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Armor Storage - Complete Armor Sets
Starting Info for Armor Storage - Complete Armor Sets
Summary: Stores a set of armor for a fee, freeing up inventory and storage space.
There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.

This Quest Is Repeatable.
NPCs Used
CaruvindaJeuno LowerJ-6
RatonneTavnazian SafeholdF-8
SinonBastok MarketsH-9
TaulenneSan d'Oria NorthG-8
Tesch GaranjyWindurst WoodsH-11
PerevieJugner ForestH-8
Meh NboloPashhow MarshlandsI-7
MuzezeMeriphataud MountainsG-7
Walkthrough for Armor Storage - Complete Armor Sets
Armor storage is a way to save space in your inventory or Mog House safe, by storing sets of armor when they are not needed. The NPCs who provide this service accept a full set of specific types of armor and keep it safely for you; they are located in five major cities, as well as in the three Ballista zones. There is a fixed fee for storing a set of armor, of 400-1000 gil for each armor set. To store a set of armor, trade all the armor pieces in a set to any Armor Storer, and you will receive a key item "claim slip" in return. To obtain the armor back, talk to any Armor Storer NPC. You can pay the storage fee and cash in the claim slip, and you will recieve your set of armor.

All of the crafted armor can only be stored in full sets of NQ items, which limits the usefulness for that type of equipment. The armor storage is more often used by high level characters to store Artifact sets that are no longer needed. Some details to keep in mind about armor storage:
  • You can store as many sets of armor as you like.
  • Only the items listed can be stored, and in a full set; you cannot store individual items, or anything other than a complete set (4-5 pieces, depending on the set.)
  • High-Quality crafted items cannot be stored, only sets of Normal Quality armor.
  • Any signatures on crafted items will be removed when a signed item is put into storage.
The sets of armor that can be stored by these armor storers are listed below.

Level 24-30 Storable Armor Sets
Armor Set Items In Set Cost
Iron Chainmail Iron Mask, Chainmail, Chain Mittens, Chain Hose, Greaves 300 gil
Shade Harness Shade Tiara, Shade Harness, Shade Mittens, Shade Tights, Shade Leggings 300 gil
Brass Scale Armor Brass Mask, Brass Scale Mail, Brass Finger Gauntlets, Brass Cuisses, Brass Greaves 400 gil
Wool Robe Wool Hat, Wool Robe, Wool Cuffs, Wool Slops, Chestnut Sabots 400 gil
Eisenplatte Armor Eisenschaller, Eisenbrust, Eisenhentzes, Eisendiechlings, Eisenschuhs 400 gil
Soil Gi Soil Hachimaki, Soil Gi, Soil Tekko, Soil Sitabaki, Soil Kyahan 400 gil
Seer's Tunic Seer's Crown, Seer's Tunic, Seer's Mitts, Seer's Slacks, Seer's Pumps 400 gil
Studded Armor Studded Bandana, Studded Vest, Studded Gloves, Studded Trousers, Studded Boots 400 gil
Centurion's Scale Mail Centurion's Visor, Centurion's Scale Mail, Centurion's Finger Gauntlets, Centurion's Cuisses, Centurion's Greaves 400 gil
Mercenary Captain's Doublet Mercenary Captain's Headgear, Mercenary Captain's Doublet, Mercenary Captain's Gloves, Mercenary Captain's Hose, Mercenary Captain's Gaiters 400 gil
Garish Tunic Garish Crown, Garish Tunic, Garish Mitts, Garish Slacks, Garish Pumps 400 gil
Noct Doublet Noct Beret, Noct Doublet, Noct Gloves, Noct Brais, Noct Gaiters 400 gil
Armor Set Items In Set Cost

Level 31-40 Storable Armor Sets
Armor Set Items In Set Cost
Custom Armor (Hume Male) Custom Tunic, Custom M Gloves, Custom Slacks, Custom M Boots 500 gil
Custom Armor (Hume Female) Custom Vest, Custom F Gloves, Custom Pants, Custom F Boots 500 gil
Magna Armor (Elvaan Male) Magna Jerkin, Magna Gauntlets, Magna M Chausses, Magna M Ledelsens 500 gil
Magna Armor (Elvaan Female) Magna Bodice, Magna Gloves, Magna F Chausses, Magna F Ledelsens 500 gil
Wonder Armor (Tarutaru) Wonder Kaftan, Wonder Mitts, Wonder Braccae, Wonder Clomps 500 gil
Savage Armor (Mithra) Savage Separates, Savage Gauntlets, Savage Loincloth, Savage Gaiters 500 gil
Elder Armor (Galka) Elder's Surcoat, Elder's Bracers, Elder's Braguette, Elder's Sandals 500 gil
Linen Cloak Cloak, Linen Mitts, Linen Slacks, Shoes 500 gil
Padded Armor Padded Cap, Padded Armor, Iron Mittens, Iron Subligar, Leggings 500 gil
Silver Chainmail Silver Mask, Silver Mail, Silver Mittens, Silver Hose, Silver Greaves 600 gil
Gambison Red Cap, Gambison, Bracers, Hose, Socks 600 gil
Iron Scale Mail Iron Visor, Iron Scale Mail, Iron Finger Gauntlets, Iron Cuisses, Iron Greaves 600 gil
Cuir Armor Cuir Bandana, Cuir Bouilli, Cuir Gloves, Cuir Trousers, Cuir Highboots 600 gil
Velvet Robe Velvet Hat, Velvet Robe, Velvet Cuffs, Velvet Slops, Ebony Sabots 600 gil
Opaline Dress Lilac Corsage, Opaline Dress, Opaline Hose, Opaline Boots 600 gil
Royal Squire's Chainmail Royal Squire's Helm, Royal Squire's Chainmail, Royal Squire's Mufflers, Royal Squire's Breeches, Royal Squire's Sollerets 600 gil
Plate Armor Sallet, Breastplate, Gauntlets, Cuisses, Plate Leggings 600 gil
Combat Caster's Cloak Combat Caster's Cloak, Combat Caster's Mitts, Combat Caster's Slacks, Combat Caster's Shoes 600 gil
Armor Set Items In Set Cost

Level 41-50 Storable Armor Sets
Armor Set Items In Set Cost
Alumine Haubert Alumine Salade, Alumine Haubert, Alumine Moufles, Alumine Brayettes, Alumine Solerets 700 gil
Carapace Armor Carapace Mask, Carapace Harness, Carapace Mittens, Carapace Subligar, Carapace Leggings 700 gil
Banded Mail Banded Helm, Banded Mail, Mufflers, Breeches, Sollerets 800 gil
Hara-Ate Zunari Kabuto, Hara-Ate, Kote, Haidate, Sune-Ate 800 gil
Raptor Armor Raptor Helm, Raptor Jerkin, Raptor Gloves, Raptor Trousers, Raptor Ledelsens 800 gil
Steel Scale Mail Steel Visor, Steel Scale Mail, Steel Finger Gauntlets, Steel Cuisses, Steel Greaves 800 gil
Wool Gambison Wool Cap, Wool Gambison, Wool Bracers, Wool Hose, Wool Socks 800 gil
Shinobi Gi Shinobi Hachigane, Shinobi Gi, Shinobi Tekko, Shinobi Hakama, Shinobi Kyahan 800 gil
Iron Musketeer's Cuirass Iron Musketeer's Armet, Iron Musketeer's Cuirass, Iron Musketeer's Gauntlets, Iron Musketeer's Cuisses, Iron Musketeer's Sabatons 800 gil
Tactician Magician's Coat Tactician Magician's Hat, Tactician Magician's Coat, Tactician Magician's Cuffs, Tactician Magician's Slops, Tactician Magician's Pigaches 800 gil
White Cloak White Cloak, Black Mitts, White Slacks, Moccasins 800 gil
Austere Robe Austere Hat, Austere Robe, Austere Cuffs, Austere Slops, Austere Sabots 800 gil
Armor Set Items In Set Cost

Artifact Storable Armor Sets
Armor Set Items In Set Cost
Fighter's Armor Fighter's Mask, Fighter's Lorica, Fighter's Mufflers, Fighter's Cuisses, Fighter's Calligae 1000 gil
Temple Attire Temple Crown, Temple Cyclas, Temple Gloves, Temple Hose, Temple Gaiters 1000 gil
Healer's Attire Healer's Cap, Healer's Briault, Healer's Mitts, Healer's Pantaloons, Healer's Duckbills 1000 gil
Warlock's Armor Warlock's Chapeau, Warlock's Tabard, Warlock's Gloves, Warlock's Tights, Warlock's Boots 1000 gil
Rogue's Attire Rogue's Bonnet, Rogue's Vest, Rogue's Armlets, Rogue's Culotte, Rogue's Poulaines 1000 gil
Gallant Armor Gallant Coronet, Gallant Surcoat, Gallant Gauntlets, Gallant Breeches, Gallant Leggings 1000 gil
Chaos Armor Chaos Burgeonet, Chaos Cuirass, Chaos Gauntlets, Chaos Flanchard, Chaos Sollerets 1000 gil
Beast Armor Beast Helm, Beast Jackcoat, Beast Gloves, Beast Trousers, Beast Gaiters 1000 gil
Choral Attire Choral Roundlet, Choral Justaucorps, Choral Cuffs, Choral Cannions, Choral Slippers 1000 gil
Hunter's Attire Hunter's Beret, Hunter's Jerkin, Hunter's Bracers, Hunter's Braccae, Hunter's Socks 1000 gil
Myochin Armor Myochin Kabuto, Myochin Domaru, Myochin Kote, Myochin Haidate, Myochin Sune-Ate 1000 gil
Ninja Garb Ninja Hatsuburi, Ninja Chainmail, Ninja Tekko, Ninja Hakama, Ninja Kyahan 1000 gil
Drachen Armor Drachen Armet, Drachen Mail, Drachen Finger Gauntlets, Drachen Brais, Drachen Greaves 1000 gil
Evoker's Attire Evoker's Horn, Evoker's Doublet, Evoker's Bracers, Evoker's Spats, Evoker's Pigaches 1000 gil
Armor Set Items In Set Cost

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