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Chasing Dreams
Starting Info for Chasing Dreams
Summary: Zoriboh Quest #1
Realm: Outlands
Type: General
Starting Zone: Rabao
Starting NPC: Zoriboh [F-6]
Required Selbina/Rabao Fame: Unknown

This Quest Requires Chains of Promathia.
This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
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Following Quest in This Series:
NPCs Used
KagetoraBastok PortF-6
Patient WheelBastok PortF-5
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Eastern GemInventoryMaterials / Goldsmithing
Flask of Clam WaterKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Storeroom KeyKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Washu's FlaskKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Rewards From Chasing Dreams
Gil Reward: 4000gil
Item Reward:
Venerer Ring34FingerRare
  • Accuracy +3
Game Details for Chasing Dreams
Client: Zoriboh (Near the oasis, Rabao)

Summary: A young cargo hauler named Sanctia has suddenly left Rabao, and Zoriboh wants you to find her. According to Zoriboh, she has probably headed for Norg to board a ship bound for the Tavnazian Marquisate...
Walkthrough for Chasing Dreams
Requirements: Must have completed the first three Promyvion, with access to Tavnazia.
  1. Talk to Rudolfo near the Rabao Auction House for an event.
  2. Talk to Zoriboh near the oasis for an event and to start the quest.
  3. Go to Norg. You will need 5 Eastern Gems later in the quest, so you can get them along the way from farming the various lower level Sahagin which drop them, in either Yuhtunga Jungle or Sea Serpent Grotto. Alternately, you can purchase them at the Auction House, since it can take a while to farm 5 of them.
  4. In Norg, go to the Buccaneers' Quarters up near Gilgamesh's chamber, and talk to Sohyon for an event. Then talk to Washu to recieve the key item Washu's Flask.
  5. Go to Korroloka Tunnel and select the four Giant Clams there to fill up the flask. They are at: I-10 on the map with the Eastern Altepa Desert exit; G-11 on the northwestern map with the exit to Western Altepa Desert; K-6 at the northeastern map; F-10 on the map with the Zeruhn Mines exit. The order of selecting the clams does not matter; once you have selected all four, the waterskin will be full and turned into a key item Flask of Clam Water.
  6. Return to Norg and talk to Sohyon, who will provide a key item Storeroom Key.
  7. Talk with Gimb near the entrance of Norg.
  8. Go to Bastok Port and talk with Kagetora in the upper section of Warehouse 2.
  9. Go down out the back of the warehouse and talk with Patient Wheel. Trade him the five Eastern Gems obtained previously, then select either answer for an event.
  10. Go to Selbina and talk with the mayor Abelard.
  11. Go to Valkurm Dunes and enter the Swirling Vortex in the Siren Sands, in the cave at I-9.
  12. You'll get an event and have a few options; the answers you choose don't matter, as it will all end the same.
  13. Go back to Rabao and talk with Zoriboh to end the quest and receive your gil and ring reward.
Recommended Level for Chasing Dreams
If the Eastern Gems are obtained from the Auction House, then there is nothing that needs to be killed to complete this quest. Anyone with a level 30+ character necessary for going through the first three Promyvion should be fine, although the character would need to be 50+ or have Sneak and Invis to move safely around through the needed sections of Sea Serpent Grotto and Korroloka Tunnel. A group of level 30 characters or a solo level 50+ character could farm the needed Eastern Gems, if necessary. It is highly recomended that this quest is completed along with a White Mage who can teleport to the necessary spots, to save at least an hour of time moving about.

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