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Bat Hunt
Starting Info for Bat Hunt
Mission Order: San d'Oria 1-2
Realm: San d'Oria
Starting Zone: City of San d'Oria
Starting NPC: Any San d'Oria Mission Starter

This Mission Is Repeatable.
Related Missions

Missions in This Series:
Mobs Used
Ding Bats2-5
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Bat FangInventoryMaterials / Bonework
Orcish Mail ScalesInventoryNot Auction House Sellable
Game Details for Bat Hunt
Exterminate bats from King Ranperre's Tomb, and bring back proof of your deeds.
Walkthrough for Bat Hunt
  1. Talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter for a cut-scene to start the mission.
  2. Go to King Ranperre's Tomb (via H-11 in East Ronfaure). Make your way to the Tombstone at H-10/I-10 and select it for a cut-scene. View the map of King Ranperre's Tomb for a clear view of how the maze is set up.
  3. Obtain the Rare/Ex item Orcish Mail Scales by defeating the Ding Bats that spawn between 18:00-6:00 Vana'diel time, in the outdoors section of the zone. (These drop whether you have the mission active or not.) The drop rate on the scales is fairly low, so depending on your luck it may take a few real life hours of farming them to get one to drop, since they only spawn during nighttime.
  4. Return to San d'Oria and trade the scales to any of the San d'Oria Mission Starters to complete the mission.
Repeating the Mission: This mission can be repeated for more Rank Points, which involves getting Bat Fangs instead of the Orcish Mail Scales, to bring back to the guards. Those can be purchased from the Auction House, as well.
Recommended Level for Bat Hunt
It's possible to complete this mission at level 5, if someone else is clearing the aggressive Undead and Goblins in the way. It's far easier to handle at level 10 or higher, so all the aggro mobs in that section of the zone can be dispatched easily.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Dervos,
I just recently did this mission. You dont even have to go into the caves to do this mission. Just stay around the first area you came into when you enter the zone and kill the bats there. I got the scales on my third kill.

Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Hotan,
I wish I would have saw this earlier. Until now I've been trying to play with out any help. I'm a lvl 18 RMG and until now had kept going deep into the tomb killing Gobs and bats all the way to the point where you fight the tough skeletons. I've had the Orcish Mail Scales forever now. This site is great.

Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Ken12012,
Took me about an hour or two for the thing to drop. Be careful not to go past the area where the tombstone lies because the monsters become too strong.

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