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Icon of Tactics PearlTactics Pearl
Description: A magical pearl that allows you to send a code to your adventuring fellow. Unlike a linkpearl, it is worn on the ear.
Level: 5
Flags: Rare / Exclusive / Not NPC Sellable
Slot: Ear
Type: Accessory: Bone
Jobs: All
Races: All
Defense: 0
Equipment Category:
   Armor / Earrings
Effects for Tactics Pearl:
  • Enchantment: Signal
    <Max Charges: 4 / Equip Delay: 30s / Reuse Timer: 10m>

Added to FFXI: October 2005

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Rating: 2 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Drunkinmunky,
The Tactics Pearl can only be used once every ten minutes for a Maximum of 4 times in a Conquest week, which is one week in real life. The Actual Quest to Obtain the Tactics Pearl is given to you by your own NPC at any of the major towns Rendezvous Point's. These town's are Bastok, Windurst, San d'Oria, and Jeuno. You need a minimum of 35 Adventuring Fellow Bond Point's, your NPC lvl would have to be at least 33, and your must have completed the Promathia Mission 1-3 "The Mothercrystals". The Quest is only Mentioned once from your NPC under the "Let's talk about Quest's" Section of your NPC Menu within the Rendezvous Point and wont come up in your quest log for this quest isn't a Quest, it is a Mini-Quest(Your NPC will not Mention it again. The quest wont be Mentioned by your NPC until after you have completed Past Reflections quest. You will then have to still gain several Adventuring Fellow Bond Point's before the Quest is offered. If you do not have the Minimum Adventuring Fellow Bond Point's, your Npc will say that we should do what ever possible to help Palometa, if you dont meet these requirements. Otherwise you will be told about the investigation of the Emptiness. With the Empriness being mentioned by your NPC at the Rendezvous Point you can head down to Promyvion-Dem, Promyvion-mea, or Promyvion-Holla. When inside head to the Rendezvous Point where you will get a cut-scene with your NPC, you will not have to use you Signal Pearl to call your NPC, your NPC will be called Automatically. You are limited to the amount of time and exp your NPC is allowed within the Promyvion, your NPC can only be out for a Maxumum of 45 minutes and earn a maximum of 2200 exp points which is 30 monsters. You then have to find the ??? which is can be found:<br /> Spire | Floor 1 | Floor 2 | Floor 3 | Floor 4<br /> Holla (H-7) (G-9) (E-6)(L-5) (L-11)<br /> Dem (J-12) (E-9) (F-6)(G-12) (K-8)<br /> Mea (F-4) (F-10) (E-7)(K-9) (I-5)<br /> <br /> The Amount of Exp your NPC will Earn is based on the Floor that you click the ???.<br /> After Clicking the ??? your NPC will earn his/her Exp and you will be given the Opition to return to the Rendezvous Point, you would then want to return to the Rendezvous Point in town to receive your Tactic's Pearl. <br /> If you choose to go back to one of the Promyvion's you would have to go to "Let's talk about quest's Section at your respective Rendezvous Point. If you fail the quest you are required to wait til Next JP Midnight.

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