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Site Updates - March 12, 2007
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Mar 12th, 2007 02:53 am EDT
The many new items and recipes from the March 6 FFXI patch are found in this site update, along with other changes and additions. These are detailed fully in the March 2007 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: Wivre Horn, Thunderguard Dart, Angelwing, Scapegoat, Dawn Mulsum, Virtue Stone Pouch, Dark Card Case, Light Card Case, Water Card Case, Thunder Card Case, Earth Card Case, Wind Card Case, Ice Card Case, Fire Card Case, Sprinter's Drink, Dread Spikes, Scroll of Drain II, Wivre Hide, Wivre Maul, Humidified Velvet, Incombustible Wool, Frigid Skin, Mythril Mesh Sheet, Spirit Shell, Luminous Shell, Aht Urhgan Brass Sheet, Aht Urhgan Brass Ingot, Aht Urhgan Brass Ore, Ice Maker, Flame Holder, CRA Racing Form, Chocobo Hood, Shadow Roll, Chocobo Blinkers, Chocobo Taping, Foulweather Frog, Fairweather Fetish, Spore Bomb, Gysahl Bomb, Fire Biscuit, Pepper Biscuit, Shadow Apple, Stamina Apple, Speed Apple, Diorite, Flickering Lantern, Hoary Battle Horn, Moldy Buckler, Smoky Flask, Black Chocobo Dye, Green Chocobo Dye, Blue Chocobo Dye, Red Chocobo Dye, Yellow Chocobo Dye, Deluxe Worm, Deluxe Carrot, Gysahl Slop, Bronze Trophy, Dark Lamp, Light Lamp, Water Lamp, Lightning Lamp, Earth Lamp, Wind Lamp, Ice Lamp, Fire Lamp, Jeweled Egg, Console, Falsiam Vase, Wardrobe, Athenienne, Amir Bed, Wivre Gorget +1, Wivre Gorget, Beak Necklace +1, Beak Necklace, Mohbwa Scarf +1, Mohbwa Scarf, Persikos Tank, Pamama Tank, Pear Tank, Apple Tank, Orange Tank, Plain Cap, Egg Helm, Qiqirn Sash +1, Qiqirn Sash, Mohbwa Sash +1, Mohbwa Sash, Velocious Belt, Epsilon Ring, Pi Ring, Psi Ring, Tau Ring, Omicron Ring, Anniversary Ring, Sarutobi Kyahan, Trotter Boots, Blaze Hose, Ice Trousers, Shock Subligar, Orochi Nodowa +1, Orochi Nodowa, Phi Necklace, Tabin Beret +1, Tabin Beret, Tabin Boots +1, Tabin Boots, Tabin Hose +1, Tabin Hose, Tabin Bracers +1, Tabin Bracers, Water Mitts, Fire Bracers, Blizzard Gloves, Aero Mufflers, Stone Bangles, Thunder Mittens, Ochimusha Kote, Tabin Jupon +1, Death Sickle, Perdu Sickle, Octave Club, Werebuster, Perdu Wand, Brass Jadagna +1, Brass Jadagna, Inferno Claws, Burning Fists, Retaliators, Quicksilver, Killer Bow, Perdu Bow, Mars's Hexagun +1, Mars's Hexagun, Vali's Bow, Scepter Staff, Mage's Staff, Dryad Staff, Sturdy Axe, Windslicer, Shinai, Sasuke Katana, Izayoi +1, Izayoi, Radiant Lance, Dancing Dagger, Swordbreaker, Double Axe, Plain Pick, Brave Blade, Wightslayer, Vorpal Sword, Perdu Hanger, Steel Kilij +1, Steel Kilij, Plain Sword, Kappa Necklace, Rho Necklace, Chi Necklace, Mu Necklace, Goliard Chapeau, Denali Bonnet, Askar Zucchetto, Goliard Clogs, Denali Gamashes, Askar Gambieras, Goliard Trews, Denali Kecks, Askar Dirs, Goliard Cuffs, Denali Wristbands, Askar Manopolas, Tabin Jupon, Denali Jacket, Goliard Saio, Askar Korazin, Yasha Jinpachi, Hamayumi, Trout Ball, Kenpogi +1, Kenpogi

Items Updated: Siren's Hair, Bronze Axe, Rasetsu Sune-Ate, Marksman's Oil, Zesty Zoni, Zoni, Khimaira Horn, Khimaira Mane, Viper Dust, Khimaira Tail, Cirrocumulus Cell, Stratus Cell, Schurzen, Tranquilizer, Dark Card, Light Card, Water Card, Thunder Card, Earth Card, Wind Card, Ice Card, Fire Card, Cursed Sollerets -1, Cursed Sollerets, Cursed Breeches -1, Cursed Breeches, Cursed Mufflers -1, Cursed Mufflers, Cursed Hauberk -1, Cursed Hauberk, Cursed Celata -1, Cursed Celata, Reef Aquarium, Bay Aquarium, River Aquarium

Mobs Added: Wivre

Mobs Updated: Lord of Onzozo, Worr the Clawfisted, Pahh the Gullcaller, Voll the Sharkfinned, Eastern Shadow, Roc, Simurgh, Mee Deggi the Punisher, Quu Domi the Gallant, King Arthro, Sabotender Bailarina, Vodyanoi, Goblin Wolfman, Antican Praefectus, Orcish Warlord, Orcish Hexspinner, Stygian Demon, Mimic, Demon's Elemental, Zuug the Shoreleaper, Novv the Whitehearted, Seww the Squidlimbed

Recipes Added: Plain Pick, Plain Sword, Plain Cap, Sliced Sardine, Persikos Tank, Pamama Tank, Pear Tank, Apple Tank, Orange Tank, Ice Maker, Flame Holder, Orochi Nodowa, Wivre Gorget, Scapegoat, Beak Necklace, Stone Bangles, Spirit Shell, Shock Subligar, Thunder Mittens, Luminous Shell, Tabin Hose, Tabin Boots, Blizzard Gloves, Ice Trousers, Frigid Skin, Wardrobe, Console, Tabin Jupon, Tabin Beret, Tabin Bracers, Water Mitts, Qiqirn Sash, Mohbwa Scarf, Blaze Hose, Humidified Velvet, Mohbwa Sash, Incombustible Wool, Dark Lamp, Light Lamp, Water Lamp, Lightning Lamp, Earth Lamp, Wind Lamp, Ice Lamp, Fire Lamp, Brass Jadagna, Amir Bed, Aero Mufflers, Mythril Mesh Sheet, Aht Urhgan Brass Sheet, Aht Urhgan Brass Ingot, Izayoi, Falsiam Vase, Steel Kilij, Mars's Hexagun, Athenienne

Recipes Updated: Loudspeaker II, Pet Food Epsilon Biscuit, Meat Mithkabob, Mezraq, Apkallu Fletchings, Bronze Axe, Tuna Sushi, Bream Sushi, Nero di Seppia, Tentacle Sushi, Rasetsu Sune-Ate, Cermet Kukri, Cursed Cuirass, Marksman's Oil, Karni Yarik, Fish Broth, Roast Trout, Arrabbiato, Khimaira Jambiya, Goblin Drink, Viper Potion, Accelerator II

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Macuahuitl

Items Drops/Obtained Added: Octave Club, Wivre Maul, Wivre Horn, Wivre Hide

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