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Site Updates - October 14, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Fri Oct 14th, 2005 12:04 am EDT
All the new items and recipes known so far from the October 10 patch are found in this site update. They are also listed in detail in the October 2005 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info, along with the rest of the information about the patch.

Items Added: Mithra Snare, Tarutaru Snare, Smelling Salts, Ikra Gunkan +1, Ikra Gunkan, Salmon Roe, Salmon Eggs, Tentacle Sushi +1, Tentacle Sushi, Melanzane +1, Melanzane, Arrabbiato +1, Arrabbiato, Mana Powder, Megalixir, Loam, Beast Blood, Bird Blood, Lizard Blood, Laminated Ram Leather, Wolf Fur, Wolf Felt, Coral Horn, Light Steel Sheet, Laminated Buffalo Leather, Iyo Scale, Hunter's Cotton, Carapace Powder, White Mouton, Beast Horn, Dark Adaman Sheet, Dark Adaman, Gold Brocade, Sheep Chammy, Sailcloth, Rainbow Velvet, Ether Holly, Ether Cotton, Ether Leather, Holy Leather, Silver Brocade, Dark Bronze Sheet, Dark Bronze, Magenta Chip, Charcoal Chip, Orchid Chip, Helmet Mole, Snapping Mole, Mushroom Locust, King Locust, Skull Locust, Antican Acid, Leech Saliva, Bloody Ram Leather, Vivio Sheep Leather, Vivio Wyvern Scale, Vivio Scorpion Claw, Vivio Crab Shell, Vivio Femur, Glossy Bugard Leather, Soft Bugard Leather, Tough Bugard Leather, Rugged Bugard Leather, Shiny Gold Thread, Dull Gold Thread, Brilliant Gold Thread, Magical Silk Cloth, Magical Linen Cloth, Magical Cotton Cloth, Platinum Arrowhead, Gold Arrowhead, Chocobo Return Ticket, Astral Leather, Glittering Yarn, Blue Rivet, Cobalt Mythril Sheet, Ebony Lacquer, Plaited Cord, Kurogane, Scarlet Odoshi, Charcoal Cotton, Chameleon Yarn, Brown Doeskin, Coiled Yarn, Fetid Lanolin, Smalt Leather, Black Rivet, Dark Orichalcum, White Rivet, Snowy Cermet, Light Filament, Supple Skin, Cardinal Cloth, Ruby Silk Thread, Diabolic Yarn, Diabolic Silk, Benedict Yarn, Benedict Silk, Ancient Brass, Utopian Gold Thread, Argyro Rivet, Ecarlate Cloth, Omega's Tail, Omega's Hind Leg, Omega's Foreleg, Omega's Heart, Omega's Eye, Ultima's Tail, Ultima's Leg, Ultima's Claw, Ultima's Heart, Ultima's Cerebrum, Smoky Chip, Smalt Chip, Cerulean Chip, Silver Chip, Emerald Chip, Scarlet Chip, Ivory Chip, Vivio Platinum, Tactics Manual of Endurance, Ancient Beastcoin, Pirate's Chart, Brigand's Chart, Tactics Manual of Might, Bal Shell, Tactics Manual of Fortitude, Frigid Orichalcum, Spirit Orichalcum, Frigid Core, Spirit Core, Luminous Core, Inferno Core, Manta Leather, Manta Skin, Steel Walnut Lumber, Wooden Flowerpot, Sky Pot, Blue Pitcher, Maharaja's Belt, Pendragon's Belt, Czar's Belt, Sultan's Belt, Acrobat's Belt, Runner's Belt, Tough Belt, Samsonian Belt, Enthralling Cotton Obi, Deductive Cotton Obi, Empress Band, Chariot Band, Raven Gaiters, Crow Gaiters, Nashira Crackows, Homam Gambieras, Raven Hose, Crow Hose, Nashira Seraweels, Homam Cosciales, Evoker's Spats +1, Drachen Brais +1, Ninja Hakama +1, Myochin Haidate +1, Hunter's Braccae +1, Choral Cannions +1, Beast Trousers +1, Chaos Flanchard +1, Gallant Breeches +1, Rogue's Culotte +1, Warlock's Tights +1, Wizard's Tonban +1, Healer's Pantaloons +1, Temple Hose +1, Fighter's Cuisses +1, Penguin Ring, Albatross Ring, Boxer's Mantle, Jaeger Mantle, Charger Mantle, Sagacious Cotton Obi, Enthralling Gold Obi, Deductive Gold Obi, Sagacious Gold Obi, Evoker's Pigaches +1, Drachen Greaves +1, Ninja Kyahan +1, Myochin Sune-Ate +1, Hunter's Socks +1, Choral Slippers +1, Beast Gaiters +1, Chaos Sollerets +1, Gallant Leggings +1, Rogue's Poulaines +1, Warlock's Boots +1, Wizard's Sabots +1, Healer's Duckbills +1, Temple Gaiters +1, Fighter's Calligae +1, Flawless Ribbon, Raven Beret, Crow Beret, Nashira Turban, Homam Zucchetto, Evoker's Horn +1, Drachen Armet +1, Ninja Hatsuburi +1, Myochin Kabuto +1, Hunter's Beret +1, Choral Roundlet +1, Beast Helm +1, Chaos Burgeonet +1, Gallant Coronet +1, Rogue's Bonnet +1, Warlock's Chapeau +1, Wizard's Petasos +1, Healer's Cap +1, Temple Crown +1, Fighter's Mask +1, Hoplon +1, Raven Bracers, Crow Bracers, Nashira Gages, Homam Manopolas, Evoker's Bracers +1, Drachen Finger Gauntlets +1, Ninja Tekko +1, Myochin Kote +1, Hunter's Bracers +1, Choral Cuffs +1, Beast Gloves +1, Chaos Gauntlets +1, Gallant Gauntlets +1, Rogue's Armlets +1, Warlock's Gloves +1, Wizard's Gloves +1, Healer's Mitts +1, Temple Gloves +1, Fighter's Mufflers +1, Brutal Earring, Loquacious Earring, Tactics Pearl, Raven Jupon, Crow Jupon, High Healing Harness, Healing Justaucorps, Healing Harness, Healing Mail, Healing Vest, High Mana Cloak, Mana Cloak, Mana Tunic, Nashira Manteel, Homam Corazza, Evoker's Doublet +1, Drachen Mail +1, Ninja Chainmail +1, Myochin Domaru +1, Hunter's Jerkin +1, Choral Justaucorps +1, Beast Jackcoat +1, Chaos Cuirass +1, Gallant Surcoat +1, Rogue's Vest +1, Warlock's Tabard +1, Wizard's Coat +1, Healer's Briault +1, Temple Cyclas +1, Fighter's Lorica +1, Regen Cuirass, Spartan Hoplon, Hoplon, Kagiroi, Butachi +1, Butachi, Tojaku, Hirenjaku +1, Hirenjaku, Ponderous Manoples, Blizzard Toporok, Toporok +1, Toporok, Ponderous Lance, Triton's Lance, Orichalcum Lance, Fuscina, Pitchfork +1, Pitchfork, Blizzard Scythe, Triton's Scythe, Orichalcum Scythe, Mercurial Kris, Furnace Tabarzin, Fragrant Antica Broth, Antica Broth, Clear Blood Broth, Blood Broth, Lively Mole Broth, Mole Broth, Noisy Grasshopper Broth, Grasshopper Broth, Ebony Harp +2, Crumhorn +2, Cornette +2, Traversiere +2, Flute +2, Pealing Anelace, Ponderous Gully, Steel-splitter, Pealing Buzdygan, Platinum Arrow, Gold Arrow, Platinum Bullet, Gold Bullet, Staurobow +1, Staurobow, Pealing Nagan

Items Updated: Jaguar Mantle, Lethe Water, Panacea, Sieglinde Putty, Gray Chip, Cyan Chip, Carmine Chip, Avatar Blood, Dragon Blood, Remi Shell, Beastman Blood, Fiend Blood, Sheep Wool, Damascus Ingot, Black Chip, White Chip, Purple Chip, Clear Chip, Green Chip, Yellow Chip, Blue Chip, Red Chip

Mobs Updated: Meteormauler Zhagtegg, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Summoner, Fomor Warrior, Bendigeit Vran, Stolas, Shikigami Weapon

Quests Added: Past Reflections

Quests Updated: Orastery Woes, Cloak and Dagger, Stop Your Whining, Past Reflections, The Missing Piece

Recipes Added: Fish & Chips, Deductive Cotton Obi, Kagiroi, Ponderous Manoples, Pealing Buzdygan, Maharaja's Belt, Pendragon's Belt, Czar's Belt, Sultan's Belt, Manta Leather, Spartan Hoplon, White Mouton, Sheep Chammy, Crow Gaiters, Laminated Buffalo Leather, Acrobat's Belt, Runner's Belt, Tough Belt, Samsonian Belt, Laminated Ram Leather, Healing Vest, Bloody Ram Leather, Glossy Bugard Leather, Soft Bugard Leather, Tough Bugard Leather, Rugged Bugard Leather, Wolf Fur, Vivio Sheep Leather, Furnace Tabarzin, Hoplon, Platinum Arrow, Pealing Nagan, Pealing Anelace, Ponderous Gully, Platinum Bullet, Ether Holly, Ether Cotton, Ether Leather, Holy Leather, Gold Bullet, Coral Horn, Carapace Powder, Beast Horn, Vivio Wyvern Scale, Vivio Crab Shell, Vivio Femur, Vivio Scorpion Claw, Healing Justaucorps, High Healing Harness, Healing Harness, Healing Mail, Gold Arrow, Staurobow, Orichalcum Lance, Steel-splitter, Butachi, Frigid Core, Spirit Core, Luminous Core, Inferno Core, Iyo Scale, Light Steel Sheet, Steel Walnut Lumber, Dark Bronze Sheet, Dark Bronze, Sagacious Cotton Obi, Sailcloth, Arrabbiato, Antica Broth, Blood Broth, Ikra Gunkan, Mole Broth, Tentacle Sushi, Grasshopper Broth, Salmon Roe, Melanzane, Salmon Eggs, Crow Hose, Blizzard Scythe, Orichalcum Scythe, Tojaku, Regen Cuirass, Ponderous Lance, Frigid Orichalcum, Spirit Orichalcum, Platinum Arrowhead, Vivio Platinum, Gold Arrowhead, Deductive Gold Obi, Sagacious Gold Obi, Enthralling Gold Obi, Hunter's Cotton, Wolf Felt, High Mana Cloak, Brilliant Gold Thread, Dull Gold Thread, Shiny Gold Thread, Magical Silk Cloth, Mana Cloak, Magical Linen Cloth, Mana Tunic, Magical Cotton Cloth, Crow Beret, Crow Bracers, Crow Jupon, Silver Brocade, Gold Brocade, Rainbow Velvet

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Nodowa, Cuisses

Recipes Updated: Gold Gauntlets, Blackened Newt, Peperoncino, Bookshelf, Unicorn Subligar, Moonring Blade, Ebony Harp, Crumhorn, Cornette, Traversiere, Flute, Seer's Pumps, Pinwheel, Arhat's Jinpachi, Antacid, Hachiman Hakama, Noct Gaiters, Blue Cotehardie, Black Cotehardie, Blessed Briault, Fish Scales, Battle Hose

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Errant Slops, Brass Subligar

Items Drops Added: Leech Saliva, Cactuar Root, Boyahda Coffer Key, Sacrarium Chest Key, Bird Blood, Lizard Blood, Manta Skin

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