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Site Updates (Second Batch) - September 14, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - September 14, 2004
These are the rest of the changes and additions from yesterday's patch; all of the items added to the game with the patch are now in the item database. A lot of other information for these items is still missing, such as the recipes to craft them. Most of that should show up within the next week or so. Enjoy, and be sure to check out the description on the Porcupine Pie!

Spells Updated: Bio, Bio II, Dia II, Raise

Items Added: Shu'Meyo Salt, Blackened Siredon, Mistmelt, Yellow Liquid, Terroanima, Hysteroanima, Psychoanima, Regain Feather, Rebirth Feather, Revive Feather, Blaze Feather, Fire Feather, Hyper Ether, Hyper Potion, Hermes Quencher, Barwater Ointment, Barthunder Ointment, Barstone Ointment, Baraero Ointment, Barblizzard Ointment, Barfire Ointment, Drachenessence, Celestial Incense, Spiritual Incense, Carnal Incense, Wizard's Drink, Giant's Drink, Movalpolos Water, Ground Wasabi, Leadafry, Friture Misareaux, Vermillion Jelly, Marbled Steak, Porcupine Pie, Sub-Zero Gelato, Tavnazian Liver, Fatty Tuna Sushi, Buffalo Meat, Urchin Sushi +1, Urchin Sushi, Sole Sushi +1, Sole Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Squid Sushi +1, Squid Sushi, Snoll Gelato, Hedgehog Pie, Fish & Chips, Crimson Jelly, Goblin Stir-Fry, Bison Steak, Muddy Siredon, Phanaeut Newt, Tropical Clam, Jacknife, Bibiki Slug, Moorish Idol, Titanic Sawfish, Tricorn, Bibiki Urchin, Trilobite, Armored Pisces, Lungfish, Bibikibo, Blindfish, Druid's Slops, Bravo's Subligar, Magic Slacks, Darksteel Codpiece, Sable Cuisses, Aikido Koshita, War Hose, Falconer's Hose, Caitiff's Socks, Cure Clogs, Herald's Gaiters, Powder Boots, Kampfschuhs, Eisenschuhs, Seer's Pumps +1, Seer's Pumps, Rubious Pumps, Garish Pumps, Mist Pumps, Noct Gaiters, Genie Hauraches, Igqira Hauraches, Brave's Gamashes, Bison Gamashes, Conte Gambieras, Barone Gambieras, Sheikh Crackows, Sha'ir Crackows, Hojutsu Belt, Haste Belt, Bolt Belt, Pellet Belt, Horror Head II, Pumpkin Head II, Reviler's Helm, Frenzy Sallet, Kosshin, Blink Band, Kampfschaller, Eisenschaller, Seer's Crown +1, Seer's Crown, Rubious Crown, Garish Crown, Mist Crown, Noct Beret +1, Noct Beret, Genie Tiara, Igqira Tiara, Brave's Warbonnet, Bison Warbonnet, Conte Zucchetto, Barone Zucchetto, Sheikh Turban, Sha'ir Turban, Noritsune Kote, Magical Mitts, Concealing Cuffs, Palmer's Bangles, Kampfhentzes, Eisenhentzes, Seer's Mitts +1, Seer's Mitts, Rubious Mitts, Garish Mitts, Mist Mitts, Noct Gloves +1, Noct Gloves, Genie Manillas, Igqira Manillas, Brave Wristbands, Bison Wristbands, Conte Manopolas, Barone Manopolas, Sheikh Gages, Sha'ir Gages, Curaga Earring, Knightly Earring, Hercules' Ring, Atlaua's Ring, Ducal Guard's Ring, Poiseden's Ring, Poisona Ring, Kampfbrust, Eisenbrust, Federation Aketon, Republic Aketon, Kingdom Aketon, Seer's Tunic +1, Seer's Tunic, Rubious Tunic, Garish Tunic, Mist Tunic, Noct Doublet +1, Noct Doublet, Genie Weskit, Igqira Weskit, Brave's Jacket, Bison Jacket, Conte Corazza, Barone Corazza, Sheikh Manteel, Sha'ir Manteel, Nokizaru Hakama, Shinimusha Haidate, Noct Brais +1, Rubious Slacks, Kampfdiechlings, Eisendiechlings, Seer's Slacks +1, Seer's Slacks, Garish Slacks, Mist Slacks, Noct Brais, Genie Lappa, Igqira Lappa, Brave's Kecks, Bison Kecks, Conte Cosciales, Barone Cosciales

Items Updated: Daedalus Wing

-- Cuer

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