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The Rescue Drill
Starting Info for The Rescue Drill
Mission Order: San d'Oria 2-1
Realm: San d'Oria
Starting Zone: City of San d'Oria
Starting NPC: Any San d'Oria Mission Starter

This Mission Is Not Repeatable.
Related Missions

Missions in This Series:
NPCs Used
GalaihauratLa Theine PlateauE-6
EquesobillotLa Theine PlateauF-6
DeaufrainLa Theine PlateauF-6
VicorpasseLa Theine PlateauF-6
RuillontOrdelle's CavesH-3
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Bronze SwordWeaponWeapons / Swords
Rescue Training CertificateKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Game Details for The Rescue Drill
Participate in the Temple Knights' rescue drill out on La Theine Plateau.
Walkthrough for The Rescue Drill
Extra Rank Points are required to accept this mission; turning in one stack of crystals allows activation.
  1. Talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter for a cut-scene to start the mission.
  2. [Optional Step]: Go to La Theine Plateau and walk down the road to E-6, where you'll see Galaihaurat. Talk to him and he directs you eastward; go to F-6 on the east side of the large ravine, and you'll find Equesobillot. Talk to him and follow the direction that he provides, down the ravine. You'll come to Deaufrain shortly, the third guard; he directs you further in toward an entrance to Ordelle's Caves. (Note: There are other guards along the way you can talk to as well, if you like, but these three are the only ones used later in the quest.)
  3. Talk to Vicorpasse, located at F-6 partway down the ravine.
  4. Enter Ordelle's Caves through the cave at F-7, at the end of the ravine.
  5. Go to the pool at H-3 and talk to Ruillont, hiding behind a rock.
  6. Return to La Theine Plateau and talk to the three guards listed in step #2, until you find the one who gives you a Bronze Sword. The guard who gives the sword is chosen randomly from the three listed above.
  7. Return to Ordelle's Caves and trade the Bronze Sword to Ruillont. (It doesn't have to be the exact same Bronze Sword as was given to you, but you do have to do the previous step to get the sword from the other guard; you can't just bring one of your own and skip the previous step.)
  8. Return to La Theine Plateau and talk to Vicorpasse, to receive the key item Rescue Training Certificate.
  9. Return to San d'Oria and talk to any of the San d'Oria Mission Starters for a cut-scene that completes the mission.
Recommended Level for The Rescue Drill
The Poison Funguar down in the ravine within La Theine Plateau are the largest difficulty for lower level characters on this mission, as well as the Snipper that can be in the water in Ordelle's Caves. A character with Silent Oil or the Sneak spell to avoid aggro from them will be able to complete the mission at level 15; fighting through them is recommended only for solo characters at least level 18-20.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Spellhander,
I was able to do this as a level 14 red mage and didn't get any aggro from the funguar or snippers. Not sure if it can be done by anyone at a level lower than 14, but I had no problem if I didn't try to fight anything. Thanks for the directions on completing the mission. They were perfect.

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