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Chains of Promathia Item & NPC Compilation of Info - September 13, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - September 13, 2004
The following information details the item, recipe, guild and NPC changes that went in with the Chains of Promathia expansion. These changes primarily can be accessed even if someone does not own the exapansion; the raw materials can be sold on the Auction House and crafted by anyone. These are from the patches that set up the expansion: the main one on September 13, and a fixing patch on October 6. Every item added in those patches is listed below, along with NPC changes. This news item will be updated regularly as more information becomes available.

  • Direct link to this news item
  • New regional merchants were added with the September 13 patch, and are all listed below.
  • More than 150 new items list below have recipes, including the new ingredients that require crafting tools to be synthesized. Over a dozen new sales are available at NPC merchants, including both new and old items.
  • All the items listed below are from the September 13 patch. Any item marked with an asterisk (*) has a recipe in the database (recipes cover both standard and HQ results,) or other information about how it's obtained. Any food items marked with a plus (+) have their stats listed.
  • Last updated on January 31, 2005 at 4:15PM EDT; this news was fixed up to reflect information gained in the months since this patch went in.

Click on More to read the rest of this news item.

New Crafting Tool Key Items

New key items are available for purchase with Guild Points at all the crafting (and fishing) guilds. All the ones from crafting guilds are required in order to make some brand new recipes that were added.

What do these things do, anyway?
Having one of these key items lets you craft recipes that wouldn't be otherwise available. There are new recipes available from the Sept 13 patch that require having one of these keyitems to craft them. Once you have a Guild Point keyitem you can use it to make as many recipes as you like; it is a tool that unlocks new recipes, not an ingredient. Once you have the tool you can keep it and make as many of the recipes as you wish. You can get as many different Guild Point keyitems as you like, if you acquire enough Guild Points. Of course, you can only be commissioned with one guild at a time to gain and spend points, so this will take a while.

New recipes? Like what?
The cooking guild has a bundle of new sushi recipes that all require Raw Fish Handling. Alchemy has a lot of new anima-related recipes that require Anima Synthesis. Fishing has Frog Fishing for some of the newer amphibians, and Woodworking crafters with the Lumberjack keyitem can do new higher level recipes that create more lumber per log synth'd. The rest of the recipes require the Purification and Ensorcellment keyitems, which are used to make certain special crafting materials that are then utilized to make all that new Enchantment equipment and weapons. These new crafting materials are listed below, near the bottom. Recipes that utilize these new crafting tools are listed below; you can also use the recipe search to pull up recipes that require a specific crafting tool.

How do I get these tools?
You purchase them with Guild Points, which are obtained by turning in specific crafted items to the Guildworker's Union Representative at the respective guilds. Look for the NPC at your guild with the funky apron on, and they'll explain it all.

The New Tools

New Regional Merchants

Regional merchants were added for three regions with this patch, providing goods for the two new Chains of Promathia regions, Movalpolos and Tavnazian Archipelago, as well as adding merchants for the old region of Qufim.

  • Tavnazian Archipelago Regional Merchants: these regional merchants only sell items to characters who have reached chapter 4 of the Chains of Promathia missions. Their merchandise is:
  • Emaliveulaux in Bastok Mines.
  • Deguerendars in San d'Oria Port.
  • Alizabe in Windurst Port.

New NPC Sales


Ten new sets of armor went in with the expansion, along with a few dozen other individual armor pieces. All of the full armor sets can be crafted, and their recipes are now known, with the October 6 patch. Some of the individual armor pieces can be crafted; all the armor that has a known recipe is marked with an asterisk (*) by it.

Barone/Conte Set - Level 70 Warrior and Dragoon armor
Bison/Brave's Set - Level 71 Beastmaster armor
Eisen/Kampf Set - Level 29 Paladin and Warrior armor
Garish/Rubious Set - Level 30 Bard, Monk, Paladin, Red Mage, Ranger armor
Igqira/Genie Set - Level 73 Black Mage armor
Mist Set - Level 30 Bard, Monk, Paladin, Red Mage, Ranger armor with evasion Enchantment
Noct Set - Level 30 Ranger and Thief armor
Sha'ir/Sheikh Set - Level 72 Bard armor
Seer's Set - Level 29 Black Mage, Summoner, White Mage armor
Misc. Armor
Dispensing Items

Conquest Point Items

Ammo Slot



Beastmen Items

Crafted Materials
Recipes For Old Items

New Fish

New Raw Materials

Promyvion Items

Exclusive Items

Other Items
  • Other random items added in the patch are listed here, used in quests or missions.
  • Yellow Liquid

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