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Final Fantasy XI Discussion BoardDiscussion Boards -> General

News Item: Site Updates - Feb. 1, 2006

From: Cuer

Posted: 2006-02-01 15:38:53
Site Updates - February 1, 2006

A range of site interface updates are found in this site update.

  • A new Quests / Missions / Events section was added to all the zone pages. This displays information on which quests, missions, and mini-quests use or start in a specific zone. Examples can be seen in Bastok Markets and Garlaige Citadel.
  • To prevent confusion for new site users, equipment items that cannot be sold on the Auction House are no longer listed with an Auction House Category. Instead, that field is displayed as Equipment Category on items that are Exclusive or Not Auction House Sellable. Examples can be seen on the Carpenter's Gloves and Joyeuse.
  • Various minor tweaks were made to the quest display.
  • The Furniture and Moghancement Guide was updated to include all the furniture items from the last few patches, and corrections to the stats of a handful of furniture items.

Items Added: Lines and Space, Light of Al'Taieu, Zephyr Fan

Items Updated: White Mage's Testimony, Warrior's Testimony, Thief's Testimony, Summoner's Testimony, Samurai's Testimony, Red Mage's Testimony, Ranger's Testimony, Paladin's Testimony, Ninja's Testimony, Monk's Testimony, Dragoon's Testimony, Dark Knight's Testimony, Black Mage's Testimony, Beastmaster's Testimony, Bard's Testimony, Red Rock, Faerie Apple, Ancient Blood, Batagreens, Ducal Guard's Ring, Fishing Hole Map, Wooden Flowerpot, Blue Pitcher, Blue Peas, Sunflower Seeds, Slime Juice, Dark Adaman Sheet, Icefish, Koga Tekko +1, Zephyr Fan, Chamnaet Ice, Chaos Flanchard +1, Chaos Gauntlets +1, Parade Gorget

Items Drops/Obtained Added: Hermit's Ring, Giant Bird Feather, Balm Sachet, Attar Sachet, Carbuncle's Ruby, Mushroom Risotto, Armoire, Iron Ore, Revival Tree Root, Eastern Gem, Moonstone, Bloody Robe, Light Opal, Jadeite, Cloud Evoker, Cotton Cloth, Gusgen Chest Key, Sleepshroom, Newton Coffer Key, Moblin Thread, Extra-Fine File, Wild Pineapple, Fluorite, Darksteel Ingot, Painite, Gold Ingot, Gold Ore, Aquamarine, Yellow Rock, Red Rock, Damascene Cloth, Mythril Ingot, Scroll of Raise II, Parrying Torque, Ninjutsu Torque, Divine Torque, Summoning Torque, Guarding Torque, Enhancing Torque, Elemental Torque, Ametrine, Zvahl Chest Key, Quus, Tavnazian Liver, Delkfutt Chest Key, Scroll of Cure V, Scroll of Thunder III, Mythril Ore, Raxa, Vile Elixir +1, Vile Elixir, Malboro Fiber, Rainbow Cloth, Damascus Ingot, Darksteel Ore, Beetle Blood, Gold Thread, Ram Horn, Balan's Sword, Spectral Crimson, Bird Egg, Goblin Armor, Petrified Log, Ebony Log, Mahogany Log

NPCs Added: Wilhelm, Aaveleon

Mobs Updated: Za'Dha Adamantking, Lesser Roc, Blackbeard, Tiamat, Jormungand, Ogama, Eba, Shen, Kindred Summoner, Unstable Cluster, Imdugud, Water Leaper, Mimic, Marsh Sahagin, Ereshkigal, Yara Ma Yha Who, Goblin's Bat, Golden-Tongued Culberry, Faust, Bark Tarantula, Fomor Bard, Taisaijin, Dune Widow

Quests Updated: Give a Moogle a Break, Starting a Flame, The Sweetest Things, Fear of the Dark, Rosel the Armorer, The Seamstress, A Sentry's Peril, Spice Gals, Tuning In, Uninvited Guests

Zones Updated: Dynamis - Xarcabard, The Garden of Ru'Hmet, Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, Beaucedine Glacier

Spells Added: Nether Blast, Dream Shroud, Noctoshield, Ultimate Terror, Nightmare, Somnolence, Camisado, Ruinous Omen

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Kanesada +1, Shinobi-gatana, Bandit's Gun, Cursed Cuisses, Jester's Cape

Recipes Updated: Yellow Mouton, Shinobi Tekko, Bloody Aketon, Beak Helm, Meat Jerky, Arhat's Sune-Ate, Buche au Chocolat, Dance Shoes, Antacid, Kazaridachi, Boiled Tuna Head, Potion Tank, Kinkobo, Tonosama Rice Ball, Coeurl Sub, Dark Adaman Sheet, Glass Fiber

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Cotton Tekko, Gloves, Beetle Gorget, Plantreaper, Reraise Hairpin, Cotton Hachimaki, Ashura, Leather Vest, Iron Visor, Gauntlets

ENMs Updated: Brothers

Mini-Quests Updated: Obtaining the Promyvion Maps, Strange Apparatuses, Obtaining RSE Sachets, Toolbags for Ninja Tools, Quivers for Arrows and Bolts, Ancient Beastcoin Purchases
From: crafter

Posted: 2006-02-03 18:02:24
Since the moghancement guide was updated, can someone help me understand how the moghancement-element minimize losses from synthesis? Does competing elements cancel each other in terms of element strength? For example, if I have 104 fire and 101 lightning-desynthesis, does that mean I have only 3 fire total, eventhough the moogle says I have overwhelming fire?

What is the best way to minimize losses: Is it through skill, or moghancement-element? For example, I still lose about 1 or 2 iron ingots in 12 to 20 iron sheet attempts having 104 fire and 101 desynthesis - smithing skill at 45. Whenever I use fire, moghancement-fire doesn't seem to work at all for 20 and 30 levels above cap. Let's say my smithing skill is 100+6, is it better to get 100+6, or 100+5 and moghancement-fire to minimize losses from doing adaman ingots?

My questions are based on experience, and no guide has answered them. If there is such a guide, or anyone know anything, please post. Please do not tell me to face the right direction, to wait for the moon, et cetera. I am not asking about directions, moon phase, and whatever.

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