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Forum Guidelines - somepage.com

The following guidelines are to be followed when leaving posts on any of the forums here at somepage.com. We currently approve all messages before they are available to the public, and so some of these rules are different from what may be found on other sites. The rules will be updated as the forums change; for now, this is what we would like to see. These rules primarily focus on the ffxi.somepage.com section, but can be applied generally to all discussion forums at somepage.com.

Be Informative - The primary goal of these discussion forums is to provide a place for Final Fantasy XI players to discuss information about the game, and to leave feedback about our site. We are looking for solid information, although questions are fine if they relate to the subject of the forum. We are not currently a full-fledged community forum that covers discussions about events on specific servers or Linkshells; there are many sites listed in the FFXI Resource Repository which do offer that. There are numerous FFXI topics which can be discussed other places, but not here. Messages on the following topics are currently not permitted:
  • Any spam, including simple messages of agreement or disagreement which don't provide information or a question; this includes messages posted just to "bump" a topic to the top, or any other content-free posts. We are looking for quality over quantity of posts, and always prefer to see new or useful info rather than groundless speculation.
  • Promotion or requests for information about server-specific events, Linkshells, crafting or other in-game character assistance, or any other server-specific information.
  • Advertising or promotion of other websites or FFXI-related software. Information about sites and software that are suitable for the FFXI Resource Repository can be left in private Feedback.
  • Trading or selling of any sort, including but not limited to buying/selling/trading of accounts, currency, or in-game items.
  • Specific information or links about cheating in FFXI, especially any third-party programs that provide extraordinary in-game bonuses.
  • Linking to questionable content, including adult, illegal, or obscene sites or content.
  • Disagreements with forum moderation -- these views can be left in private Feedback.

Be Courteous - Discussions are expected to be conducted in a civil tone. Messages should be based around information and ideas, not pointed at specific people. We want a healthy discussion environment where users present ideas and facts in an mature manner. As such, the following types of conduct are strictly prohibited:
  • Trolling, bashing, or personal attacks.
  • Excessive use of profanity, including but not limited to curses, racial slurs, or prejudicial remarks about another person.
  • Derogatory terms when referring to specific groups or nationalities of people. Specifically, the terms JAP or jap to refer to a Japanese person are not allowed; JP or JPN should be used instead.

Stick to the Topic - The forums available cover the specific subjects we are currently interested in seeing discussed. Beyond the restrictions listed above, the following types of posts are not permitted:
  • Cross-forum posts, or multiple posts on the same subject when a current one will do.
  • Posts that do not pertain to FFXI, on any of the ffxi.somepage.com forums.
  • Pointless discussion of one game versus another, especially in the ffxi.somepage.com section. Informative comparisons are allowed on the somepage.com general forum.

Use common sense regarding these rules when posting, and we'll all enjoy useful discussion forums. Any questions about these rules can be left in the Site Feedback Forum.
Last Updated: July 9, 2005

Order: Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack (PC)(PS2)(XBOX 360)
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