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Indomitable Spirit
Starting Info for Indomitable Spirit
Realm: Other
Type: General
Starting Zone: Rabao
Starting NPC: Irmilant [G-7]
Required Selbina/Rabao Fame: Unknown

This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
Related Quests

Related Quests:
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Cave CheraxInventoryFood / Fish
Drill CalamaryAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Fishing Gear
Dwarf PugilAmmoWeapons / Ammo & Misc. / Fishing Gear
GugrusaurusInventoryFood / Fish
LikInventoryFood / Fish
MoochingKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Opal SilkInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
Saber ShootInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
Sea ZombieInventoryFood / Fish
Serpent RumorsKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Rewards From Indomitable Spirit
Title Obtained: Indomitable Fisher
Item Reward:
Ebisu Fishing Rod--RangedRare/Ex
Game Details for Indomitable Spirit
Client: Irmilant (Near the oasis, Rabao)

Summary: Irmilant has asked you to bring the two base materials required to craft a legendary fishing rod. These materials seem to have found their way into the bellies of sea creatures that still elude the finest fishermen.
Walkthrough for Indomitable Spirit
Requirements: The exact prerequisite steps for this quest are unknown. The Fishing Guild Point key item Serpent Rumors, which requires 95000 Guild Points, is required to start the quest. The Mooching key item is also recommended, which requires 115000 Guild Points, as it makes it easier to land the huge fish required for this quest. Since these are required, a high level Fishing skill is required.
  1. Talk to Irmilant to start the quest. At a minimum, the Serpent Rumors key item required before the quest can be started.
  2. Obtain two Rare/Ex bait items, both by turning in fish to Zaldon as part of the Inside The Belly quest (this can be done before the Indomitable Spirit quest is even activated.)
    • Trade in a Sea Zombie to obtain the Drill Calamary bait.
    • Trade in a Cave Cherax to obtain the Dwarf Pugil bait.
    • Fish up a Gugrusaurus using the Drill Calamary, and trade it in for a Saber Shoot.
    • Fish up a Lik using the Dwarf Pugil, and trade it in for an Opal Silk.
  3. Trade both the Saber Shoot and Opal Silk to Irmilant.
  4. Return the next day and talk to Irmilant to end the quest, and receive your rod reward.
Recommended Level for Indomitable Spirit
Given the high level of fishing required for this quest, it is unlikely that a character could get to the necessary places to get these fish without the character at level 60+. Fishing skill of 90+ is a necessity, with most fishermen who complete this quest at or near 100 skill.

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