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Site Updates - February 20, 2006
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Feb 20th, 2006 05:43 am EST
A handful of updates are here, in preparation for the patch this evening. As always, we will be compiling the information from the patch and presenting it for easy perusal, with the initial information presented a few hours after the patch is available.

Items Updated: Maharaja's Belt, Pendragon's Belt, Czar's Belt, Sultan's Belt, Spartan Hoplon, Warwolf Belt, Lightweight Steel Sheet, Ancient Brass Ingot, Rusty Bucket, Saltwater Aquarium, Freshwater Aquarium, Goldfish Bowl, Kadomatsu, Emeralda, Cordon Bleu Set, Fool's Gold, Mastersmith Anvil, Drawing Desk, Drogaroga's Fang, Blue Pitcher, Sky Pot, Wooden Flowerpot, Lines and Space, Yellow Rock, Federation Aketon, Republic Aketon, Kingdom Aketon, Federation Signet Staff, Kingdom Signet Staff, Republic Signet Staff, Yagudo Cherry, Kanesada +1, Danceshroom, Mithran Tomato, Rolanberry, Red Rock, Millioncorn, Kukuru Bean, Tarutaru Rice, La Theine Cabbage, Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud, Rabbit Hide, Insect Wing, Puffball, Marguerite, Ice Crystal, Pamamas, Schultz Stratagems, Ginuva's Theory, Dragon Chronicles, Water Cluster, Lightning Ore, Silver Leaf, Darksteel Nugget, Cinnamon, Buburimu Grape, Eggplant, Black Pepper, Carnation, Gold Beastcoin, Little Worm, Light Crystal, Gold Ore, Saruta Orange, Zinc Ore, Mhaura Garlic, Dark Crystal, Wind Crystal, Rock Salt, Lightning Crystal, Derfland Pear, Panacea, Earth Crystal, Attraction Chocolate, Desire Chocolate, Romance Chocolate, Amour Chocolate, Attraction Chocolate: Right Piece, Desire Chocolate: Right Piece, Romance Chocolate: Right Piece, Amour Chocolate: Right Piece, Attraction Chocolate: Left Piece, Desire Chocolate: Left Piece, Romance Chocolate: Left Piece, Amour Chocolate: Left Piece, Ice Ore, Wind Cluster, Platinum Leaf, Black Rock

NPCs Added: Sama-Gohjima

Mobs Updated: Shikigami Weapon, Evil Oscar, Unstable Cluster, Wandering Ghost, Mysticmaker Profblix, Charybdis, Stegotaur, Antican Legatus, Antican Consul, Xolotl, Nussknacker, Vouivre, Sulfur Scorpion, Silverhook

Quests Updated: Uninvited Guests, Tango With a Tracker, Waters of the Cheval, The Vicasque's Sermon

Zones Updated: Horutoto Inner Ruins

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Green Beret, Rod

Recipes Updated: Blood Broth, Noct Gloves, Bronze Leggings, Boiled Cockatrice, Millionaire Desk, Tonosama Rice Ball, Panacea

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Coral Earring, Kanesada +1, Orc Piercer

BCNMs Updated: Copycat, Come Into My Parlor

Items Drops/Obtained Added: Dragon Meat, Behemoth Hide, Mannequin Head, Assault Breastplate, Scroll of Absorb-VIT, Scroll of Absorb-AGI, Revival Tree Root, Toraimarai Coffer Key, Fomor Codex, Raptor Ledelsens, Steel Ingot, Frost Turnip, Taurus Horn, Gold Beastcoin, Platinum Beastcoin, Raxa, Startling Cluster, Cluster Arm, Vile Elixir +1, Vile Elixir, Reraiser, Wyvern Scales, Mythril Ore, Mahogany Log, Demon Horn, Platinum Ore, Gold Ore, Gold Thread, Ebony Log, Petrified Log, Malboro Fiber, Phoenix Feather, Scorpion Claw, Honey, Moblin Mask, Yellow Rock, Green Rock, Twilight Crystal, Torrent Crystal, Terra Crystal, Plasma Crystal, Inferno Crystal, Glacier Crystal, Cyclone Crystal, Aurora Crystal, Charm Wand +1, Charm Wand, Chocopass, Chocobo Ticket, Romance Potion

ENMs Updated: Pulling the Plug

Mini-Quests Added: Special Event - 2006-02 - Valentione's Day

Mini-Quests Updated: Armor Storage - Event Items, Special Event - 2006-02 - Valentione's Day, Ancient Beastcoin Purchases

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