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Site Updates - June 9, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Thu Jun 09th, 2005 03:19 am EDT
Guides galore fill up this site update, along with item and recipe tweaks.
Items Updated: Zvahl Coffer Key, Zvahl Chest Key, Ve'Lugannon Coffer Key, Uggalepih Coffer Key, Toraimarai Coffer Key, Shakhrami Chest Key, Ranperre Chest Key, Ru'Aun Coffer Key, Sacrarium Chest Key, Quicksand Coffer Key, Pso'Xja Chest Key, Palborough Chest Key, Oztroja Coffer Key, Oztroja Chest Key, Ordelle Chest Key, Onzozo Chest Key, Oldton Chest Key, Newton Coffer Key, Nest Coffer Key, Nest Chest Key, Kuftal Coffer Key, Horutoto Chest Key, Gusgen Chest Key, Grotto Coffer Key, Grotto Chest Key, Giddeus Chest Key, Ghelsba Chest Key, Garlaige Coffer Key, Garlaige Chest Key, Fei'Yin Chest Key, Eldieme Coffer Key, Eldieme Chest Key, Den Coffer Key, Delkfutt Chest Key, Davoi Coffer Key, Davoi Chest Key, Dangruf Chest Key, Cauldron Coffer Key, Boyahda Coffer Key, Beadeaux Coffer Key, Beadeaux Chest Key, Twinkle Powder, Koma, Goblin Doll, Ogre Pumpkin, Marguerite, Seiryu's Sword, Lumberjack, Bundling Twine, Bee Larvae, Tonberry Rattle, Ro'Maeve Water, Uggalepih Whistle, Seal of Seiryu, Seal of Byakko, Seal of Genbu, Uggalepih Offering, Seal of Suzaku, Winterstone, Autumnstone, Springstone, Summerstone, Hakutaku Eye Cluster, Gem of the West, Gem of the South, Gem of the North, Gem of the East, Curtana, Antican Tag, Opo-opo Crown, Euvhi Organ, Ebisu Fishing Rod, Wing Gorget, Wyvern Feed, Bird Feather, Sairen, Coffinmaker, Giant Bird Feather, Golden Fleece, Crimson Jelly, Vermillion Jelly, Vile Elixir +1, Vile Elixir, Hi-Elixir, Elixir, Jacknife, Titanic Sawfish, Bibiki Urchin, Trilobite, Hi-Reraiser, Reraiser, Shogun Rice Ball, Tonosama Rice Ball, Carbonara +1, Peperoncino +1, Ground Wasabi, Phanaeut Newt, Tropical Clam, Moorish Idol, Tricorn, Lungfish, Armored Pisces, Bibikibo, Blindfish, Vivified Coral, Bewitched Ash Lumber, Miasma Filter, Sanative Earring, Relaxing Earring, Jaeger Mantle, Memento Muffler, CCB Polymer, Misareaux Garlic, Demon Pen, Eastern Gem, Arnica Root, Special Present, Jade Bauble, Mehiruru Pop, Khue Pie, Blue Bandeau, Ice Bauble, Rimed Sapling, Knightsbell, Polar Flowerpot, Polar Fir Sapling, Joyful Letter, Grateful Letter, Thankful Letter, Kiddie Present, High Quality Eft Skin, Iolite, Balloon Cloth, Shakudo Ingot, Willpower Torque, Treasury Gold, Attohwa Ginseng, Cunning Earring, Cathedral Tapestry, Bowyer Ring, Venerer Ring, Gaudy Harness, Parade Cuirass, Aikido Gi, Nimbus Doublet, Gloom Breastplate, Glamor Jupon, Cerise Doublet, Shikaree Aketon, Wyvern Mail, Shinimusha Hara-Ate, Rapparee Harness, Nokizaru Gi, Duende Cotehardie, Pisces Subligar, Aquarius Subligar, Capricornus Subligar, Sagittarius Subligar, Scorpius Subligar, Libra Subligar, Virgo Subligar, Leo Subligar, Cancer Subligar, Gemini Subligar, Taurus Subligar, Aries Subligar, Return Ring, Homing Ring, Toreador's Cape, Minstrel's Dagger, Mannequin Pumps, Maat's Cap, Bison Jerky, Buffalo Jerky, Nero di Seppia, Boscaiola, Carbonara, Vongole Rosso, Peperoncino, Cloud Evoker, Yovra Organ, Hpemde Organ, Aern Organ, Xzomit Organ, Phuabo Organ, Luminian Tissue, Shadow Gorget, Light Gorget, Aqua Gorget, Thunder Gorget, Soil Gorget, Breeze Gorget, Snow Gorget, Flame Gorget, Anrin Obi, Korin Obi, Suirin Obi, Rairin Obi, Dorin Obi, Furin Obi, Hyorin Obi, Karin Obi, Elegant Ribbon, Powerful Rope

NPCs Updated: Dabih Jajalioh, Meriri, Kuzah Hpirohpon

Mobs Updated: Ullikummi, Faust, Despot, Zipacna, Vouivre, Dune Widow, Maldaramet B D'Aurphe, Delver, Mokumokuren, Xolotl's Hound Warrior, Xolotl's Sacrifice, Uleguerand Tiger, Gargoyle-Mu, Gargoyle-Lambda, Gargoyle-Kappa, Gargoyle-Iota, Sacrificial Goblet, Death from Above, Tarasque, Hakutaku, Crimson-toothed Pawberry, Novv the Whitehearted, Kirin, Olla Grande, Olla Media, Olla Pequena, Mother Globe, Steam Cleaner, Brigandish Blade, Caretaker, Detector, Seiryu, Byakko, Suzaku, Genbu, Habetrot, Yarr the Pearleyed, Cancer, Tribunus VII-I, Leech King, Argus, Awd Goggie, Matron Crawler, Queen Crawler, Drone Crawler, Drone Crawler, Guardian Crawler, Guardian Crawler, Lich C Magnus, Lumber Jack, Sobbing Sapling, Weeping Willow, Morion Worm, Bubbly Bernie, Fogweaver Mozzfuzz, Bloody Vrukwuk, Tonberry Tracker, Tonberry Decapitator, Tonberry Pontifex, Ogama, Tomb Worm, Titanis Dax, Titanis Xax, Titanis Jax, Titanis Max, Bomb Queen, Namtar, Aquarius, Geush Urvan, Sea Hog, Masan, Arch Demon, Ogmios, Ancient Goobbue, Charybdis, Moblin Wisewoman, Moblin Clergyman, Twilotak, Carmine Dobsonfly, Bloody Coffin, Marquis Andrealphus, Magnes Quadav, Nickel Quadav

Quests Updated: Trial Sized Trial by Water, Trial by Earth, Trial Sized Trial by Earth, Out of the Depths, Sorcery of the North, The Circle of Time, For the Birds, Missionary Moblin, The Gobbiebag Part VI, Brygid the Stylist Returns, Knock on Forbidden Doors, Divine Might, Behind the Smile, Inside the Belly, In the Name of Science, Petals for Parelbriaux

Spells Updated: Horde Lullaby, Foe Lullaby

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Palmer's Bangles, Chain Gorget, Rainbow Headband, Dance Shoes

Recipes Updated: Pigaches, Vermilion Lacquer, Bream Sushi, Garish Pumps, Divine Sap, Unicorn Cap, Unicorn Leggings, Ivory Sickle, Rogue's Platinum Ingot, Royal Knight's Belt +1, Reraise Earring, War Bow, Mythril Bolt Heads, Reraise Hairpin, Primate Staff, Padded Cap

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Palmer's Bangles, Trader's Slops, Bee Spatha, Dragon Mask, Shellbuster, Chain Choker

BCNMs Updated: Brothers D'Aurphe, Crustacean Conundrum, Prehistoric Pigeons, Royale Ramble, Petrifying Pair, Undying Promise

Items Drops Added: Newton Coffer Key, Pugil Scales, Blue Rock, Carbuncle's Ruby, Indigo Memosphere, Beryl Memosphere, Teal Memosphere, White Memosphere, Rock Salt, Seashell, Papaka Grass, Den Coffer Key, Scroll of Shell IV, Scroll of Burst, Danceshroom, Dried Mugwort, Scroll of Water III, Revival Tree Root, Libation Abjuration, Demon Horn

ENMs Updated: Playing Host, Pulling The Strings, Automaton Assault, Totentanz, Shell We Dance?, Like the Wind, Sheep in Antlion's Clothing

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