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Obtaining the Promyvion Maps
Starting Info for Obtaining the Promyvion Maps
Summary: Provides the map key items in each of the four Promyvion zones.
There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.

This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Beryl MemosphereInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
Indigo MemosphereInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
Teal MemosphereInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
White MemosphereInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
Rewards From Obtaining the Promyvion Maps
Item Reward:
Map of Promyvion - Dem--Key Item
Map of Promyvion - Holla--Key Item
Map of Promyvion - Mea--Key Item
Map of Promyvion - Vahzl--Key Item
Walkthrough for Obtaining the Promyvion Maps
The four Promyvion zones each have a set of steps that must be completed in the zone to obtain the in-game map. These map images are rather vague (the maps on this site have much more detailed outlines and information) but can still help a bit with navigating through the zone.

To get the map key item for a Promyvion zone, a Rare/Ex Memosphere item must be traded to a ??? that moves between four locations within the zone. The Memosphere required drops from mobs in that zone. In the level 30 capped Promyvion zones (Dem, Holla, Mea) each Memosphere drops rarely from one regular mob, and also drops a high percentage of the time from a difficult NM. In Promyvion - Vahzl, three NMs can each drop the Memosphere for that zone's map. The required Memospheres for each Promyvion zone, and the respective mobs that drop them, are listed below.

Zone Required Memosphere Memosphere Mobs
Promyvion - Dem Beryl Memosphere Gorger (Level: 29-40)
Satiator (Level: 38-38)
Promyvion - Holla Teal Memosphere Thinker (Level: 29-40)
Cerebrator (Level: 38-38)
Promyvion - Mea Indigo Memosphere Craver (Level: 29-40)
Coveter (Level: 38-38)
Promyvion - Vahzl White Memosphere Deviator (Level: Unknown)
Provoker (Level: Unknown)
Wailer (Level: Unknown)
Zone Required Memosphere Memosphere Mobs

The regular mobs that drop the Memosphere in the level 30 capped Promyvions can be soloed by many jobs, if the lower level mobs are farmed on the first level. Defeating the NMs that drop the Memosphere requires at least one full group, and often more than a group, given their difficulty. Once the proper Memosphere is obtained, the ??? must be located. It moves between 4 different spots in each zone, on the higher level floors; the locations are listed on the maps for each zone, at the zone links above. There are usually a number of mobs around the ???, which makes accessing it a death-run, unless those mobs are cleared first.

Once you can access the ???, trade the Memosphere to it, to obtain the map key item of that zone. These steps can be completed once in each Promyvion zone, to obtain all four maps.
Recommended Level for Obtaining the Promyvion Maps
At least one group is required to take down the respective NMs that drop the Memospheres in each of these level-capped zones, and to clear the mobs that hover around the ??? that must be accessed. If the lower level mobs are farmed instead, getting the required Memosphere can be soloed by some jobs.

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