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Site Updates - October 20, 2006
Posted by: Cuer - Fri Oct 20th, 2006 07:13 pm EDT
The many new items and recipes from the October 20 patch make up the bulk of this update. Details about these, and the rest of the additions in the patch, can be read in the October 2006 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: SM Wildcat Badge, S Wildcat Badge, Prized Angler Stewpot, Prime Angler Stewpot, Angler Stewpot, Hellsteak +1, Hellsteak, Hydra Kofte +1, Hydra Kofte, Simit +1, Simit, Hydra Meat, Demon Blood, Yellow Ginseng, High Ebonite, Ameretat Vine, Golden Gear, Star Sapphire, Lithic Wyvern Scale, Medusa's Armlet, Gurfurlur's Helmet, Ja Ja's Chestplate, Optic Fiber, Dynamo, Turbo Charger, Reactive Shield, Poroggo Hat, Yoichi's Sash, Simsim, Chocotonic, Green VCS Plaque, Red VCS Plaque, Mandra Lantern, Pumpkin Lantern, Bomb Lantern, Caisson, Coffee Table, Mercenary's Mantle, Aileron Mantle, Volitional Mantle, Mercenary's Turban, Volunteer's Khud, Curate's Hat, Magi Hat, Silken Hat, Blissful Chapeau, Megrim Crown, Coven Hat, Witch Hat, Volunteer's Earring, Chaotic Earring, Priest's Earring, Haten Earring, Magnifying Earring, Volunteer's Belt, Grace Corset, Mercenary's Ring, Volunteer's Ring, Multiple Ring, Marid Ring +1, Marid Ring, Horizon Ring, Divisor Ring, Volunteer's Nails, Mercenary's Boots, Earth Greaves, Magi Pigaches, Silken Pigaches, Ataractic Solea, Mercenary's Subligar, Volunteer's Brais, Mercenary's Trousers, Magi Slops, Silken Slops, Prince's Slops, Vendor's Slops, Barbarossa's Zerehs, Sniper's Collar, Evoker's Gages, Mercenary's Dastanas, Beast Bazubands, Aiming Gloves, Magi Cuffs, Silken Cuffs, Sadhu Cuffs, Sadhu Bracelets, Ice Gauntlets, Dragon Kote, Barbarossa's Moufles, Corselet +1, Corselet, Magi Coat, Silken Coat, Taikyoku Kenpogi, Kyudogi +1, Kyudogi, Naigama +1, Naigama, Flan Smasher, Black Adargas +1, Black Adargas, Hades Sainti +1, Hades Sainti, Smash Cesti, Gem Sainti, Adaman Sainti, Copper Bullet, Koga Shuriken, Flexible Pole, Kinnara Pole, Dark Amood +1, Dark Amood, Assailant's Axe, Erik's Axe, Shirogatana +1, Shirogatana, Kumokirimaru, Ryumon, Hayabusa +1, Hayabusa, Dark Mezraq +1, Dark Mezraq, Gimlet Spear, Engetsuto +1, Engetsuto, Keen Zaghnal, Piercing Dagger, Matron's Knife, Jolt Axe, Corsair's Scimitar, Devil Slayer, Demon Slayer, Wyrm Slayer, Dragon Slayer, Marine Slayer, Aquan Slayer, Insect Slayer, Vermin Slayer, Adaman Kilij +1, Adaman Kilij, Immortal's Shotel, Gold Algol +1, Gold Algol

Items Updated: Palladium Dagger, Sanguine Sword, Libra Subligar, Virgo Subligar, Cerise Doublet, Shikaree Aketon, Wool Doublet +1, Wool Doublet, Linen Doublet +1, Linen Doublet

Recipes Added: Hellsteak, Coffee Table, Engetsuto, Dark Mezraq, Caisson, Gimlet Spear, Flexible Pole, Hayabusa, Adaman Kilij, Dark Amood, Assailant's Axe, Shirogatana, Mana Jammer II, Accelerator II, Mana Tank II, Silken Coat, Hades Sainti, Loudspeaker II, Stabilizer II, Copper Bullet, Vendor's Slops, Silken Cuffs, Silken Slops, Silken Hat, Blissful Chapeau, Taikyoku Kenpogi, Auto-Repair Kit II, Tension Spring II, Golden Gear, Keen Zaghnal, Piercing Dagger, Aiming Gloves, Smash Cesti, Black Adargas, Silken Pigaches, Corselet, Chocotonic, High Ebonite, Aquan Slayer, Vermin Slayer, Demon Slayer, Dragon Slayer, Gold Algol, Armor Plate II, Kyudogi, Earth Greaves, Naigama, Lithic Wyvern Scale, Marid Ring, Jolt Axe, Angler Stewpot, Adaman Sainti

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Poroggo Hat

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Lamian Armlet

Items Drops/Obtained Added: Ovinnik Hide

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Order: Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack (PC)(PS2)(XBOX 360)
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