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Final Fantasy XI Quest List
Quest Type Start NPCStart Zone Fame
Summary Reward
A Bitter PastGeneralFreschequeTavnazian SafeholdNoneYinyang Lorgnette
A Candlelight VigilGeneralIlumidaJeuno Upper4Ilumida Quest #1Flower Necklace
A Chocobo's TaleGeneralNevelaJeuno UpperUnknown5200 gil
A Clock Most DelicateGeneralJeuno Upper5Clock Tower Quest #11200 gil, Engineer's Gloves
A Crisis in the MakingGeneralRanpi-MonpiWindurst Waters2400 gil
A Discerning Eye (Bastok)GeneralGrinBastok PortUnknown500 gil
A Discerning Eye (Kazham)GeneralSwiftKazhamUnknown500 gil
A Discerning Eye (San d'Oria)GeneralEddySan d'Oria PortUnknown500 gil
A Discerning Eye (Windurst)GeneralPygmalionWindurst PortUnknown500 gil
A Feather In One's CapGeneralBaren-MorenWindurst WatersUnknownBaren-Moren Quest #21500 gil
A Flash in the PanGeneralAquillinaBastok MarketsAny100 gil
A Generous General?GeneralOldton MovalpolosNoneChoplix's Coif, Gold Beastcoin
A Greeting CardianGeneralKororoWindurst Woods4Manustery Quest #2Tourmaline Earring
A Hard Day's KnightGeneralQuelveuiatTavnazian SafeholdNone2100 gil
A Job for the ConsortiumGeneralPortaureSan d'Oria PortTenshodo UnknownConsortium Quest #21000 gil
A Moral Manifest?GeneralAltar RoomNoneGold Beastcoin, Tsoo's Headgear
A Pose By Any Other NameGeneralAngelicaWindurst WatersAnyAncient Blood, Angelica's Autograph
A Potter's PreferenceGeneralNereusMhauraUnknown2160 gil
A Purchase of ArmsGeneralHelbortSan d'Oria South3Elm Staff
A Question of FaithGeneralAyameMetalworksUnknownMovalpolos Investigation Quest #23000 gil
A Question of TasteGeneralJakoh WahcondaloKazham6Jakoh Wahcondalo Quest #13000 gil
A Reputation in RuinsGeneralMigliorozzJeuno UpperNone3500 gil
A Sentry's PerilGeneralGlenneSan d'Oria SouthAnyBronze Subligar
A Taste for MeatGeneralThierrideSan d'Oria Port3Rusty Pub Quest #1150 gil, Grilled Hare
A Taste of HoneyGeneralQutibaAht Urhgan WhitegateNoneEpicureans Quest #3Irmik Helvasi
Reward of Irmik Helvasi Cooking recipe.
A Test of True LoveGeneralCarmeloBastok Port6Carmelo Quest #310000 gil
A Timely VisitGeneralDeraquienSan d'Oria SouthUnknownMedieval Collar
Advanced TeamworkGeneralVilatroireRonfaure West4Teamwork Quest #3Horn Ring
All at SeaGeneralPaytahWindurst PortUnknownDhalmel Mantle, Leather Ring
An Affable Adamantking?GeneralQulun DomeNoneDa'Vhu's Barbut, Gold Beastcoin
An Understanding Overlord?GeneralMonastic CavernNoneGadzradd's Helm, Gold Beastcoin
An Undying PledgeGeneralStray CloudNorgTenshodo UnknownLight Buckler
Arts and CraftsGeneralHadahdaAht Urhgan WhitegateNoneImperial Bronze Piece, Sutlac
Reward of either Sutlac or one Imperial Bronze Piece.
Beadeaux SmogGeneralHigh BearMetalworks4Chakram
Beat Around the BushinGeneralJeuno LowerTenshodo UnknownMonk Belt Quest #3Black Belt
Beauty and the GalkaGeneralTalibBastok PortAnyZinc Ore Quest #1Bronze Knife
Behind the SmileGeneralTavnazian SafeholdNoneMannequin Quest #2Mannequin Pumps
Better the Demon You KnowGeneralKoblakiqOldton MovalpolosNoneKoblakiq Quest #3Goblin Grenade
Beyond the SunGeneralMaatRu'Lude GardensUnknownMaat's Cap
Bite The DustGeneralYazanBastok Port2350 gil
Black MarketGeneralMuzaffarNorgTenshodo Any1500 gil
Variable gil reward, depending on what is turned in: 4 Eastern Pottery is 2000; 4 Northern Fur is 1500; 4 Southern Mummy is 3000.
Black Tiger SkinsGeneralHanaa PunaaSan d'Oria South3Hanaa Punaa Quest #3Tiger Stole
BlackmailGeneralDauperiatSan d'Oria North3Castle Plans Quest #1900 gil
Blade of DeathGeneralGumbahBastok Mines3Deathbringer
Blast From the PastGeneralKoru-MoruWindurst WallsUnknownKoru-Moru Quest #2Great Club
Blue Ribbon BluesGeneralKerutotoWindurst WatersUnknownRhinostery Quest #43600 gil, Blue Ribbon
Bombs Away!GeneralBuffalostalker DodzbrazUleguerand RangeNoneShu'Meyo Salt
Breaking StonesGeneralHoratiusBastok Markets2400 gil
Brygid the Stylist ReturnsGeneralBrygidBastok MarketsUnknownBrygid Quest #2Aikido Gi, Cerise Doublet, Duende Cotehardie, Gaudy Harness, Glamor Jupon, Gloom Breastplate, Nimbus Doublet, Nokizaru Gi, Parade Cuirass, Rapparee Harness, Shikaree Aketon, Shinimusha Hara-Ate, Wyvern Mail
One piece is rewarded each time the quest is completed.
Brygid, The StylistGeneralBrygidBastok MarketsAnyBrygid Quest #1Gloves
Buckets Of GoldGeneralFossBastok MarketsAny300 gil
Can Cardians Cry?GeneralApururuWindurst WoodsUnknownManustery Quest #55000 gil
Candle-makingGeneralRoulietteJeuno Upper4Holy Candle
CargoGeneralVuntarSelbinaUnknown800 gil
Reward of 800-3000 gil, depending on which Rolanberry is turned in.
Catch It If You Can!GeneralOhruruWindurst PortUnknown1000 gil
Reward of 1000-1500 gil depending on the ailment: 1000 for Silence, 1200 for Curse, 1500 for Plague.
Chasing DreamsGeneralZoribohRabaoUnknownZoriboh Quest #14000 gil, Venerer Ring
Chasing TalesGeneralTosuka-PorikaWindurst Waters3Optistery Book Quest #22800 gil
Child's PlayGeneralKarlJeuno Port3Wonder Magic Set
ChipsGeneralCidMetalworksUnknownCCB Polymer
ChocobiliousGeneralKuoh RhelWindurst Woods2Kuoh Rhel Quest #11500 gil
Chocobo on the Loose!GeneralBrutusJeuno UpperNone
Chocobo's WoundsGeneralBrutusJeuno UpperAnyChocobo License
Cid's SecretGeneralCidMetalworks4Helping Cid Quest #1Ram Mantle
Collect Tarut CardsGeneralChululuJeuno Lower2Chululu Quest #1Grants the ability to have your compatability test told by Chululu.
Community ServiceGeneralZaukoJeuno LowerAnyThis quest only rewards Jeuno fame.
Confessions of a BellmakerGeneralRiverne - Site #A01NoneMinstrel's Dagger
Cook's PrideGeneralNaruruJeuno Lower3Merchant's Family Quest #13000 gil, Mythril Ring
Cook-a-roon?GeneralQuquroonNashmauNoneNashmau Stew
Creepy CrawliesGeneralIllu BohjaaWindurst WoodsAny600 gil
Crest of DavoiGeneralBaudinJeuno UpperUnknownQuest for Rank 5Crest of Davoi
Crying Over OnionsGeneralKohlo-LakoloWindurst Port6Star Onion Brigade Quest #5Star Necklace
Curses, Foiled Again!GeneralShantottoWindurst WallsAnyShantotto Quest #1Brass Rod
Curses, Foiled...Again!?GeneralShantottoWindurst Walls2Shantotto Quest #2Misery Staff
Deal With TenshodoGeneralGarnevJeuno LowerTenshodo UnknownClock Tower Sub-QuestClock Tower Oil
Delivering the GoodsGeneralFochachaAht Urhgan WhitegateNoneEpicureans Quest #1Imperial Bronze Piece
Reward of three Imperial Bronze Pieces.
Distant LoyaltiesGeneralFemitteSan d'Oria South4White Cape
Divine MightGeneralShrine of Ru'AvitauNoneAbyssal Earring, Beastly Earring, Bushinomimi, Knight's Earring, Suppanomimi
Reward of one of the earrings.
Don't Forget the AntidoteGeneralEdigeyRabaoUnknown1800 gil, Dotanuki
Reward of Dotanuki on the first completion, 1800 gil when repeated.
Donate to RecyclingGeneralRomeoSelbinaUnknownWastebasket
DrachenfallGeneralBlack MudBastok Mines22000 gil
Ducal HospitalityGeneralTaillegeasRu'Lude GardensUnknown4000 gil
Early Bird Catches the BookwormGeneralTosuka-PorikaWindurst Waters2Optistery Book Quest #11500 gil
Eco-Warrior (Bastok)GeneralRaifaBastok PortAny5000 gil, Dragon Chronicles
Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria)GeneralNorejaieSan d'Oria SouthAny5000 gil, Dragon Chronicles
Eco-Warrior (Windurst)GeneralLumomoWindurst WatersAny5000 gil, Dragon Chronicles
Elderly PursuitsGeneralDespachiaireTavnazian SafeholdNoneTaznavian Cuisine Quest #3Elegant Ribbon
Empty MemoriesGeneralHarithRu'Lude GardensUnknownDia Wand, Hamayumi, Hysteroanima, Psychoanima, Stone Gorget, Terroanima
Even More Gullible's TravelsGeneralMagriffonKazham7Opo-opo Quest #2Rafflesia Nectar
Everyone's GrudgeGeneralMagephaudNorgTenshodo AnyClears all Tonberry hate, each time it is completed.
Everyone's GrudgingGeneralJakoh WahcondaloKazhamUnknownJakoh Wahcondalo Quest #211000 gil
ExpertiseGeneralTakeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #5Tableware Set
Faded PromisesGeneralRomualdoMetalworksUnknownFukuro
Fallen ComradesGeneralPavvkeBastok Mines2550 gil
Father and SonGeneralAilbecheSan d'Oria NorthAnyWillow Fishing Rod
Father FigureGeneralMicheaBastok Markets2Goldsmith Quest #22200 gil
Fear Of FlyingGeneralKurandoBastok Port3Black Silk Neckerchief
Fear of the DarkGeneralSecodiandSan d'Oria NorthAny200 gil
Fear of the Dark IIGeneralSuldiranAl ZahbiNone200 gil
Finding FaultsGeneralHishahmaAht Urhgan WhitegateNone??? Box
Reward of ??? Box if both questions are answered correctly; 200 Imperial Standing only one is answered correctly; no reward if both questions are answered incorrectly.
Fisherman's HeartGeneralKatsunagaMhauraUnknownProvides information about the character's fishing history.
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward
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