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Inside the Belly
Starting Info for Inside the Belly
Summary: Selbina Fishing Quest #4
Realm: Other
Type: General
Starting Zone: Selbina
Starting NPC: Zaldon [H-9]
Required Selbina/Rabao Fame: Unknown

This Quest Is Repeatable.
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Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Bhefhel MarlinInventoryFood / Fish
Cave CheraxInventoryFood / Fish
Dark BassInventoryFood / Fish
Emperor FishInventoryFood / Fish
Giant CatfishInventoryFood / Fish
Giant ChiraiInventoryFood / Fish
Giant DonkoInventoryFood / Fish
GugrusaurusInventoryFood / Fish
Jungle CatfishInventoryFood / Fish
LikInventoryFood / Fish
Ogre EelInventoryFood / Fish
Ryugu TitanInventoryFood / Fish
Sea ZombieInventoryFood / Fish
Silver SharkInventoryFood / Fish
TakitaroInventoryFood / Fish
TitanictusInventoryFood / Fish
TricornInventoryFood / Fish
Zafmlug BassInventoryFood / Fish
Rewards From Inside the Belly
Gil Reward: 10gil
Reward Details: Reward of 10-800 gil OR an item, based on the fish turned in. Random chance decides whether gil or the item is rewarded.
Item Reward:
Ancient Sword45Weapon
  • Additional Effect: Curse
Blue Rock--Inventory
Brigand's Chart--InventoryRare/Ex
Broken Halcyon Rod--Inventory
Broken Hume Rod--Inventory
Cuir Highboots38Feet
Darksteel Ore--Inventory
Drill Calamary--AmmoEx
Dwarf Pugil--AmmoEx
Earth Wand21Weapon
  • Additional Effect: Earth Damage
Green Rock--Inventory
Mercurial Sword62Weapon
  • Occasionally attacks 2 to 3 times
Opal Silk--InventoryRare/Ex
Philosopher's Stone--Inventory
Pirate's Chart--InventoryRare/Ex
Saber Shoot--InventoryRare/Ex
  • Additional Effect: Lightning Damage
Turquoise Ring36Finger
  • Mind +2
  • Resist vs. Water +5
Game Details for Inside the Belly
Client: Zaldon (Fishermen's Guild Salesroom, Selbina)

Summary: Some fish in Vana'diel like to eat shiny objects. If you catch one, let Zaldon cut it open for you.
Walkthrough for Inside the Belly
Requirements: The previous quest in this quest line, The Real Gift, must be completed. Novice fishing skill (minimum fishing level of 28) is also required.
  1. Talk to Zaldon to start the quest. He will tell you to bring fish, that he can cut open and sometimes find something inside.
  2. Obtain one of the fish listed, either via fishing it up yourself or from another player. While Zaldon suggests certain fish, based on your fishing skill level, you can turn any of them in at any time. At fishing skill level 30, Zaldon suggests that you bring him either a Dark Bass, Giant Catfish, Ogre Eel, or Zalmfug Bass; as your skill increases, he suggests more advanced fish.
  3. Trade the fish to Zaldon, to complete the quest and obtain either a gil reward, or occasionally an item. It is entirely random whether you recieve gil or an item as the reward; the vast majority of the time gil is obtained, with an item obtained roughly 1 out of every 50 times a fish is turned in, on average. (Again, this is random; sometimes well over a hundred fish can be turned in without getting an item reward, and other times you get two in a row.) The amount of gil rewarded is generally less than if the fish were sold to Fishing Guild Merchants; this quest is normally done to try to obtain the possible item reward.
Repeating the Quest: This quest can be repeated by turning in any of the fish, at any time; zoning is not required.

Fish Gil Reward Possible Item Reward Slot Stats Item Reward Info
Bhefhel Marlin 150 Brigand's Chart
Pirate's Chart
Inventory Rare/Ex The charts are used in their own fishing mini-quests.
Cave Cherax 800 Dwarf Pugil Ammo Ex Used in the fishing quest Indomitable Spirit.
Dark Bass 10 Green Rock Inventory
Emperor Fish 300 Cuir Highboots Feet
Giant Catfish 50 Earth Wand Weapon
  • Additional Effect: Earth Damage
Giant Chirai 550 Twinthread Inventory
Giant Donko 96 Broken Halcyon Rod Inventory
Gugrusaurus 880 Saber Shoot Inventory Rare/Ex Used in the fishing quest Indomitable Spirit.
Jungle Catfish 300 Broken Hume Rod Inventory
Lik 880 Opal Silk Inventory Rare/Ex Used in the fishing quest Indomitable Spirit.
Ogre Eel 16 Turquoise Ring Finger
  • Mind +2
  • Resist vs. Water +5
Ryugu Titan 800 Mercurial Sword Weapon
  • Occasionally attacks 2 to 3 times
Sea Zombie 350 Drill Calamary Ammo Ex Used in the fishing quest Indomitable Spirit.
Silver Shark 250 Trident Weapon
  • Additional Effect: Lightning Damage
Takitaro 310 Philosopher's Stone Inventory
Titanictus 350 Ancient Sword Weapon
  • Additional Effect: Curse
Tricorn 810 Darksteel Ore Inventory
Zafmlug Bass 15 Blue Rock Inventory
Fish Gil Reward Possible Item Reward Slot Stats Item Reward Info
Recommended Level for Inside the Belly
Given the prerequisite quests and required fishing skill, character level 30+ is generally necessary to do this quest. A character will need to be much higher level, to safely fish up some of the possible fish that can be used in the quest.

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