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A Reputation in Ruins
Starting Info for A Reputation in Ruins
Realm: Jeuno
Starting Zone: Jeuno Upper
Starting NPC: Migliorozz [H-9]
There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.

This Quest Requires Chains of Promathia.
This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
Mobs Used
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Blue BraceletKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Green BraceletKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Phoenix ArmletKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Rewards From A Reputation in Ruins
Gil Reward: 3500gil
Game Details for A Reputation in Ruins
Client: Migliorozz (Temple of the Goddess, Upper Jeuno)

Summary: The Tenshodo has opened the ruins of Pso'Xja to adventurers. Migliorozz has asked that you perform a task involving the gate that lies in the deepest part of the southwest tower of the ruins.
Walkthrough for A Reputation in Ruins
Requirements: The Chains of Promathia expansion is required, and CoP mission 3-3 (The Road Forks) must be completed.

  1. Talk to Migliorozz, in Upper Jeuno's Goddess Temple. If you have cleared the prerequisite mission, you can accept the quest.
  2. Migliorozz gives you a key item, Phoenix Armlet, to take to Pso'Xja's southwestern tower. Head to Beaucedine Glacier (G-9) and enter the tower; this is the tower closest to the Ranguemont Pass zone, and has no level cap.
  3. Head to the small room at (I-8), which contains a ??? point. Buff for battle before selecting the ??? and make sure everyone in the group is inside the room, as the door to the room will close when you do, sealing it for the duration of the battle. When the ??? is selected, two Doll mobs will spawn (and aggro whomever selected it through Sneak), Gargoyle-Iota and Gargoyle-Kappa. While neither doll has high HP, they alternate between physical immunity and very high magical resistance, each doll changing weaknesses simultaneously. This is marked by a blue- or yellow-colored sheen on each mob, so be prepared to switch targets if relying on melee damage. Fortunately, these dolls have not been reported to Meltdown like other dolls. When both mobs are defeated, the room will open again. Click the ??? once more to obtain a key item, Blue Bracelet. The dolls only need to be defeated once for an entire party.
  4. Go to (H-9) in the same area to find a door with a blue gemstone set into it, and pass through. The Blue Bracelet allows passage through this door via a cutscene, not an actual opening of the door; therefore, only characters who have a bracelet can pass through.
  5. Head to (H-7) to find a room similar to the Blue Bracelet room, with another ??? point and another set of dolls. Use the same strategy for Gargoyle-Mu and Gargoyle-Lambda as you did for the previous battle. Select the ??? point for another key item, Green Bracelet.
  6. Return to (I-8), near the entrance of the tower, to find the door that responds to the Green Bracelet. Like the blue door, only characters with the Green Bracelet can pass through.
  7. Once through the green door, go to (G-8) to find a machine, Crystal Receptor. Activating this device causes 2 tiles to appear - temporarily - on the floor below. Quickly backtrack to a hole at (H-9) and fall through to reach this level, and pass over the tiles to an elevator at (H-8).
  8. Cast Sneak and take the elevator down to find the Avatar Gate. Select it for a cutscene. You will lose the Phoenix Armlet, but keep both bracelets, allowing access into the Blue and Green rooms at any time.
  9. Return to Migliorozz in Upper Jeuno for your reward of 3500 gil. (If necessary, there is a portal behind the Avatar Gate's elevator that leads to Beaucedine Glacier.)
Recommended Level for A Reputation in Ruins
Few, if any, mobs will aggro at level 73 or above, but characters at that level may need Sneak for the final level. For the Gargoyle fights, a single level 75 should have no problems; lower levels may want to bring more members, and will need Sneak and Invisible for mobs along the way.

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