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Magicite (San d'Oria)
Starting Info for Magicite (San d'Oria)
Summary: Two NM Fights
Mission Order: San d'Oria 4
Realm: San d'Oria
Starting Zone: Ru'Lude Gardens
Starting NPC: Nelcabrit [G-9]

This Mission Is Not Repeatable.
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Missions in This Series: Allows Activation of Quests:
NPCs Used
AldoJeuno LowerJ-8
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Archducal Audience PermitKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Black Matinee NecklaceKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Coruscant RosaryKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Crest of DavoiKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Letter to AldoKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Magicite: AurastoneKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Magicite: OptistoneKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Magicite: OrastoneKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Silver BellKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Yagudo TorchKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Rewards From Magicite (San d'Oria)
Gil Reward: 10000gil
Title Obtained: Have Wings, Will Fly
Reward Details: San d'Oria Rank 5
Item Reward:
Airship Pass--Key Item
Message to Jeuno (San d'Oria)--Key Item
Game Details for Magicite (San d'Oria)
Seize the three types of magicite from Davoi, Beadeaux, and Castle Oztroja to prevent the Shadow Lord's return.
Walkthrough for Magicite (San d'Oria)
Extra Rank Points are required to accept this mission; turning in three stacks of crystals allows activation. Note that unlike all the missions so far, this mission is activated in Jeuno, not in San d'Oria. You will need to go back to San d'Oria to turn in the crystals, and then go to Ru'Lude Gardens to start the mission. This single, long mission is the only Rank 4 mission.

Shared Mission: The majority of this mission is shared with adventurers from Bastok and Windurst who are also on the Rank 4 mission. All characters on these missions will need to go through the quests and steps listed below, through Davoi, Beadeaux, and Castle Oztroja.
  1. Talk to Nelcabrit in the San d'Orian Embassy in Ru'Lude Gardens; if you have enough Rank Points to start the mission, he will tell you to proceed to talk to the Ambassador.
  2. Go through the side San d'Orian Emb. door, and select the second door for a cut-scene that starts the mission, and provides the Archducal Audience Permit key item.
  3. Go to the Grand Duke Palace in Ru'Lude Gardens and go up the stairs to the Audience Chamber door at H-6. Select the door for a cut-scene, that provides the Letter to Aldo key item.
  4. (Tenshodo Membership quest here.)
  5. Go to Jeuno Lower and go in to the Neptune's Spire, and select the Neptune's Spire door in the back. Go through three more doors into Aldo's room and talk to him for a cut-scene, to deliver the Letter to Aldo.
  6. (Other quests here.)
  7. Davoi: Go to Davoi and make your way to G-7 where the Wall of Dark Arts blocks entrance to the Monastic Cavern. You may need to kill the Orcish Bowshooter and Orcish Gladiator in front of the wall, to have easy access to it. Select the wall, and the Orcish Crest will allow you to pass through. Enter the Monastic Cavern and head within it to the Magicite at F-6. Select the Magicite for a cut-scene, which provides the Magicite: Optistone key item.
  8. Beadeaux: Return to Beadeaux and head down to the underground section, at H-7. At the underground intersection at H-7, go east to enter Qulun Dome. Follow the path through Qulun Dome to the Door at G-8; select the Door three times, for the Silver Bell, Coruscant Rosary, and Black Matinee Necklace to all activate and move you through the doorway. Proceed to the Magicite at F-8 and select it for a cut-scene, which provides the Magicite: Aurastone key item.
  9. Castle Oztroja: Go to Castle Oztroja; through the first door at I-8 (have someone who can Escape try to Handle to get the right one) and to the second map. On the second map, take the northward path to G-7, which takes you to the courtyard map. Once out in the courtyard, carefully walk north to exit this map at I-7, making sure you don't fall off the side as you go. On the next map, head right (west) at the G-8 intersection (Bulwark Bat, Drummer, Interogator, Prior, Zealot) and essentially stay on the right wall down to the Brass Door at H-9. Select one of the Torch on either side of the door; your Yagudo Torch allows you to pass through. Head west at the H-10 intersection and go through the Brass Door at G-10. Just beyond the door you will zone into Altar Room. Follow the path in Altar Room to G-8 and select the Magicite there for a cut-scene, which provides the Magicite: Orastone key item.
  10. Return to Jeuno and go to Ru'Lude Gardens to the Audience Chamber door again; select it for a cut-scene, that provides the Airship Pass. If you already have an Airship Pass, you will receive 20,000 gil instead.
  11. Return to the San d'Orian Embassy and talk to Nelcabrit to complete the mission; you will receive Rank 5, 10,000 gil, and the Message to Jeuno key item.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Ravahan,
You can turn crystals into the conquest NPC in Ru'lude Gardens (I think his name is Morelpeche or something). If you're coming from Upper Jeuno, he's the first NPC on the left I believe.

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