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Brygid the Stylist Returns
Starting Info for Brygid the Stylist Returns
Summary: Brygid Quest #2
Realm: Bastok
Starting Zone: Bastok Markets
Starting NPC: Brygid [K-9]
Required Bastok Fame: Unknown
Minimum Character Level: 52

This Quest Requires Chains of Promathia.
This Quest Is Repeatable.
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Previous Quests in This Series:
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Aquarius SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Aries SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Cancer SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Capricornus SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Gemini SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Leo SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Libra SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Ophiuchus SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Pisces SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Sagittarius SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Scorpius SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Taurus SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Virgo SubligarLegsArmor / Legs
Rewards From Brygid the Stylist Returns
Title Obtained: Bastok's Second Best Dressed
Reward Details: One piece is rewarded each time the quest is completed.
Item Reward:
Aikido Gi50BodyRare/Ex
  • Vitality +4
  • Agility +2
Cerise Doublet50BodyRare/Ex
  • Accuracy +3
  • Attack +3
Duende Cotehardie50BodyRare/Ex
  • Conserve MP +4
  • Dark Spirit Perpetuation Cost -1
Gaudy Harness50BodyRare/Ex
  • Charisma +3
  • Latent Effect: Adds 'Refresh' Effect
Glamor Jupon50BodyRare/Ex
  • Enhancing Magic Skill +3
  • Enfeebling Magic Skill +3
  • Elemental Magic Skill +3
  • Dark Magic Skill +3
Gloom Breastplate50BodyRare/Ex
  • Enhances Souleater Effect
Nimbus Doublet50BodyRare/Ex
  • Adds 'Regen' Effect
  • Light Spirit Perpetuation Cost -1
Nokizaru Gi50BodyRare/Ex
  • Agility +4
  • Enmity +1
Parade Cuirass50BodyRare/Ex
  • HP +28
  • Enmity +2
Rapparee Harness50BodyRare/Ex
  • Ranged Accuracy +2
  • Haste +4%
Shikaree Aketon50BodyRare/Ex
  • Ranged Attack +7
  • Enmity -1
Shinimusha Hara-Ate50BodyRare/Ex
  • Store TP +9
Wyvern Mail50BodyRare/Ex
  • Wyvern: HP +65
  • HP Regeneration While Healing +1
Game Details for Brygid the Stylist Returns
Client: Brygid (Gold Street, Bastok Markets)

Summary: Brygid, the "stylist extraordinaire," has given you more fashion advice, so it's time to go shopping.
Walkthrough for Brygid the Stylist Returns
Requirements: The quest Brygid the Stylist must already have been completed. The Chains of Promathia expansion is required, with missions completed to provide access to Sacrarium or Phomiuna Aqueducts. The character must have at least one piece of Artifact armor that they can wear (which means they must be level 52+).
  1. Talk to Brygid while wearing at least one piece of Artifact armor. If the requirements are completed, she will start the quest.
  2. Brygid requires that you wear two pieces of armor, of her choosing. These will be one piece of armor each for Body and Leg slots, with level requirements on the items ranging between 35-60. These seem to be randomly chosen from a large list of possible items, with two given that your character's current job can wear. These armor pieces include: Beak Jerkin, Bishop's Robe, Padded Armor, Pyro Robe, Raptor Jerkin, White Cloak, Velvet Robe; Carapace Subligar, Iron Cuisses, Iron Subligar, Raptor Trousers, Velvet Slops, White Slacks.
  3. Obtain the two armor pieces she requests; these are all crafted, and most should show up on the Auction Hall as the demand increases. Once you have the two pieces of armor, talk to her while wearing them. (Once this step is done, you can sell those two pieces of armor.)
  4. Brygid will give you the option of 13 different pieces of level 50 Rare/Ex body armor that you can obtain (most are job-specific, but a few can be used by two jobs.) Choose carefully, as once you make your decision you cannot change it for this completion of the quest.
  5. Once you decide which body armor you want, Brygid requires that you bring her a corresponding piece of subligar. These subligaria are also level 50 Rare/Ex pieces of armor, and are dropped from Fomor in Sacrarium or Phomiuna Aqueducts, as listed below. (Note that there are similar Fomor in other zones, but only the ones in Sacrarium and Phomiuna Aqueducts drop the subligaria.) The subligaria and final item rewards are listed in the chart below.
  6. Obtain the appropriate subligar and return to Brygid. Trade her the subligar to complete the quest and you will recieve the body armor you picked.
Quest Reward (Job) Required Subligar Required Mob
Aikido Gi (MNK) Aquarius Subligar Fomor Monk
Cerise Doublet (BRD/BLU/RDM) Libra Subligar Fomor Bard
Duende Cotehardie (BLM/SMN) Aries Subligar Fomor Black Mage
Gaudy Harness (BRD/BST) Ophiuchus Subligar Fomor Beastmaster
Glamor Jupon (RDM) Scorpius Subligar Fomor Red Mage
Gloom Breastplate (DRK) Sagittarius Subligar Fomor Dark Knight
Nimbus Doublet (SMN/WHM) Capricornus Subligar Fomor Summoner
Nokizaru Gi (NIN) Taurus Subligar Fomor Ninja
Parade Cuirass (PLD/WAR) Pisces Subligar Fomor Paladin
Rapparee Harness (THF) Gemini Subligar Fomor Thief
Shikaree Aketon (RNG) Virgo Subligar Fomor Ranger
Shinimusha Hara-Ate (SAM) Cancer Subligar Fomor Samurai
Wyvern Mail (DRG) Leo Subligar Fomor Dragoon
(The Fomor Warrior does not drop any subligaria, and there is no Fomor White Mage.)

Quest Notes: The subligar is used up when you complete the quest, although you can obtain another one from the Fomor if you wish. This quest is repeatable; you can do it up to 13 times, if you wish to obtain all of these level 50 body armor pieces. This can be repeated quickly if you have farmed the subligars for different job pieces in advance; they drop off of the Fomor mobs regardless of whether you have the quest activated or not. You cannot obtain the same body armor from the quest twice, however, so be sure you no longer want a piece before you discard it. You do not have to get just the armor that can be used by the job that has Artifact armor; that is entirely up to the person doing the quest.
Recommended Level for Brygid the Stylist Returns
Equipping Artifact armor (not weapons) is required to start this quest, meaning the character has to be at least 52. Some of the crafted armor pieces that have to be worn for the first step of the quest are higher level, however, so it may not be possible to complete unless the character is closer to 60.

Obtaining the subligar required by the quest involves killing the difficult Fomor found in the level-capped areas of Sacrarium (level 50) or Phomiuna Aqueducts (level 40.) This is difficult to do with just one party, given the many Fomor that link; usually an alliance of two or more parties is used to efficiently farm the subligaria.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Neraya,
It's completely random. She will ask you different kind of stuff (it has been listed somewhere).<br /> Just hope that it wouldn't cost you too much.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Pyerzuka,
She asked me(rdm) for Pyro body and Hose. I dont know if it's random but that's what red mages might need.

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