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Site Updates - February 23, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Wed Feb 23rd, 2005 10:40 am EST
A handful of updates to get out before the new patch arrives with all those changes. We will be making our standard patch compilation of info for today's patch. Check back after 7PM EST tonight for the first slew of information from the patch, with much more arriving throughout the days ahead. We'll also be detailing parts of the patch on the Discussion Board, so be sure to check that out for a lot of new info, on Thursday.
  • A new Furniture and Moghancement Guide has been added, that gives an overview of the bonuses provided by furnishings in FFXI. Accordingly, all the furniture items were updated with some new information about their placement.
  • Numerous recipes were updated, and many desynthesis recipes added.

Items Added: Earth Fragment, Wind Fragment, Water Fragment, Lightning Fragment, Dark Fragment, Moghancement: Windurst Conquest, Moghancement: Bastok Conquest, Moghancement: San d'Oria Conquest, Moghancement: Fishing, Moghancement: Region, Moghancement: Conquest, Moghancement: Cooking Skill, Moghancement: Alchemy Skill, Moghancement: Bonecraft Skill, Moghancement: Leathercraft Skill, Moghancement: Clothcraft Skill, Moghancement: Goldsmithing Skill, Moghancement: Smithing Skill, Moghancement: Woodworking Skill, Moghancement: Fishing Skill, Moghancement: Desynthesis, Moghancement: Gardening, Moghancement: Experience, Moghancement: Dark, Moghancement: Light, Moghancement: Water, Moghancement: Lightning, Moghancement: Earth, Moghancement: Wind, Moghancement: Ice, Moghancement: Fire, Mystic Ice

Items Updated: Emperor Roe, Nikkariaoe, Miratete's Memoirs, Rivernewort, Yellow Jar, Workbench, Windurstian Tree, Windurstian Flag, Wicker Box, White Jar, Water Jug, Water Cask, Water Barrel, Wastebasket, Varistor Banner, Tea Set, Tarutaru Stool, Tarutaru M Mannequin, Tarutaru Folding Screen, Tarutaru F Mannequin, Tarutaru Desk, Tableware Set, Stationary Set, Star Globe, Simple Bed, Secretaire, San d'Orian Tree, San d'Orian Flag, Rusty Bucket, Royal Bookshelf, Royal Bed, Red Jar, Porcelain Flowerpot, Oak Table, Oak Bed, Noble's Bed, My First Magic Kit, Mithra Mannequin, Mastersmith Anvil, Maple Table, Mahogany Bed, Kaiserin Cosmetics, Kadomatsu, Hume M Mannequin, Hume F Mannequin, Golden Fleece, Gilt Tapestry, Galka Mannequin, Fool's Gold, Flower Stand, Fishing Hole Map, Elvaan M Mannequin, Elvaan F Mannequin, Earthen Flowerpot, Drogaroga's Fang, Dresser, Drawing Desk, Desk, Cupboard, Cordon Bleu Set, Commode, Coffer, Chocobo Bedding, Chiffonier, Chest, Ceramic Flowerpot, Cabinet, Bureau, Bronze Bed, Brass Flowerpot, Bookshelf, Book Holder, Bastokan Tree, Bastokan Flag, Autumn's End, Armor Box, Armoire, Arcane Flowerpot, Ancient Blood, Adventuring Certificate, Acolyte's Grief, Dobson Bandanna, Genie Huaraches, Igqira Huaraches, Gendawa +1, Gendawa, Sopa Pez Blanco, Emeralda, Ethereal Oak Lumber, Themis Orb, Lachesis Orb, Clotho Orb, Atropos Orb, Moon Orb, Comet Orb, Star Orb, Sky Orb, Cloudy Orb, Kindred's Seal, Beastmen's Seal, Water Fragment, Silver Bullet, Mercurial Pole, Mercurial Sword, Uchitake, Tsurara, Shinobi-Tabi, Shihei, Sairui-Ran, Mizu-Deppo, Makibishi, Kodoku, Kawahori-Ogi, Kaginawa, Jusatsu, Hiraishin, Amrita, Xhifhut Head, Lufaise Fly, Ground Wasabi, Apple Mint, Twinkle Powder, Koma, Goblin Doll, Millionaire Desk

NPCs Updated: Raifa, Anguysh, Glyke, Marshal, Brave Ox, Bald Aurochs, Alizabe, Deguerendars, Emaliveulaux, Dabih Jajalioh

Mobs Added: Sturmtiger

Mobs Updated: Yagudo High Priest, Yagudo High Priest, Moblin Scalpelman, Carmine Dobsonfly, Vouivre, Vrtra, Cactrot Rapido, Akselloak, Decurio I-III, Smolenkos, Bulldog Bats, Viscous Clot, Voluptuous Vivian, Masan, Xolotl, Steelfleece Baldarich, Cloud Hippogryph

Zones Updated: Tavnazian Safehold, Phomiuna Aqueducts, Temple of Uggalepih

Spells Updated: Hastega

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Warp Cudgel, Iron Mittens, War Pick, Bronze Axe, Mythril Cuisses, Himantes, Warhammer, Dragon Mask, Arhat's Hakama, Decurion's Dagger, Scarlet Ribbon, Brass Scale Mail, Bronze Hammer, Bronze Knife, Ancient Sword, Seer's Mitts, Crumhorn, Heavy Axe, Chain Belt, Poison Cesti, Amethyst Ring, Tourmaline Ring, Sardonyx Ring, Opal Ring, Amber Ring, Lapis Lazuli Ring, Scale Greaves

Recipes Updated: Mythril Zaghnal, Cutlass, Errant Hat, Platinum Chain, Bastokan Targe, Tonosama Rice Ball, Salmon Rice Ball, Jack-o'-Lantern, Hyper Ether, Tuck, Ethereal Oak Lumber, Holy Breastplate, Heavy Darksteel Axe, Wool Robe, Bone Arrowheads, Rasetsu Tekko, Demon Helm, Darksteel Maul, Molybdenum Sheet, Star Globe, Orange Kuchen, Cursed Harness, Tiger Gloves, Rarab Meatball

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Mythril Cuisses, Minnow, Kaiser Sword, Scale Finger Gauntlets, Horn, Maple Shield, Longbow, Demon's Ring, Beetle Ring, Poison Cesti, Clear Ring, Onyx Ring

BCNMs Updated: Prehistoric Pigeons, Hostile Herbivores, Wings of Fury, The Worm's Turn

Items Drops Added: Scroll of Absorb-VIT, Goblin Mask, Scroll of Absorb-INT, Goblin Mail, Moblin Armor, Moblin Mask, Scroll of Absorb-AGI, Goblin Helm, Cluster Core, Bloody Robe, Revival Tree Root, Saruta Cotton, Muddy Bar Tab

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