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The Heir to the Light
Starting Info for The Heir to the Light
Summary: BCNM Fight
Mission Order: San d'Oria 9-2
Realm: San d'Oria
Starting Zone: City of San d'Oria
Starting NPC: Any San d'Oria Mission Starter

This Mission Is Not Repeatable.
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Missions in This Series:
Zones Used
Rewards From The Heir to the Light
Gil Reward: 100000gil
Reward Details: San d'Oria Rank 10
Item Reward:
San d'Orian Flag--Mog HouseRare/Ex
Game Details for The Heir to the Light
The Rites of Succession will be held at the cathedral in Northern San d'Oria. You are to report there for guard duty.
Walkthrough for The Heir to the Light
You will need more Rank Points to acquire this mission; turning in eight stacks of crystals allows activation.
  1. Talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter for a cut-scene to start the mission.
  2. Go to San d'Oria North for a cut-scene upon entry.
  3. Go to Chateau d'Oraguille for a cut-scene upon entry.
  4. Go to Xarcabard for a cut-scene upon entry.
  5. Go to Qu'Bia Arena and enter the BCNM "The Heir of the Light". It is an uncapped BCNM, and buffs are not removed upon entry.
  6. After the BCNM is completed, return to San d'Oria and zone in to Chateau d'Oraguille for a cut-scene upon entry.
  7. Go to King Ranperre's Tomb and select the Heavy Stone Door at H-8 on the first map for a cut-scene.
  8. Return to Chateau d'Oraguille for a cut-scene that finishes the mission, providing the reward of San d'Oria Rank 10, 100,000 gil, and the San d'Orian Flag.
  9. After the mission is completed, zone into San d'Oria North for a final cut-scene.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Aezir,
Burning Circle Strategy: <br /> 1. 10 standard orcs 1 white mage warmachine.<br /> *Suggested Strategy* zone into the bcnm and have one of your party members aggro all 11 mobs. Cast sleepga (warmachine and the ranger are hard to sleep) and separate the warmachine from the other orcs or he will curaga them and wake them up. Once the warmachine is dead proceed to kill the rest of the orcs, but make sure to leave one alive so you can rest.<br /> <br /> 2. 3 Orcs Warlord Rojgnoj (PLD), Rojgnojj's Right Hand (DRK), Rognoj's Left Hand (BLM) <br /> *Suggested Strategy* Sleepga the orcs (paladin is hard to sleep, so a second tank might be needed) and kill the Black Mage first. Kill the DRK second and then focus the entire party on the PLD.

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