed Diechlings, Orichalcum Dagger, Barone Zucchetto, Barone Gambieras, Kazaridachi, Diamond Knuckles, Shotel, Wolf Fur, Darksteel Lance, Carapace Powder, Flaxseed Oil, Carapace Ring, Black Ink, Blood Broth, Kanesada +1, Steamed Catfish, Darksteel Shield, Pealing Nagan, Shiny Gold Thread, Brilliant Gold Thread, Enthralling Cotton Obi, Dull Gold Thread, Chakram, Grasshopper Broth, Platinum Arrowhead, Gold Arrowhead, Salmon Roe, Orichalcum Lance, Ikra Gunkan, Salmon Eggs, Melanzane, Dark Bronze, White Mouton, Sheep Chammy, Ponderous Manoples, Spirit Orichalcum, Pealing Buzdygan, Steel Walnut Lumber, Dark Bronze Sheet

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Acid Claws, Steel Finger Gauntlets, Leather Trousers, Repeating Crossbow, Red Cape, Silver Greaves, Iron Subligar, Platinum Ring, Mailbreaker, Rainbow Cape, Gaiters, Gloves, Scale Cuisses, Scale Greaves, Gold Cuisses, Scimitar, Carapace Ring, Nodowa, Doublet, Coral Subligar, Brass Axe, Bolt Belt, Gold Hairpin, Reraise Hairpin, Steel-splitter

BCNMs Updated: Under Observation, Creeping Doom, Seasons Greetings, Early Bird Catches the Wyrm, Ouryu Cometh, Undying Promise, Moa Constrictors

Missions Updated: Written in the Stars, The Heir to the Light

Mini-Quests Added: Access via Sealed Portal (Horutoto Inner Ruins), Obtaining the Airship Pass For Kazham, Access via Ornamented Door (SSG), Obtaining the Promyvion Maps, Toolbags for Ninja Tools, Quivers for Arrows and Bolts, Strange Apparatuses

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