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Site Updates - September 14, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - September 14, 2004
The first group of item additions and changes from the patch yesterday went in. The only notable alteration of items already in is with a handful of Thrown items now being usable by Dragoons; most of updates are simple description changes. Many of the new items are already available in the game, while others look to be part of the upcoming expansion.

Items Added: Light Ram Leather, Tough Dhalmel Leather, Caliginous Wolf Hide, Smooth Sheep Leather, Molybdenum Sheet, Orichalcum Sheet, Molybdenum Ore, Moblin Hotrok, Ordrynite, Garhada Teak Lumber, Egret Fishing Rod, Snow Lily, White Memosphere, Indigo Memosphere, Beryl Memosphere, Teal Memosphere, Harajnite Shell, Megalobugard Tusk, Photoanima, Smooth Beetle Jaw, Vivified Coral, Cashmere Cloth, Cashmere Thread, Cashmere Wool, Molybdenum Ingot, Fernan's Diaries, Naphille Pochette, Counterfeit Gil, Eastern Paper, Nyumomo Doll, Smooth Velvet, Fine Linen Cloth, Bloodthread, Scarlet Linen, Extra-Fine File, Spruce Lumber, Magicked Steel, Habaneros, Gray Chip, Cyanogen Chip, Carmine Chip, Giant Scale, Hippogryph Tailfeather, Recollection Of Guilt, Recollection Of Pain, Recollection Of Fear, Soiled Letter, Warding Oil, Gold Key, Light Steel Ingot, High Quality Bugard Skin, Bewitched Gold Ingot, Rogue's Platinum Ingot, Aqueous Orichalcum Ingot, Neutralizing Platinum Ingot, Indurated Gold Ingot, Ethereal Oak Lumber, Exorcismal Oak Lumber, Bewitched Ash Lumber, Hoary Bomb Ash, Cleanly Snapped Rod, Cluster Core, Chameleon Diamond, Bronze Key, Coral Crest Key, Sealion Crest Key, Bundling Twine, Brass Tank, Leather Pouch, Igneous Rock, Rice Vinegar, Moblin Thread, Kopparnickel Ore, Scarlet Stone, Dark Anima, Light Anima, Water Anima, Lightning Anima, Earth Anima, Wind Anima, Ice Anima, Fire Anima, Bugard Skin, Corse Robe, Kaiserin Cosmetics, Moblin Mask, Bugard Leather, Moblinweave, Paktong Ingot, Rhodonite, Clot Plasma, Moblin Mail, Moblin Armor, Cluster Ash, Buffalo Leather, Buffalo Hide, Armored Arrowheads, Avatar Blood, Moblin Helm, Bugbear Mask, Eft Skin, Bugard Tusk, Taurus Wing, Taurus Horn, Hippogryph Feather, Uragnite Shell, Flytrap Leaf, Antlion Jaw, Buffalo Horn, Corse Bracelet, Malevolent Memory, Radiant Memory, Somber Memory, Startling Memory, Profane Memory, Fleeting Memory, Bitter Memory, Burning Memory, Apple Mint, Pso'Xja Chest Key, Newton Chest Key, Oldton Chest Key, Sacrarium Chest Key, Sheikh Seraweels, Sha'ir Seraweels, Noct Gaiters +1, Invisible Mantle, Potion Tank, Water Tank, Ether Tank, Pachamac's Collar, Reraise Gorget, Stoneskin Torque, Yinyang Lorgnette, Coated Shield, Mercurial Sword, Falx +1, Falx, Twicer, Voulge +1, Voulge, Bodkin Arrow, Heavy Lance, Dispel Couse, Couse +1, Couse, Tredecim Scythe, Antlion Sickle, Mandibular Sickle, Perseus' Harpe, Harpe, Tomahawk +1, Tomahawk, Messhikimaru, Nikkariaoe, Treat Staff II, Trick Staff II, Mercurial Pole, Federal Signet Staff, Republic Signet Staff, Kingdom Signet Staff, Healing Mace, Snoll Arm, Cluster Arm, Rikonodo, Gendawa +1, Gendawa, Warp Cudgel, Lufaise Fly

Items Updated: Rye Flour, Goblin Helm, Goblin Mail, Tukuku Whiteshell, Chocobo Bedding, Roshi Jinpachi, Gavial Mail +1, Astragalos, Tathlum, Pebble

-- Cuer

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