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Quivers for Arrows and Bolts
Starting Info for Quivers for Arrows and Bolts
Summary: Provides quivers for arrows and bolts, reducing the inventory space needed.
There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.

This Quest Is Repeatable.
NPCs Used
Nokkhi Jinjahl (Bastok)Bastok PortK-8
Nokkhi Jinjahl (San d'Oria)San d'Oria SouthJ-9
Nokkhi Jinjahl (Windurst)Windurst WoodsH-10
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Acid BoltAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Beetle ArrowAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Blind BoltAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Bloody BoltAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Bronze BulletAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
BulletAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
CarnationInventoryMaterials / Alchemy
Darksteel BoltAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Demon ArrowAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Holy BoltAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Horn ArrowAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Iron ArrowAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Iron BulletAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Kabura ArrowAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Mythril BoltAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Scorpion ArrowAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Silver ArrowAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Silver BulletAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Sleep ArrowAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Sleep BoltAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Spartan BulletAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Venom BoltAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
Rewards From Quivers for Arrows and Bolts
Item Reward:
Acid Bolt Quiver--Inventory
Beetle Quiver--Inventory
Blind Bolt Quiver--Inventory
Bloody Bolt Quiver--Inventory
Bronze Bullet Pouch--Inventory
Bullet Pouch--Inventory
Darksteel Bolt Quiver--Inventory
Demon Quiver--Inventory
Holy Bolt Quiver--Inventory
Horn Quiver--Inventory
Iron Bullet Pouch--Inventory
Iron Quiver--Inventory
Kabura Quiver--Inventory
Mythril Bolt Quiver--Inventory
Scorpion Quiver--Inventory
Silver Bullet Pouch--Inventory
Silver Quiver--Inventory
Sleep Bolt Quiver--Inventory
Sleep Quiver--Inventory
Spartan Bullet Pouch--Inventory
Venom Bolt Quiver--Inventory
Walkthrough for Quivers for Arrows and Bolts
This mini-quest allows certain arrow and bolt ammunition to be stacked into quivers. Quivers hold 99 arrows or bolts, and can themselves be stacked to 12; a full stack of quivers provides 1188 arrows or bolts. This is very useful for Rangers and others who use this ammunition, making it easy to carry large amounts of the ammo around without taking up many inventory slots. This is also handy for crafters who make these arrows and bolts, so that they can store and sell larger quantities of their product at once.

The NPC who puts arrows and bolts into quivers is Nokkhi Jinjahl, who is part of the traveling troupe that appears at the nation in first place in the Conquest Rankings during a particular week. Note: Nokkhi Jinjahl is only available in the city which is in first place in the Conquest Rankings; she will never be in another city. When San d'Oria is in first place in the rankings, Nokkhi Jinjahl will be found in San d'Oria South; when Windurst is in first place she is in Windurst Woods; she can be found in Bastok Port when Bastok is in first place. If two nations are tied for first place in the Conquest Rankings, the troupe will not be in any city -- Nokkhi Jinjahl is only available if a single nation is in first place in the Conquest Rankings.

To obtain a quiver, trade a stack of 99 arrows or bolts from the list above to Nokkhi Jinjahl, along with a Carnation for each stack; she will in turn provide a quiver of those arrows or bolts. For example, if a Carnation and a stack of 99 Iron Arrows is traded to Nokkhi Jinjahl, an Iron Quiver will be obtained. Multiple stacks can be traded at one time; 7 stacks and 7 Carnations can be traded to receive 7 quivers at once.

These steps can be repeated an unlimited amount of times, to make as many quivers as are desired.
Recommended Level for Quivers for Arrows and Bolts
A character of any level can perform these steps, at whatever city Nokkhi Jinjahl is at that week.

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