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Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Site Updates - May 21, 2006
Posted by: Cuer - Sun May 21st, 2006 01:34 am EDT
A large slew of new mobs and quests make up the majority of this site update, all part of the new expansion zones. These can be seen in further detail in the April 2006 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: Cleaning Tool Set

Items Updated: Moghancement: Conquest, Tree Saplings, Merrow No. 17's Locket, Ic Pilav +1, Ic Pilav, Bloodwood Lumber, Lambent Wind Cell, Lambent Earth Cell, Lambent Water Cell, Lambent Fire Cell, Khroma Ore, Karni Yarik +1, Cerberus Claw, Apkallu Fletchings, Iron Nugget, Water Crystal, Silver Nugget, Ice Crystal, Brass Nugget, Earth Crystal, Darksteel Nugget, Windurstian Tea Leaves, Yayla Corbasi +1, Yayla Corbasi, Menemen +1, Menemen, Virtue Stone, Yogurt, Auric Sand, Karni Yarik, Dark Bronze Ingot, Gold Leaf, Mythril Pick, Pot of Tsetseroon's Stew, Tin Ore, Cobalt Jellyfish, Pamamas, Date, Istavrit, Istiridye, Ahtapot, Mercanbaligi, Istakoz, Imp Wing, Merrow Scale, White Honey, Rainbow Berry, Sickle, Animator, Antique Automaton, Bag of Gold Pieces, Forgotten Hexagun, Sunsand, Dangruf Stone, Siren's Tear, Platinum Leaf, Light Cluster, Light Crystal, Ahriman Lens, Image Recorder, Vial of Luminous Water, Lightning Band, Electropot, Electrolocomotive, Electrocell, Pickaxe, Dkhaaya's Research Journal, Sutlac, Wind Crystal, Rock Salt, Copper Nugget, Orichalcum Ore, Sulfur, Iron Sand, Flint Stone, Bomb Ash, Mythril Ore, Scintillant Ingot, Luminium Ore, Mamook Blackscale Key, Mamook Tanscale Key, Mamook Silverscale Key, Halvung Brass Key, Halvung Bronze Key, Halvung Shakudo Key, Lamian Bone Key, Lamian Fang Key, Lamian Claw Key, Roast Coffee Beans, Qiqirn Mine, Diatryma Meat, Cerberus Hide, Coffee Powder, Mana Conserver, Mana Converter, Mana Tank, Damage Gauge, Flashbulb, Auto-Repair Kit, Stealth Screen, Heatsink, Mana Jammer, Heat Seeker, Volt Gun, Stabilizer, Analyzer, Armor Plate, Shock Absorber, Pattern Reader, Scope, Accelerator, Scanner, Loudspeaker, Mana Booster, Inhibitor, Tension Spring, Strobe, Dark Card, Light Card, Water Card, Thunder Card, Earth Card, Wind Card, Ice Card, Fire Card, ??? Box, ??? Cloth, ??? Potion, ??? Ingot, ??? Necklace, ??? Shield, ??? Sash, ??? Cape, ??? Ring, ??? Earring, ??? Headpiece, ??? Footwear, ??? Gloves, ??? Bow, ??? Axe, ??? Polearm, ??? Dagger, ??? Sword, Imperial Gold Piece, Imperial Mythril Piece, Imperial Silver Piece, Imperial Bronze Piece, Ancient Beastcoin, 1 Byne Bill, 10,000 Byne Bill, 100 Byne Bill, Tukuku Whiteshell, Rimilala Stripeshell, Lungo-Nango Jadeshell, Montiont Silverpiece, Ordelle Bronzepiece, Ranperre Goldpiece, Automaton Oil +2, Automaton Oil +1, Automaton Oil, Cerberus Meat, Tariqah -1, Macuahuitl -1

NPCs Added: Daswil, Shamarhaan

NPCs Updated: Momoroon, Nabihwah, Nomad Moogle, Ugrihd, Fubruhn, Shihu-Danhu

Mobs Added: Archaic Mirror, Archaic Mirror, Archaic Mirror, Thunder Elemental, Air Elemental, Submarine Nipper, Orobon, Cyan Deep Pugil, Utukku, Cyan Deep Crab, Cyan Deep Pugil, Abyssal Pugil, Thalassic Pugil, Imp, Kulushedra, Bathybic Kulushedra, Apkallu, Bigclaw, Water Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Revenant, Blanched Kraken, Ocean Kraken, Passage Crab, Gugru Crab, Ocean Jagil, Gugru Jagil, Gugru Orobon, Giant Orobon, Lahama, Talacca Clot, Wootzshell, Llamhigyn Y Dwr, Arrapago Leech, Giant Orobon, Llamhigyn Y Dwr, Lahama, Wootzshell, Chimera Clot, Arrapago Leech, Ice Elemental, Dark Elemental, Lamia No. 24, Lamia No. 19, Lamia No. 11, Bukki, Ephramadian Shade, Bhoot, Draugar Servant, Merrow Typhoondancer, Merrow Wavedancer, Merrow Bladedancer, Lamie Necromancer, Lamia Necromancer, Lamia Idolater, Seneschal Imp, Emperor Apkallu, Qiqirn Trailer, Qiqirn Treasure Hunter, Purgatory Bat, Lahama, Heraldic Imp, Jnun, Fallen Imperial Trooper, Fallen Imperial Wizard, Fallen Volunteer, Lamie Toxophilite, Lamia Toxophilite, Lamie Deathdancer, Lamia Deathdancer, Lamie Bellydancer, Lamia Bellydancer, Lamia Fatedealer, Lamia's Elemental, Lamia Dancer, Lamia Dartist, Lamia Graverrobber, Nix Typhoondancer, Nix Wavedancer, Nix Bladedancer, Nix Songstress, Merrow Songstress, Merrow Kabukidancer, Merrow Shadowdancer, Merrow Icedancer, Merrow Chantress, Qutrub, Phasma, Draugar's Wyvern, Reserve Draugar, Ashakku, Nipper, Arrapago Apkallu, Llamhigyn Y Dwr, Suhur Mas, Caedarva Marshscum, Caedarva Pondscum, Dark Elemental, Water Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Guard Bhoot, Qiqirn Mireguide, Qiqirn Rock Hound, Guard Skeleton, Ephramadian Shade, Lamia Deathdancer, Lamia Chaukidar, Lamia Necromancer, Lamia Toxophilite, Lamia Idolater, Heraldic Imp, Draugar Servant, Spongilla Fly, Mosshorn, Lamia Fatedealer, Jnun, Reserve Draugar, Mature Treant, Elder Treant, Wild Karakul, Oil Slick, Orderly Imp, Puktrap, Marsh Murre, Caedarva Leech, Chigoe, Treant Sapling, Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, Dahak, Antares, Friar's Lantern, Moblin Billionaire, Moblin Millionaire, Wamouracampa, Ebony Pudding, Black Pudding, Troll Machinist, Troll Cuirasser, Troll Grenadier, Troll Scrimer, Troll Targeteer, Troll Combatant, Troll Artilleryman, Troll Gemologist, Troll Cameist, Troll Ironworker, Troll's Automaton, Troll Engraver, Troll Smelter, Troll Lapidarist, Troll Stoneworker, Magmatic Eruca, Qiqirn Diamantaire, Qiqirn Mercenary, Volcanic Bats, Purgatory Bat, Troll Speculator, Cerberus, Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, Wootzshell, Giant Orobon, Vozold Jagil, Sicklemoon Jagil, Zazalda Jagil, Sicklemoon Crab, Vozold Clot, Phasma, Dahak, Ebony Pudding, King Apkallu, Troll's Automaton, Hilltroll Puppetmaster, Hilltroll Ranger, Hilltroll Dark Knight, Hilltroll Paladin, Hilltroll Red Mage, Hilltroll Monk, Hilltroll Warrior, Wamoura Prince, Wootzshell, Sicklemoon Jagil, Assassin Fly, Sweeping Cluster, Volcanic Leech, Mountain Clot, Magmatic Eruca, Zhayolm Apkallu, Aydeewa Crab, Cave Pugil, Anautogenous Slug, Cave Mold, Slime Mold, Air Elemental, Cave Tiger, Great Ameretat, Qiqirn Archaeologist, Qiqirn Mosstrooper, Mycohopper, Aydeewa Diremite, Mold Eater, Phlebotomic Slug, Slime Mold, Qiqirn Liueter, Qiqirn Enterpriser, Puktrap, Fossorial Flea, Treant Sapling, Mamook Mush, Suhur Mas, Mamool Ja Bloodsucker, Mamook Crab, Air Elemental, Sea Puk, Watch Wyvern, Qiqirn Poulterer, Qiqirn Goldsmith, Nipper, Mamool Ja Pikeman, Mamool Ja's Raptor, Mamool Ja Stabler, Mamool Ja Blusterer, Mamool Ja Infiltrator, Mamool Ja Mimer, Mamool Ja Philosopher, Mamool Ja Lurker, Spinner, Battle Bugard, Ziz, Mamool Ja Frogman, Mamool Ja Diver, Mamool Ja's Wyvern, Mamool Ja Spearman, Mamool Ja's Lizard, Mamool Ja Strapper, Mamool Ja Bounder, Mamool Ja Sophist, Mamool Ja Savant, Mamool Ja Zenist, Mamool Ja Mimicker, Hunting Raptor, Carriage Lizard, Colibri, Suhur Mas, Puk, Azoth Apsaras, Red Osculator, Red Smoocher, Mercurial Makara, Kissing Leech, Chigoe's Nit, Berried Chigoe, Air Elemental, Haunt, Fomor's Bats, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Thief, Fomor Bard, Fomor Paladin, Great Ameretat, Mamool Ja Mimicker, Puk, Mamool Ja Bounder, Mamool Ja Sophist, Mamool Ja Savant, Mamool Ja Zenist, Ameretat, Woodtroll Ranger, Woodtroll Dark Knight, Woodtroll Monk, Woodtroll Warrior, Carmine Eruca, Colorful Treant, Defoliate Treant, Treant Sapling, Woodland Runner, Giant Marid, Marid, Chigoe, Wajaom Tiger, Red Kisser, Worker Pephredo, Soldier Pephredo, Aht Urhgan Attercop, Lesser Colibri, Troll's Automaton, Fomor's Bats, Chigoe's Nit, Berried Chigoe, Plague Chigoe, Air Elemental, Kissing Leech, Azoth Apsaras, Red Smoocher, Haunt, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Thief, Fomor Bard, Fomor Paladin, Incubus Bats, Mamool Ja Blusterer, Mamool Ja's Wyvern, Mamool Ja Pikeman, Mamool Ja Lurker, Mamool Ja's Raptor, Mamool Ja Stabler, Mamool Ja Infiltrator, Mamool Ja Mimer, Mamool Ja Philosopher, Colorful Treant, Olden Treant, Giant Marid, Marid, Date Eruca, Colibri, Troll Shieldbearer, Troll Surveillant, Troll Sabreur, Chigoe, Treant Sapling, Red Kisser, Ameretat, Wajaom Tiger, Lesser Colibri, Aht Urhgan Attercop, Jurik, Sea Puk

Mobs Updated: Mother Globe, Teine Sith

Quests Added: Promotion: Superior Private, Promotion: Private First Class, Rock Bottom, What Friends Are For, Totoroon's Treasure Hunt, Cook-a-roon?, Two Horn the Savage, The Prankster, Fear of the Dark II, Such Sweet Sorrow, A Taste of Honey, Vanishing Act, Delivering the Goods, Give Peace a Chance, Finding Faults, No Strings Attached, The Die Is Cast, Luck of the Draw, An Empty Vessel, Get the Picture, Got It All

Quests Updated: The Road to Aht Urhgan, Brygid the Stylist Returns

Zones Updated: Ferry Between Al Zahbi & Nashmau, Ferry Between Mhaura & Al Zahbi, Talacca Cove, Arrapago Reef, Al Zahbi, Mount Zhayolm, Aydeewa Subterrane, Bhaflau Thickets, Aht Urhgan Whitegate, Wajaom Woodlands, Caedarva Mire, Mamook, Halvung

Recipes Added: Balik Sis, Chai, Gold Nugget, Troll Bronze Sheet

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Troll Pauldron, Tactician Magician's Hooks +1, Noct Gloves, Tariqah -1, Jadagna -1, Januwiyah

Recipes Updated: Arbalest, Soil Tekko, Darksteel Falx, Ebonite, Venom Dust, Iron Bullet, Bloodwood Lumber, Polyflan, Goblin Coif, Mana Booster, Tsahyan Mask, Jambiya, Flounder Meuniere, Emperor Roe, Hydro Cutter, Sis Kebabi, Roast Coffee Beans, Jaridah Salvars, White Honey, Karakul Leather, Tuck, Jadagna, Polyflan Paper, Januwiyah, Mezraq, Black Ink, Cornstarch, Scintillant Ingot, Hexagun, Cotton Tofu, Karakul Thread, Wind Arrowheads, Earth Arrowheads, Karni Yarik, Star Globe, Pebble, Wailing Shell, Imperial Wootz Ingot

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Noct Brais, Brass Hammer, Lamian Armlet, Qutrub Gorget, Mamool Ja Helmet, Macuahuitl -1

Items Drops/Obtained Added: Sutlac, Giant Bird Feather, Ziz Meat, Dryad Root, Bloodwood Log, Rosewood Log, Ebony Log, Dogwood Log, Pine Nuts, Date, Chestnut Log, Arrowwood Log, Lauan Log, Archaic Mirror, Lesser Chigoe, Denizanasi, Orobon Lure, Ice Cluster, Silica, Lamian Armlet, Lamian Fang Key, Lamian Bone Key, Merrow Scale, Dark Cluster, Water Cluster, Lightning Cluster, Qutrub Bandage, Insect Wing, Undead Skin, Revival Tree Root, Karakul Meat, Karakul Wool, Imp Horn, Imp Wing, Bird Feather, Bird Egg, Bomb Ash, Cerberus Meat, Cerberus Hide, Cerberus Claw, Algol, Fire Cluster, Earth Cluster, Apkallu Egg, Strobe, Flan Meat, Januwiyah -1, Jadagna -1, Wamoura Cocoon, Crab Shell, Land Crab Meat, White Sand, Pugil Scales, Cluster Ash, Apkallu Feather, Bloodthread, Avatar Blood, Zinc Ore, Silver Ore, Copper Ore, Flint Stone, Qiqirn Sandbag, Slime Oil, Carbuncle's Ruby, Tariqah -1, Seashell, Mamool Ja Helmet, Mamook Tanscale Key, Lacquer Tree Log, Silk Thread, Puffball, Mistletoe, Fiend Blood, Beastman Blood, Royal Jelly, Giant Stinger, White Honey, Pephredo Hive Chip, Malboro Vine, Tariqah, Wind Cluster, Bat Wing, Macuahuitl -1, Mamook Blackscale Key, Marid Tusk, Marid Hide, Marid Hair, Crawler Cocoon, Crawler Egg, Black Tiger Fang, Colibri Feather, Colibri Beak, Spider Web, Wyvern Wing, Wyvern Skin, Puk Egg, Chimera Blood, Puk Wing, Map of Mount Zhayolm, Map of Aydeewa Subterrane, Nashmau Stew, Imperial Mythril Piece, Map of Caedarva Mire, Merrow No. 17's Locket, Irmik Helvasi, ??? Box, Animator, Random Ring, Corsair Die, Mark of Zahak, Imperial Silver Piece, Bibiki Seashell, Olduum Ring, Imperial Bronze Piece

Mini-Quests Updated: Obtaining the Promyvion Maps, Obtaining the Airship Pass For Kazham, Access via Sealed Portal (Horutoto Inner Ruins), Access via Ornamented Door (SSG), Toolbags for Ninja Tools, Quivers for Arrows and Bolts, Armor Storage - Event Items, Armor Storage - Complete Armor Sets, Strange Apparatuses, Re-Acquiring Artifact Equipment, Ancient Beastcoin Purchases

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Order: Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack (PC)(PS2)(XBOX 360)
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