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Site Updates - April 25, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Apr 25th, 2005 06:42 pm EDT
A massive site update, with all the additions from the Feb. 20 patch. Full details about the new items, recipes, ENMs and quests introduced in the patch can be found in the April 2005 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info. The vast majority of the new additions are already detailed there, and the rest will be added as they are discovered.

Items Added: Mooching, Serpent Rumors, Marble Bridge Coaster, Scroll of Army's Paeon V, Noodle Kneading, Alchemic Purification, Gold Bed, The Big One, Invitriol, Hallowed Water, Demoralizer +1, Demoralizer, Whitebook Page, Ballista Whitebook, Redbook Page, Ballista Redbook, Galka Mochi, Tarutaru Mochi, Elvaan Mochi, Hume Mochi, Bison Jerky, Buffalo Jerky, Misareaux Parsley, Pomodoro Sauce, Nero di Seppia +1, Nero di Seppia, Boscaiola +1, Boscaiola, Pescatora +1, Pescatora, Carbonara +1, Carbonara, Vongole Rosso +1, Vongole Rosso, Peperoncino +1, Peperoncino, Vongola Clam, Tavnazian Goby, Lik, Cone Calamary, Gugrusaurus, Amaltheia Leather, Amaltheia Hide, Brass Chain, Hickory Lumber, Magnolia Lumber, White Steel, Aluminum Chain, Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Ingot, Aluminum Ore, Spectral Goldenrod, Spectral Crimson, Cloud Evoker, Unicorn Horn, Semolina, Saber Shoot, Vivified Mythril, Ardent Jadeite, Broken Halcyon Rod, Broken Hume Rod, Worm Mulch, Lugworm Sand, Red Grass Cloth, Red Grass Thread, Red Moko Grass, Opal Silk, Haunted Muleta, Supernal Fragment, Attestation of Invulnerability, Euvhi Organ, Chocopass, Spaghetti, Kunwu Sheet, Kunwu Iron, Kunwu Ore, Griffon Codex, Wyvern Codex, Halcyon Rod, Hume Fishing Rod, Ebisu Fishing Rod, Dwarf Pugil, Drill Calamary, Aegis, Ancile, Dynamis Shield, Bulwark Shield, Relic Shield, Return Ring, Homing Ring, Toreador's Cape, Corse Cape, Little Worm Belt, Lugworm Belt, Fisherman's Belt, Culinarian's Belt, Alchemist's Belt, Boneworker's Belt, Tanner's Belt, Weaver's Belt, Goldsmith's Belt, Blacksmith's Belt, Carpenter's Belt, Unicorn Subligar +1, Unicorn Subligar, Baron's Slops, Trader's Slops, Luisant Brayettes, Alumine Brayettes, Onyx Cuisses, Black Cuisses, Unicorn Leggings +1, Unicorn Leggings, Baron's Pigaches, Trader's Pigaches, Luisant Solerets, Alumine Solerets, Onyx Sollerets, Black Sollerets, Reraise Hairpin, Unicorn Cap +1, Unicorn Cap, Baron's Chapeau, Trader's Chapeau, Luisant Salade, Alumine Salade, Mandragora Beret, Guide Beret, Sprout Beret, Maat's Cap, Gayanj's Earring, Zedoma's Earring, Feyuh's Earring, Ryakho's Earring, Morukaka Earring, Waetoto's Earring, Melnina's Earring, Desamilion Earring, Quantz's Earring, Belinky's Earring, Relaxing Earring, Sanative Earring, Reraise Earring, Naruko Earring, Gamushara Earring, Deadeye Earring, Counter Earring, Janizary Earring, Sangha Earring, Kshama Ring No. 9, Kshama Ring No. 8, Kshama Ring No. 6, Kshama Ring No. 5, Kshama Ring No. 4, Kshama Ring No. 3, Kshama Ring No. 2, Getsul Ring, Pacifist Ring, Tactical Ring, Assassin's Ring, Sanation Ring, Unicorn Harness +1, Unicorn Harness, Baron's Saio, Trader's Saio, Luisant Haubert, Alumine Haubert, Plastron +1, Plastron, Unicorn Mittens +1, Unicorn Mittens, Baron's Cuffs, Trader's Cuffs, Luisant Moufles, Alumine Moufles, Onyx Gadlings, Black Gadlings, Onyx Sallet, Black Sallet, Ether Ring, Crossbowman's Ring, Uggalepih Pendant, Wing Gorget, Mannequin Pumps, Picaroon's Shield, Tatami Shield, Hickory Shield, Buboso, Melt Katana, Sacred Wand, Sacred Maul, Sacred Mace, Wagh Baghnakhs, Melt Claws, Astral Pot, Wyvern Feed, Refresh Musk, Spirit Lantern, Healing Feather, Stone-splitter, Blau Dolch, Odorous Knife +1, Odorous Knife, Melt Kukri, Melt Baselard, Melt Knife, Melt Dagger, Maneater, Hardwood Katana, Wooden Katana, Imanotsurugi, Sacred Degen, Sacred Sword, Tutelary, Raise II Rod, Raise Rod, Frenzy Fife, Thug's Zamburak, Chanter's Staff, Onimaru, Koryukagemitsu, Sacred Lance, Horror Voulge, Hallowed Sword, Minstrel's Dagger

NPCs Updated: Benaige, Bin Stejihna, Rosswald, Phamelise

Mobs Added: Alsha, Bullheaded Grosvez, Watch Hippogryph, Guard Hippogryph, Hotupuku, Razon, Tarutaru Automaton, Mithran Automaton, Hume Automaton, Galkan Automaton, Elvaan Automaton, Fantoccini's Monster, Fantoccini's Wyvern, Fantoccini's Avatar, Fantoccini, Moblin Fantocciniman, Nepionic Parata, Nepionic Bladmall, Erdgeist, Cadaver Witch, Cadaver Warrior, Gwyn Ap Knudd, Bladmall, Parata, Race Runner

Recipes Added: Sacred Maul, Death Scythe, Plastron, Trader's Slops, Unicorn Leggings, Unicorn Subligar, Unicorn Cap, Unicorn Harness, Unicorn Mittens, Amaltheia Leather, Trader's Saio, Trader's Cuffs, Trader's Chapeau, Red Grass Cloth, Red Grass Thread, Aluminum Chain, Brass Chain, Black Sollerets, Black Gadlings, Black Cuisses, The Big One, Alumine Brayettes, Peperoncino, Buffalo Jerky, Vongole Rosso, Nero di Seppia, Pescatora, Carbonara, Sacred Lance, Sacred Mace, Melt Knife, Boscaiola, Pomodoro Sauce, Spaghetti, Hume Fishing Rod, Lugworm Belt, Little Worm Belt, Trader's Pigaches, Reraise Hairpin, Vivified Mythril, Wing Gorget, Ardent Jadeite, Alumine Haubert, Alumine Solerets, Black Sallet, Alumine Salade, Alumine Moufles, Invitriol, Hallowed Water, Reraise Earring, Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Ingot, Halcyon Rod, Melt Kukri, Melt Dagger, Sacred Degen, Melt Claws, Sacred Sword, Hallowed Sword, Melt Katana, Sacred Wand, Melt Baselard

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Justice Badge

Recipes Updated: Nebimonite Bake, Cutlass, Leucous Voulge, Vulcan Blade, Vulcan Claymore, Vulcan Degen, Vulcan Sword, Seer's Crown, Raptor Helm, Mandibular Sickle, Gendawa, Bookshelf

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Brass Axe

Items Drops Added: Pso'Xja Chest Key, Aquarian Abjuration: Feet

ENMs Added: Beloved of the Atlantes, Bugard in the Clouds, Fire in the Sky, Automaton Assault, Pulling The Strings, Totentanz, Shell We Dance?, Like the Wind

Spells Added: Army's Paeon V

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