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Mobs: 4024
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NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Aquarius [NM]
Level: 69-71
Zone: Boyahda Tree
Family: Crab
Crystal: Water
Weak to: Ice, Lightning
Lottery Spawn From: Robber Crab
Located: H-10
Respawns Every: 2 hours
Behavior for Aquarius:
  • Aggressive
  • Linking
  • Detects by Sound
Total Spawn Points: 1
Comments for Aquarius:
  • Lottery spawn from the Robber Crabs around H-10 on the first map approximately every 2 hours.
  • Drops around 25000 gil
  • Item Drops: Fransisca drops over 80% of the time.
  • Killable by: 6 characters level 69-70; 8 characters level 64-66; 2 Beastmasters level 70
  • Special Attacks: Additional Effect: Enwater
Dropped from Aquarius:
Map of Aquarius Spawn Locations:
Map images provided courtesy of Vana'diel Atlas.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Deedo,
BST/WHM 61 and 62 can duo this. Just throw fungars and spiders at him. 1/1.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Isadora_shiva,
Aquarius solo at nin75 is also possible (use /rdm or /whm), either with some meds or just npc if you have one (i brought my npc along - Sahyu Lv65 soothing healer mode).

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Rieekil,
done this as RDM/BLU 75 ( was skilling up solo )<br /> 2hr thunder IIIx4 > gravity > convert > Thunder IIIx4 <br /> and drop 1/1 x.x;

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Sky,
My blm, before gettin teh ban, was fully merited in all but INT and MP. INT had 2 merits. All category to Elemental, Thunder and Ice capped, Burst II and Freeze II capped. Nothing crazy as far as gear goes, NQ staffs, Z mitts, Ugg, 2x snow, moldy/phantom, jet's, hume rse boots, penitents, and NQ back piece (forget if it was rainbow or the other one, which ever is NQ). BLM/RDM it took me between 30-45 seconds to solo this mob. If you can solo a pudding, you can solo Aquarius. Just make sure you have enfeebling gear, if the first gravity wears prematurely, it likes to not stick on the second cast. RDM could also solo this np.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Xellith,
tanked this on my 72 pld at the time.. was a cake walk. can be soloed on rdm or blm also. takes around 4-5 tier 4 apparantly. never done it myself<br /> <br /> im asuming that a pld/rdm with blaze spikes, phalanx and a mage could duo easily.

Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Kornfed,
fought this duo with a THF and me NIN, ive fought it 3 times and im 3/3 on drops. This can be duo'd at 75, nin or thf recommended

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